Care work is a wonderful career

Be appreciated for everything you do.

Care work is really meaningful, it helps to improve the lives of the people you care for.  Help us make people smile.

We are a small (80 staff) owner managed company and we care for our staff.  We hire the best people and invest in them.  We will give you the opportunity to grow in your role and develop new skills.  This leads to us providing the best care and very happy clients – please see our 100s of testimonials.

We have the best pay and conditions

£10+ an hour

Paid mileage from home

Paid 28 days holiday

Paid training and company meetings

Extra pay if visits overrun

Pension scheme

Free uniform


We give travel time between visits

Visits are not cut short

Our services include light housework, cooking, laundry, shopping and errands. It’s often the little things in life that some of our clients miss and need the most. Companionship and human interaction are among our most important duties. Just chatting or reading to a client helps them not to feel isolated from everything that’s going on around them. Commonly we help with getting up and/or going to bed, washing, bathing/showering, meal preparation and diet monitoring.

Why choose us?

Lilly and I have known each other for over 30 years and manage the Company on a daily basis.  We think this makes a difference when you are trying to be the best employer possible.  We employ around 100 care workers and support staff. We are looking for full time + part time staff

We have two offices covering a small concentrated area; approximately a 15 mile radius from Guildford, Surrey.  This means there is always help near by should you need it.  If you run late we look to send someone out from the office to cover for you.  If you need help we can get to you.  We try to get as much work in as smaller area as we can, which means travelling times between visits are shorter.

We are growing and always have opportunities for field based care workers.  We turn down some 30 to 40 clients every month.   We charge clients slightly more than most other agencies, which allows us to offer better pay and conditions to our staff.

We look for people who have common sense and have good spoken English.  You may be the only person that our clients see all day and so you need to be caring and cheerful.  This will enable you to make their lives more enjoyable.

Care is a very rewarding job.  You do not need any experience because we give full training.  You do need to have a full driving licence, have your own car and be insured for business use.

If you live locally and we sound like the kind of company you would like to work for; then please apply.  I look forward to meeting you.

Richard Williams – Director

Pay Rates & benefits

Not all companies pay in the same way

We believe our pay rates are the best around

  • We pay you for all the work you do – including training and company meetings
  • We give 28 days paid holiday (inc. bank holidays) for staff who work 5 days a week or more.  It is pro-rata for part time staff, e.g. if you work an average of 2 ½ days a week you get 14 days holiday.
  • We provide free training (as long as you complete your probationary period)
  • We provide free uniforms
  • We provide a workforce pension scheme to eligible staff

How do our rates compare?

When comparing agencies –

  • Is holiday pay included in the quoted pay rates?  Some agencies do this to make their rates appear around 10% higher.  So for instance, you think you are being paid £8.00/hr and you actually get paid £7.30/hr.  (They don’t pay you the money as you earn it, it goes into a holiday fund to pay out when you go on holiday).  
  • Carers at Home pays holiday pay on top of the rates shown below
  • Do they pay to attend company meetings?  Carers at Home does
  • Do they pay to attend training?  Carers at Home does
  • Do they pay a mileage allowance or full mileage – what are their rates? – Carers at Home pays mileage – it can make a big difference to your take home pay
  • Do they pay for petrol from home? Carers at Home does

Visit times & Support

When comparing agencies –

  • Do they give travel time between clients? Carers at Home does
  • Do they pay extra time if you need to stay longer with a client? Carers at Home does
  • Do they pay you for the whole visit if a client asks you to leave early? Carers at Home does



You will take a free 4 day induction training course before you join us.  Once you become an employee you will then do shadowing with other members of staff until you and we are happy that you are able to go out on your own.  If you are completely new to care work you will be placed on a longer assessment process that leads to you being awarded a ‘Care Certificate’ after around 12 weeks.


We will support you to take a QCF Level 3 Qualification in Health and Social Care.  This will enable you to be progress and become a Supervisor.  We can talk about how this works and other further education when you come for interview.


Pay Rates

£10.00/hr weekdays*

£10.13/hr weekends*

£11.00/hr Bank holidays

£13.00/hr Christmas day

*Weekday and Weekend rates include an availability bonus;  £2/hr weekdays and £1/hr weekends.  (The bonus scheme is simple and is aimed at you being reliable – you agree in advance when you are going to work and if you turn up to every visit – you get the bonus).  Bonuses do not apply to bank holidays.


Benefits include:

+ paid company meetings (£8.00/hr)

+ paid shadowing training (£7.50/hr)

+ paid classroom training (£7.20/hr)

+ paid holiday (the average that you have earned in the last 12 weeks)

+ 30p/mile business mileage tax free

+ 18p/mile to and from home (it is very unusual to get paid mileage from home)

+ free uniform and gloves etc.

If you are looking for a very rewarding career and want to work for a great company.  

If you would enjoy working with the elderly, and as we said earlier, have good spoken English, have common sense and you are caring and cheerful.

Then please fill in the on-line job application form or contact Rebecca Page, on: 01483 899 350 (9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday)

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Lilly with Richard’s mum, Lucy