Friend: A friend and neighbour of client was present when we were visiting client. She said to Lilly, “I think the care and service you provide is brilliant. I am very impressed”.  The client said “All your carers are very good but ES is my favourite, she sees things that need doing without being told. I don’t need to tell her anything, she just gets on with it”.

Client: spoke of ES, her regular carer and said how good she was, she said “I never have to tell her what to do, she just does it, and she is so kind and thoughtful”.

Client: When Lilly went to drop a new care plan off for client, she asked her parents how the care was going. They said “very well, ES is marvellous”. They added that their daughter is used to the evening visits now and DA is very good in the evening too”.

Client: said “I feel very privileged to be getting such good care”. She added “CM is very good, she is not the least embarrassed in performing personal care, especially for someone who is so new to it”.  She also said that before Social Services had asked Carers at Home to start the service, the Warden had said “I hope you get Lilly and Carers at Home, she is the best around”.   She added  “I can’t fault the care I get, I like all the carers”.

Client: said “All the carers are very good, but DA is particularly good, my favourite, she is the most professional”.

Daughter: rang today to say that her Mum was going into a residential home tomorrow for a trial 2 week period. She said “thank you for persevering with her, I know it hasn’t been easy, but it was reassuring to know that someone is going in each day”.

Client: said to Lilly about the service “It couldn’t be better, I have my life back”.

Client: said how pleased he was with the carers going in and especially complimented LP on the service and care she gave.

Client: said of her carers “They are all really good and helpful and I like them all”.

Client: said “I think the first week has gone really well. I like all the carers that come in”.

Wife: said “LP is so good. She is so lovely with him (referring to her husband). She is very nice”.

Client: said to Lilly when she visited “All the carers are very nice, I like them all”.

Client: said that all the carers are so helpful and friendly and will do anything for her.

Daughter: said “she has lovely girls” that visit her and she is very happy with them. They are very helpful to her and she enjoys the chats with them.

Client: said “I thought EC was marvellous in the snow. I thought it was incredible how hard all the carers worked”.

Father: said “All your carers are lovely. LE is very caring and kind”.

Husband: said “JC, JT and LE are all really good with my wife. LE, although only going a few times remembered everything”.

Carer & client: The times for one client next Saturday & Sunday are not good.  We explained that we are short staffed this weekend and so some clients may have to have earlier and later visits than usual.

Daughter: Was not happy that JS was not rostered next week.  We explained that sometimes when staff are on holiday, carers have to cover  other clients.

Client: “I am very happy with the carers, they are all very nice”.

Client’s Cleaner: said that all the girls she has met are very nice and she wants to recommend the Agency to her friend at Chilworth as they are not happy with their agency.

Client: said to Lilly “I have never had a bath like it, I thought she (CE the carer) was marvellous”.

Client: said she is very pleased with the service. They were having a meeting with the Care Manager at the house.

Client: During the care plan review she said she feels very well looked after and Carers at Home are a good organisation.

Mother: said  “Many thanks for all your help and our lovely ladies”.

Client: said to Lilly “All your carer’s are lovely”.

Wife: said to Lilly when she visited “I’ve been reading the care plan and I’m really impressed with it and all the information you have in it. It is really good”.

Client: rang to terminate the service. Her health has improved so much that she feels she can now manage. She said to Lilly “thank you for the help, everyone has been wonderful, I will certainly recommend you”.  She also spoke previously to Clare and said “The girls have all been absolutely lovely and the house seems to be back together again. Thank you so much”. If ever she needs help again she will get in touch with us straight away.

Client: At the review the client spoke very highly about the care she receives from Carers at Home and feels all her care needs are currently met.

Wife: rang the Social Services Care Manager and said “Carers at Home are very organised and very caring”.

Daughter: rang enquiring about care for her mother. The daughter of another client had recommended us.

Client: said “I think you are very professional, more so than the previous agency, your paper work is very good”.  The client’s wife also said that the Social Service carer and the District Nurse had spoken very highly of Carers at Home and recommended us.

Client: When Lilly visited the client she said “your carer’s are really lovely, they always do so much to help me and if there is time left at the end of the visit they sit and chat”.

Wife: said “My husband really likes all the carers, “they are all lovely and very helpful”. You have a really good bunch of people”.

Wife: is very happy with the service provided for her husband, she said “all the carers are lovely”.

Client: said to Lilly “I am so grateful, you have me my life back”. “The service is so reliable, I never have to worry if someone is coming in the morning, JC and JT are terrific and I never get let down”.

Client: I found the girls really helpful and friendly. I enjoyed their company. I would recommend you to others.

Daughter: Whilst we were assessing her mother she stated that out of all the agencies she contacted only 2 responded and only Carers at Home sent out the information promptly.  She commented on the comprehensive assessment and said how impressed she was, she was especially impressed with the two occasions she had to telephone. She said the person at the end of the phone (Clare) was helpful and a pleasure to talk to.

Client: said of ES “You don’t have to tell here anything, she is great and I’m really happy”.

Client: said “DS was marvellous last night, helping her after she got an accident going to the toilet, she was very professional”.

Carer: Lilly was working with CB (new carer) and she said of Denise (Manager). “I worked with Denise yesterday and she is an excellent teacher”.

Wife: said to Lilly “You really have some very nice carers, my husband and I like them all”. “THG is especially good, my husband really likes her, you would not think she had been only doing the job a short time”.

Client: said to Lilly, “I am really pleased now that all my care is with you, all your carers are lovely”, AM is very good too.

Wife: said she is very happy with all the carers, “I can hear them all chatting to my husband and they are all very nice”.  

Wife: When attending her husband’s review, she said to the Social Services Care Manager (in the presence of Lilly and Denise), “excellent time keeping from the carers, if they are going to be late I will always get a phone call and all the carers are wonderful and my husband likes them all”.  

Client: When Lilly asked if she was happy with the service and JC (the carer) she said “she is really good and will do any extra jobs I need doing, such as opening bottles which I find difficult”.

Daughter: rang to say she was taking her Mum away for a few days. Lilly mentioned to her that her Mum often complained to the carers about the time of the visit. The other evening the carer was late by 20 minutes because her previous client was unwell and then she was then held up in traffic. The carer was very apologetic but still her Mum complained. Lilly explained that we always inform clients if we are going to be late but as her Mum does not answer the phone this is not possible.

The daughter said that her Mum was very pleased with the care and was always praising the carers to her. She added that the carers should not listen to her Mum when she complains about the time because she is very happy with the service.

Client: said to Lilly “JC was very good, she just gets on with it, but all the carers are lovely”.

Daughter: said “her mother is absolutely thrilled with the service and she feels her mother has come on leaps and bounds”. One of the carers even read her a poem which she thought was a lovely touch.   

Warden: When Denise (Manager) went to assess a new client at the Warden said how pleased she is that it is Carers at Home looking after Mr x because she thinks the agency is excellent and we are all wonderful.

Client: said to Dobbie (Manager) when she visited “The care could not be any better, everybody is marvellous”.

Carer: said “The reason I joined the Company was because everyone made her feel so welcome, especially Clare (Office Manager). The whole Company is so friendly and she had a nice warm feeling”.

Daughter: Client came out of hospital yesterday, when Lilly went to reassess, the daughter said of the carers “All your carers are absolutely brilliant”.

Daughter: told the GP “I want my mother to stay at home, the care agency we have coming are absolutely brilliant”.

Client: “You have a very good team”. “You have a very good name”.

Social Services Care Manager: During a telephone conversation a Care Manager said she was recently speaking to a daughter of a new client. When she asked the daughter which agency she was using she replied “You could not have gone with a better agency”.

Wife: said to Lilly “All your carers are very good. I think our favourite though is THG, she is so efficient and we like her very much. JC is very good too – very professional”.

Carer: Whilst working with a carer one evening she said to Lilly  “Everyone has been so lovely since I’ve started. All the carers I’ve worked with have been so helpful and caring”.

Client: “You are all so wonderful, I don’t know how I would have managed without you”.

Mother: When visiting a client today the Mum said, “I was singing your praises at the last review”. “I said to the Social Services Care Manager, you are the best agency they have ever had. They are all lovely, they always turn up on time – I don’t know how they do it. If I was ever ill I know I could just ring Lilly up and they would cover the lunch or whenever”.

Client: said of the carers that visit her “They are all wonderful, I don’t know what I would do without them, I never want them to leave. They are all really lovely girls”.

Client: said to Lilly “ES is so good, please never stop sending her, she knows exactly how and what I need doing without even asking her and she is such a nice person”.

Client: When visiting said to the Manager “all the carers are lovely”.

Daughter: said “Thank you for being so professional, I could not do without your support”.

Daughter: said “Because you are so professional I know all your carers will follow your example”.

Daughter: On arriving at the client, the daughter opened the door and said “You have a great agency and all your girls are lovely”. She added Denise is very professional and an asset to your company”.

Daughter: said “All your carers are lovely with her” (referring to her mother).

Client: said “All the girls are so kind, I really enjoy their company”.

Client: said when Lilly visited “The care is phenomenal and you have changed my life”.

Client: said “I couldn’t do without you, you are all marvellous”.

Client: rang and said “The visits are going very well, the girls are very good and I couldn’t do without the help”.

Daughter: said to Lilly, “All your carers are a credit to you, they are all very good with Mum and Dad”.

Son: Lilly rang to inform the client’s son that his Mum had been transferred to hospital following a fall. He said “All your carers are great with Mum”.

Client: rang to say “All the carers are wonderful and RH is a really nice chap”.

Client: said of the service “This is wonderful, I didn’t have this help with the last people”.

Client: “All the carers are really brilliant”.

Client: When visiting the client today, she said “I am very lucky to have my carers, they are all very good, but JT is especially good. She knows me so well and exactly how I like things done”.

Client: said today “I think all your girls are excellent, I always recommend you to anyone enquiring about care”.

Client: said “I think you do a fantastic job, I am very happy with everything and think you are all brilliant”. “It is so nice to have regular carers, unlike the last lot who were different everyday and I was always having to tell them what to do”.

Client: said “how wonderful it is to have this help, the other agency said they weren’t allowed to do the cleaning”.

Client: Lilly visited the client today and she asked how the carers were looking after her. The client said “They are all marvellous, everybody is very good to her”.

Client: Denise (Manager) rang the Social Services Care Manager to discuss a client and their issues. The Care Manager said to Denise “You are absolutely a fantastic care agency and we are doing a marvellous job”.

Friend: said to Lilly that “the client is very happy with the care provided by you and your carers, especially ES who is her favourite”.

Daughter: Lilly rang to discuss the review this afternoon. The daughter said “We are more than happy with the care and carers, and I have told Social Services so”. “THG is particularly good and gets my parents to do things which others can’t.

Community Matron: rang to ask if the client could have evening visits. She said that the client was reluctant but coming around to the idea. She said “the client really likes THG and finds her helpful”.

Wife: said “all your carers are marvelous, I couldn’t manage without you”.

Warden: When going to assess a new client, Lilly met the warden who said “thank goodness it’s your agency who will be going into Mr x”. Mr x is reluctant to accept care. She said “I think your carers will be able to persuade him to have help”.

Mother: said about the carers “they are all lovely, your agency is lovely”.

Husband: said “It’s going very well (referring to the care)”. The girls are great. “EC is very good and DA is good fun, they are all different which is good”.

Wife: said the care is going very well. She said that it was difficult sometimes for the carers to get to her husband on time because of the traffic and unforeseeable accidents. She said this was especially frustrating when all the carers worked to high standards.

Client: When Lilly visited today the client said “CB was wonderful yesterday, she was very helpful in sorting out my prescription for my ear drops”.

Daughter: said to Lilly, “all your carers are really good, THG is especially good with my Mother and Father”.

Daughter: said “All your girls are very professional, we have no complaints about any of them”.

Daughter: said to Clare, when she rang “you are all so supportive”.

Daughter: said to Clare, “TR is blossoming before our eyes, she is very mature for her age and very good with my parents”.

Husband: Denise rang to say that Carers at Home could restart visits. “He said that is the best news, I think you are all wonderful”.

Son: said to Denise “JS and CH, the work they do is invaluable and they clearly lift my mother’s spirits each time they visit. I think they are wonderful”.

Social Services Carer Manager: came to the office to deliver an expired care plan and said “You are all doing a sterling job”.

Husband: When visiting today, said about Denise “this girl is superb and is looking after my wife really well”.

Warden: said of the client “I have seen a 200% improvement in her since your carers have been coming in, I’m hoping Carers at Home will be able to pick up another client soon who needs help when she comes out of hospital”.

Client: said of MM “She is wonderful, all the carers are”.

Enquiry: A lady making enquiries for her parents rang today to ask about care for her parents and said we were recommended by a friend who said how good Carers at Home are.

Husband: said ‘thank you for all your support and professionalism looking after my wife, I couldn’t do without you all”.

Macmillan Nurse: also visiting said to Denise “we are going to   highly recommend Carers at Home, we are very impressed with the high standard of care and the service you provided”.

Wife: said to Denise “CH and JS are a great team”.

Client: said “All you girls are very nice and you employ the right people for the job”.

Daughter: said about the carers: “TR has a feather like touch, she is really gentle”, “THG has a real knack with my parents. She is so good and really knows what she is doing”.  “CM is very good, she gets on with the job”.  “LE is lovely with my parents”.

Husband: said “When you see Denise thank her for all the excellent care given to my wife and for employing very kind people. My wife has come on leaps and bounds”.

The physiotherapist: said to Denise “you are an exceptional person, the agency you work for we had every confidence in. We were all so pleased you were there at the end”.

A member of the stroke team at Milford Hospital who was a friend of the client:  “I only ever hear excellent reports of Carers at Home, I am so pleased you were there with her, especially at the end”

Client & Wife: When Lilly visited today they both said how nice all the carers were, they were especially complimentary about JS, who was with me. The said how JS was always so cheerful and helpful.

Son: said “You provide an excellent service and it is working out very well”.

Surrey Care Association Awards

We are very proud to have received the following awards:

'2013 Care Provider of the Year' - Everyone
'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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