Client’s husband: All the carers are very good but R really knows what she is talking about and we feel she is particularly competent in caring.

Social Services Care Manager: rang Lilly to say that the review with Mrs R and her daughter had gone very well. They are delighted with the care being provided by Carers at Home, the care has never gone so well before Carers at Home started.

Son: At a meeting with the Social Services Care Manager and the client’s son, the son said how grateful he was to Carers at Home for all the help they were giving his parents. He said he really appreciated all the advice and input from Lilly and the carers and said he found it really useful to have guidance on suitable food to purchase etc.

Client: left a voice message to say “thank you for all the trouble you have gone to over sorting out the dosette box” and “thank you for all your flexibility and all you are doing”.

Client: ‘J (carer) is particularly good, she uses her initiative, is very helpful and will always find tasks that need doing without being told”.

Client: “you have some really lovely carers”. 

Social Serevices Care Manager and client’s son meeting: “all the cares are all very nice and helpful”.

Client: telephone call: she required a service when she goes in to hospital for chemotherapy next week. She also said that Carers at Home had been highly recommended by another client saying “Carers at Home are great and very obliging”.

Client’s niece: called to cancel two visits because she was taking Auntie out. She said “thank you for keeping an eye on Auntie and thank you for changing the visits, it is working out very well”.

Client: “I am really happy with all the carers that come to me”. He also said that Lilly “is always very professional”.

Client: “I am very impressed with the information (Service User Guide and Statement of Purpose) issued and with the detail and extent of the assessment”. She added that she was “very relieved and reassured with the help she would be receiving from Carers at Home”. She had assumed that Social Services would be organising help when she underwent chemotherapy next week. However no help was forthcoming so she contacted her surgery who gave her 3 contact telephone numbers for agencies. It was because of an existing client of Carers at Home, who is a friend that we were recommended.

Client: “I know I keep telling you this but you have a real gem in R (the carer), she is so good”.

Client: “all the carers so far that have been to me are lovely and very helpful”.

Client: “you are all brilliant”.

Client: “the care provided by Carers at Home is excellent and I am more than happy”.

Client: “I thank my lucky stars I’ve found you. I am very happy with everyone that comes in.”

Step daughter: “I’ve heard all good reports about you”.

Son in law: “My mother in law is looking so much better, keep up the good work”. The carer said “the client is looking so much happier and is always pleased to see us”.

Client: “I am relaxed and at ease knowing that your carers are coming, I really like all the carers”.

Carer: “The client’s daughter was singing the praises of Carers at Home to the Continuing Health Care Team when they came in earlier to assess the client”.

Daughter: “the carer is really lovely and my mother really likes her”.

Cousin, by email: “We are absolutely delighted with the main carer. She has been very polite, professional, discussed issues constructively and in my opinion must be one of your best workers. We certainly appreciate all she does and would hope she stays with us for a long time”.

Client: “all the carers look after me very well and I like them all”.

Son in law: “you have been extremely helpful, thank you”, when making recommendations for safe storage of medication.

Daughter: telephoned to say that the situation has changed regarding her mother and they were now looking for a live in carer. She said she was calling to say “thank you for all the help you have given us, and sorry you put in so much time organising the care when it has come to nothing”. She said that she would certainly recommend us to all the many elderly people she knows in he area.

Client: “the carer is brilliant with my hearing aids, she also knows exactly what I need doing’.

Client: “all the carers that come to me are very nice and I like them all”.

Client: When assessing a prospective new client with Motor Neurone Disease, Lilly discussed the different options on the care that may be required and ways of working around the difficulties presented.  The client said “thank you very much, you have been very helpful and I feel you have given me hope”.

Cousin: called to say the client would be staying in permanent residential accommodation. He said “thank you for everything and looking after my aunt so well”.

Client: “I’ve never met so many nice ladies since I’ve been having you look after me, you are all so kind, caring and understanding”.

Client: “You girls are all so kind to me and look after me so well”.

Cleaner: “She (the client) is so much better in herself and it is so much better in her flat since you and your girls have been going in, the last lot only spent 5 minutes there but it shows you stay longer”.

Daughter: When asked if she thought everything was going alright with her mother’s care since Carers at Home had taken over, she replied “Brilliant, we are very happy”.

Client: “All you girls are so kind to me. I’ve don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you”.

Client: “You are all so very kind to me and speak so softy and gently to me”.

Client: “The girls are all very good that have come to me so far”.

Client: “You all look after me so well, and you are all so patient with me”.

Husband: “All the carers are good but our main carer is exceptional, she really know her stuff”.

Client: “She (the carer) is very good and thinks of everything”.

Client: “I like all your girls, they are all lovely”.

Husband: When phoning to discuss his wife’s medication, he said “It is excellent news that you are able to get my mother to have a shower”.

Social Services Care Manager: said to Lilly “Do you know what the good thing is about Carers at Home? We (S/S) have not heard anything from 2 particular clients, who were constantly on the phone with problems regarding the service they were getting from the previous agency. Both clients are now very satisfied and very happy with the service from Carers at Home”.

Client: When the carer assisted her to shower, she said “You make me feel a million dollars, you always make me feel so pampered”. She then added “You are always happy”.

Client: “I think the care is excellent”.

Client: “You’re all very good you people, I am very looked after by all your lovely carers”.

Client: Whilst at a review with the Care Manager – “Everyone is very good, I am very satisfied with the care, no complaints”.  At the same review, the Care Manager commented, “Since the change in agency I have not had a call from the client or her son, I am delighted with how the care is going”.  Previously, the Care Manager was getting regular phone calls because the client and son were very unhappy with how the service was going (with a previous agency) – now it is not the case.

Client: “All your girls are so good to me”.

Client: “All your carers are really lovely, I like them all”.

Client: When Lilly rang the client to contact the carer who was visiting her she said “Do you want to speak to my lovely carer?” “She is so wonderful to me”. The carer is the only one so far who has encouraged the client to have a shower. She once was very reluctant but now looks forward to it!

Client: Whilst assessing a prospective client she said to Lilly, “Mrs T recommended you, she said you and your service are excellent”. Mrs T is the wife of a former client who passed away last year.

Daughter: “Very pleased with the care since CAH had started visiting her mother”.

Client: “All the girls are very good and I am happy with them all”.

Daughter and son-in-law: rang to say how happy they are with the care and how much happier their mum has been over the last couple of months (since Carers at Home have been caring for her).

Client: “Everything is all going very well and all the carers are very sweet and helpful.

Husband: “I have read my wife’s care plan and think it is an excellent document”.

Client: “You provide an excellent service and I have peace of mind knowing that someone is coming in at 07.15 every morning”.

Client: “We are very happy with all the carers, they are all very nice”.

Sister: My sister needs a visit each evening because she is falling asleep and not always taking her medication. my sister is ‘more than happy with the care and she really likes all her carers. She is very pleased’.

Friend: When assessing client she said she had spoken to the Care Manager and ‘you come very highly recommended’.

Daughter: ‘it is all going very well. I’ve told the care Manager, how well it is going’.

Client: Said to Lilly when she visited ‘you are all so kind to me. Thank you for everything you do for me’.

Client: Said to Lilly when she visited ‘I love ES coming in. I look forward to all the carers coming’.

Daughter: Whilst working with a new carer this evening she said how pleased she was now with how the care was going.

Client: When visiting  this morning she said, what a nice young man P is and how she likes all her carers, but ES is her real favourite.

Mother: When visiting son, his mother said what good reports and recommendations she had got from another client about Carers at Home and how pleased she and her son are that she has found us. Mother and son both said what a nice boy P is and Andrew said what good chats they have. Mother also complimented the company on how we work with new carers and do not send them into clients without giving them all the information required. She said other agencies in the past have sent in carers ‘cold’ without any briefing or familiarising with her son.

Social Services Care Manager: rang to say how well, and smoothly, the care was now going with client and the family.

Social Services Care Manager: When CM rang Lilly today to ask if client’s visits could be increased, said how happy the client’s sister was happy with the care. She said she was ‘chuffed’  and ‘delighted’.

Client:  said of carer ‘NP is very sensible and has a lot of common sense’. She added, ‘you only have to tell her once and now has the scrambled egg 99% right’!

Client: LE (Carer) seems very pleasant. ‘She is keen to learn and get it right’.”

Client: was very complimentary about ES (her regular Carer). She said ES is really good, I don’t have to keep telling her what to do, she just gets on with it”.

Client: said of JT (Carer): “She is really lovely”. She also stated “I think this is a brilliant idea” (referring to the roster sent each week to the Clients which lists the time of each visit and which carer is visiting.

Client: At the review today she said she was very happy with the care, everyone was very helpful and she liked all her carers.

Social Services Care Manager: At client’s review the Care manager said how pleased she was to work with Carers at Home. She considered us to be ‘caring and liked our attitude’.

Client: When visiting client today she said she was really happy with everyone coming in and they were all ‘nice girls’.

Daughter-in-law: said today, when discussing Mum’s medication with Lilly, how much happier Mum has been since Carers at Home carers have been visiting. We decided that is was partly due to Mum eating properly and taking her medication. Mum is also very happy with all her carers and the care she is receiving. This lady is a different person to when we first visited when she was guarded and very resistant to care.

Client: said to Lilly “I think you do a very good job, it must be very difficult managing everybody’s hours and work especially with holidays etc.

Client: rang to say “I could have hugged P (Carer) tonight, he helped sort out the buttons on my TV – he is a very nice boy and very helpful.

Daughter: said “ES, JT and yourself are so giving and will do anything.”

Client: said to Lilly “All the carers are good but the old hands like ES and DA are really good.”

Relative: stated “He looks so much better since your carers have bee coming in, he’s back to his old self – giving out his orders!”

Client: said “JC is great, I feel really confident with her visiting, she really knows what she is doing”. The carers are on time 95% of the time.”

Client: said “NP is a gem, she is the best at cooking my breakfast and does everything else just right.”

Client: said “I am very happy with the service, all carers are very good.”

Client: said to Lilly “I’m very well looked after and all my carers are very good.”

Client: When visiting client Lilly asked if the carers were doing everything she wanted them too and was there anything else they could do to help her. She replied “All the carers are very nice and do what she wants”. Her son said that he thought his Mother benefited from the carers visiting because of the communication aspect and she was building up a good rapport with the girls.

Client: At the end of the visit he said to Lilly “Thank you for a very nice shower, all the carers that come are thorough and very good.”

Client: said “You are all so kind.”

Social Services Care Manager: rang to say the client’s wife had called to say is very happy with the help they are getting. The wife said to her “we have very good people coming into to help.”

Waverley care lines:  Whilst visiting the client the person responsible at Waverley for the care lines was also there with a gentleman who was testing the care line and smoke detector. She said to Lilly “I wish all my Clients had you (referring to Carers at Home), you are so caring.”

Client: said “I think you have a lovely bunch of Carers, you should be very proud of them. ES is lovely.”

Client: said “ES is a really lovely person. All the carers are good, it’s a good thing you are doing and very much appreciated.”

Client: At the review she said “All the carers that come to me are very good.”

Client: said to Lilly “You are very good people to work for, I am very happy.”

Client: “You have a very nice bunch of girls, I am very happy with them.”

Wife: said to Lilly “MA (Carer) is lovely, all the carers are good.”

Client: “All the Carers look after me very well, bless them”.

Client: “All the Carers are very good and do what I want.”

Client: said to Lilly when she visited “The girls are all wonderful, they are really brilliant”.

Client: said when Lilly visited “I don’t care who comes, they’re all lovely”. “The warden asked me how the care was going and I told her very well”.

Client: said to Lilly “You have wonderful team, I am very impressed and over whelmed by the care.”

Social Services Care Manager:visited client to see how the care was going. She said it was going much better the anticipated and the client and his wife are very pleased with the input from Carers at Home.

Client: said “I appreciate what everyone does for me, they are all so kind”.

Client: said “I really like all the carers, but especially LP, she is always so helpful”.

Daughter: said “All the girls are very good that come and visit my mother and all very nice”.

Client: said to Lilly “They are all wonderful (referring to the carers) JC is especially good. I don’t need to tell her what to do, she just seem to know what I want. All the girls are very nice”.

Client: “We are very happy and satisfied with the care and high level of efficiency and punctuality, DA has all the skills of a first class carer”.

Client: said “You have a really lovely community of carers – they all work together so well”.

Client: said to Lilly “I gave 10 out of 10 to DK yesterday, I had her for every visit and she was so good. She is always so happy”.

Client: The same day when visiting she said “All your carers are absolutely brilliant, I like them all”.

Client: When speaking to client to make arrangements to visit him to see how the visits were going, he said “I am very, very happy, everything is going so well. I am very lucky”. “I have just sent an e-mail to myCare Manager telling her so, I will send you a copy.”

Client: said to Lilly “All the carers are lovely, LE was so sweet and lovely with me the other day”.

Client: said to Lilly “All the girls are so wonderful”.

Client: said to Lilly “I am so lucky to have all this wonderful help”. “The girls are so good, especially Jo who understands me and what I need”.

Client: said to Lilly “All the carers are really helpful, but JT is very good and she is the one I like to have most often”.

Client: When Lilly rang client to inform her that the time of the visit would be earlier and a different carer to that on her roster would be visiting, thew client said of CM (Carer) “She is absolutely brilliant and I like her very much”.

Client & wife: said RB was “especially good and helpful out of all the carers”.

Surrey Care Association Awards

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'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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