Client: stated how pleased she is with her progress since coming out of hospital. She is very pleased with all the help from Carers at Home staff and said she would not have managed without them.

The Community Support Worker:  rang to say that the handover meeting with the client and our company had gone very well and how impressed she was with the Carers at Home care plan and how much relevant detail it held.

Client: said ‘her carer never minds what she does, she is a very kind and caring person.

Daughter: called Lilly to say ‘thank you for everything you did for my mother today and thank you for being so accommodating.

Client: said to Lilly when she visited her ‘you are all very good to me and all look after me very well.

Client: left a voice message saying how well he thought the first week had gone and he is very happy with the carers.

Client: said, when C visited, that she liked all her carers and they were all very kind to her.

Client: At her review when asked how the service was going, She said to her Social Services Care Manager that it was going very well and that she particularly liked her carer who always ‘did that little bit extra for her, like change the budgie’s paper in his cage.

Daughter: rang to say her mother is really not very well. She said it is working out really well and her mother really likes all the girls, and thank you for being so flexible.

Client: rang to cancel the supper visits on Sunday and Monday and to say thank you, you do not know how much I appreciate it. You have been very flexible and my mother has been telling everyone how good all the girls are.

Daughter: rang to discuss possible nursing homes for her father and said “all your carers have been absolutely brilliant.”

Paramedics: Our carer found the client on the floor and called the paramedics. The paramedics required certain information regarding the client and complimented us on the extensive care plan, saying it was “good and had all the information they needed”.

Wife: Lilly and our carer visited the client to give him a bed bath before he was admitted into a nursing home. His wife and daughter were very appreciative of the help and care given by the Carers at Home staff. The following day, 23rd, the wife rang to say how her husband had settled into the nursing home. She said he always seemed less anxious and more relaxed when the Carers at Home carers and the district nurses were with him, and caring for him. She and her daughter said they had been very impressed with his carer because she was enthusiastic, willing to learn and did not mind what she did to help. She said they were happy with the nursing home but it “did not have a Lilly” and asked if they could contact me at anytime for advice.

Husband: rang to discuss extra visits in the evening for help whilst his wife is away. He said that his carer was really fantastic this morning. She worked so hard and was so good. He also said that he is very happy with the service since Carers at Home have started, the visits are always on time and the time is just right for him to get to the office on time. He added that all the carer’s are very good and helpful. He said that this was also due the good training they have been given.

Husband: stated that they really liked his wife’s carer, she was particularly capable when his wife was unwell recently. She had shown a caring, sensible attitude. She had stayed extra time to sort out problems with the stoma and contacted the on-call person to arrange visits from the district nurse and Thames doc.

Surrey Care Association Awards

We are very proud to have received the following awards:

'2013 Care Provider of the Year' - Everyone
'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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