Husband: said “The carers that come to my wife are marvellous, they are all very good”.


Friend: rang looking for care for a gentleman in Wonersh. She said that she wanted Carers at Home rather than another agency because she thought we were the best and come recommended.


Daughter: said to thank you so much for everything you did in the snow, I appreciate it.


Daughter: rang make sure we had received the message she left on the office phone to thank everybody for their support in the inclement weather. A special thank you to MM, Louise and Lilly for all they did. She also rang to say a big thank you to Richard for clearing her driveway.


Comments during the snow

  • Client: “I really appreciate your efforts”.
  • Client: “your organisation is amazing, I’m impressed you keep coming”.
  • Client: to EC “You are amazing to keep walking”
  • Client: “Thank you for coming I know your exhausted but you’re still smiling”
  • Husband: “Good God I can’t believe you’re here, well done for your efforts”
  • Community Police: “Well done, you’re doing an amazing job”
  • Client: “Unbelievable, you are so kind for coming”
  • Client: “It’s really appreciated what you are doing. I know it’s hard for you. We are very lucky to have you”
  • Client: “You are incredible, we are very lucky. Great job, it’s nice to know you will be here come what may”
  • Client: “You are all really good friends”

06/01/10 to 14/01/10


Client: Whilst supervising EG, the client said, It was nice to have a wash and EG was very good at it.


Daughter: rang to discuss her mother’s care and said “My mother loves the carers they are sweeties. I think it is working very well, they are all brilliant”.


Client enquiry: Clare explained that we did not have carers in a particular area, the response was “That’s a shame Social Services were very enthusiastic about Carers at Home”.


Client: said to Lilly “they (the carers) are all wonderful, first class. JC and CS come more often and I don’t need to tell them anything, they both know what to do”. “I couldn’t say one bad word about any of them, they are all kind and caring”. “you’ve got a good crowd, you really have, they all have lovely dispositions and all seem to love it”.


Daughter: Whilst discussing increasing the current care package she said to Lilly “all your girls are so kind and caring with my Mum, especially the new carer EG who has a lovely way with her”.


Niece: said to Lilly “The carer’s are all being so lovely with her. They are all so patient with her.


Client: said to Lilly “I can find no fault with the carer’s, EC & MM, they are all lovely”.


Daughter: said to Lilly “So far so good, I have had all positive feed back from my mother so far”. “I also had good feedback from Wonersh Surgery The district nurse said the carers at Carers at Home are brilliant”.


Daughter: said to Lilly when she visited, “I know I will be leaving my mother will be in good hands when I go away”.


Mother: rang Lilly to say “EG visited her daughter today and she is a very nice lady. She had a lot in common with her daughter and when possible please can EG visit regularly. Thank you”.


Client: When Lilly rang to say the visit tonight would be later, the client said “You have some really smashing girls, they are all lovely”. She added “When the woman from the Council asked if I wanted to stay with carers at Home, I said of course, I’m very happy with them. The Council women said I have heard all good reports about them”.


The Live in Carer: said to Lilly “the carers are really helpful, when the new Live in Carer comes next week, please can the client have PL, EG and MA, they know him well and are very good”.


Client: “We are most grateful, thankful and appreciative of all your lovely girls. The care they give me is first class”. “When I was in hospital the nurses were not as thorough as Carers at Home”.


Daughter: “You provide an excellent service, all the carers are brilliant with Mum and Dad”.


Son in Law: rang Lilly to see how the care was going while his wife was away. We both agreed that Mum appears well and thought everything was going ok. He said “The carers are all excellent, and I think everything is going well”.


Client: said to Lilly “I have no complaints with your girls, they are all very good”


Carer friend: rang to ask if Carers at Home could provide visits for her client one day a week, in the event that she became ill or was unable to visit. She said a Social Services Care Manager sung your praises.


Occupational Therapist: rang to say that she had met PL and CS today to go over the hoisting. She said “she was really impressed with the carers and how smoothly the moving and handling exercise went, the girls really know what they are doing”.


Client & Husband: said to Lilly, we are very impressed with the carers, they are all very thorough. The care the wife receives is always excellent and we will always recommend your agency.


Client: rang Lilly to say he had, had a meeting with a company called ‘The Good Care Group’ and had spoken very highly of Carers at Home. He said “Lilly is brilliant, the agency is brilliant, they actually really do care”.


Warden: said “I was so pleased to hear that Carers at Home were visiting a client”. She added, “I went to a meeting yesterday with Social services and told them, carers at Home are excellent, can we not use them as the sole agency?”


Paramedics: THG visited a client this morning and found her unconscious. The paramedics were called and Lilly arrived soon after. The paramedics said to THG and again to Lilly after the event that THG did exactly the right procedure. They were impressed with her competence. THG kept calm and professional throughout the event.


Prospective client: “I am so impressed; you were the only agency that rang me back”. “You have spent so much time with me today and I’m so relieved that you are taking me on”.


Daughter: said to Richard how pleased she was with the service and Carers at Home.


Client: said to LAB “I really like it when you come in, I don’t have to think about anything, you just get on with it and the place is spotless when you leave”.


Daughter: said that MC was a wonderful carer. THG had trained her well in caring for her parents.


Social Services Care Manager: said that “the client was singing Carers at Homes’ praises and said they were all very good”.


Son: said “I have been staying with my mother for a few days and I must say, all the carers are really excellent”.


Son: said to Denise, “I mean it from the bottom of my heart, you are all so fantastic”.


Client: said to THG “I think you are all wonderful, I don’t know what I would do without you all”.


Client: said to THG “Thank you very much for everything and changing the times on my roster, you have been very helpful”.


Wife: After trying to arrange for her husband to go into hospital, she said to THG “Thank you very much for all your help and reassurance, I am very grateful for everything”.


Social Services Care Manager: On a conference call regarding a client she said “Thank you for everything you have all done for her, especially with the dog, you have gone over and above the call of duty. I take my hat off to you”.


Client and wife: At his review, they both praised the carers and the company. “The girls can not do enough, it is an exceptional service and we are very pleased with everything they do”.

The Community Matron: said “You have done a great job, they are getting on so much better and well done to the girls, an excellent job, the client’s legs are so much better”.


Client & daughter: At her review, the client said she liked all the carers that came to her and her daughter said she was very impressed with all the carers that came, they were all very good and caring.


Client: When Lilly visited, he said “All the carers are very good, they are all very polite and helpful and especially good with his wife (who has a hearing impairement).


Client: Denise was attending a review with the client, husband, daughter and Social Services Care Manager. The client opened the meeting by singing the carers’ praises. She said “they are all A plus, they come in as new friends and go out as old”. Both husband and daughter sang Carers at Home’s praises, they could not thank us enough and said the Company was outstanding.


Husband: When visiting said to Denise “I couldn’t do without you, the service is fantastic”.


Client: rang the office and said “I have been given lots of inspiration from the girls and encouragement”. He now washes up and tidies up before the carers arrive.


Friend: we received a phone call from a client’s friend, “I don’t know what I would do without you, my friend’s flat is looking spotlessly clean, it is wonderful”.


Client’s Carer: said to Clare “All your girls are lovely, our client likes them all”.


Client: When visiting she said “All your carers are very good, they all do everything I need them too”.


Client: said “All your girls are wonderful, I get on with them all”.


Live in Carer: said “AC is wonderful, an absolute star”.


Social Services Care Manager: (When arranging a review for the client), said “It is brilliant that the care is going so well, I never thought it would go so well”. “(the client) was very ill last year, but is managing now so well with the help going in, and his wife seems very happy with the carer too”.


Warden: said “Well done on getting an excellent rating from CQC, you deserve it”.


Client: said “All the carers that come to me are lovely, they all do what I want, and nothing is too much trouble for any of them”.


Carer: When asked by her previous employer if she would go back and work for them, she replied “No, I am exceptionally happy working for Carers at Home”.


Client: Lilly asked the client how the visits were going since the service was first started 2 weeks ago. The client said “I’m finding it very helpful, the carers do all the jobs I can’t do myself, they are all very nice”.


Daughter: “The carers are absolutely brilliant with my Mother”;


Client: “The carers are all perfect, I am very satisfied”


Wife: At the review, said the care package was going very well, LD is particularly good, she is a ‘life saver’. If my husband is happy, I’m happy”.


Son: “The service is all very good, I’m very pleased, I appreciate the support, it has made such a difference”.


Carer: sent Lilly a text message saying “the client is so lovely, we had a lovely swim! She is very happy with Carers at Home”.


Daughter: Mum is ecstatic about the care. They are all very happy with the carers and very complimentary.


Client: At the review said “the care was going really well and all the carers are lovely and very helpful”.


Family: ES attended client’s review with son and they said to ES “we are both happy with Carers at Home”.


Client: When ML visited client, she said “How lovely to see you, haven’t seen you for a while, that was the best breakfast I’ve had for ages, 10 out of 10”.


Daughter: “Mum has been very resistant to care, this is the second attempt at visiting her, the first time lasted only a few weeks because she was so reluctant to accept help. PL and CS are the regular carers. Daughter said to Lilly today “PL is brilliant with Mum, as is CS”


Niece: “Your carers are really good, it is really refreshing and they are all intelligent”


Client: “I am very happy with the care”.


Daughter: “Carers are especially good with Mum”.


Daughter: said to TG “They are all angels”. “I would not have been able to cope if you and the carers had not been there, you were not intrusive and knew when to enter conversation and when not to and you are all very professional and mum loved you all”. All three of client’s children were very grateful to CAH for the care given to their mother.


Daughter: “Mum would not have been able to stay at home without the care from Carers at Home and spend her final days where she wanted”. “She liked all the carers very much, and was always interested in what they had to say”.


Father: said to TG “It was the best weekend ever, very well organised”. I am finding it easier to relax now and let the carers take over the care of my daughter.


Client: Lilly accompanied LB to a new client. Client said to Lilly “it has gone very well this morning, LB is a lovely girl”.


Son: rang to say mum was going into a home. He said “thank you very much for all your hard work and sorry it could not be for longer”.


Niece: “Aunty is happy and really enjoys the carers’ visits, so thanks for all your help and support that you are providing”.


Son: said to Clare “client has bonded very well with CS”. “She is a really nice woman, she’s very happy with her and looks forward to the visits”. Son added “this is a big step forward”.


Son:  We are all very happy with the way things are going with your services. Many thanks.


Daughter: E-mail: Please can I add how incredibly supportive you have been and what a relief to my brother and I it has been to have you helping us with mum. It’s like starting a new job but serious emotions are involved and like when you have children, you can not walk away! It’s my responsibility to see my mum right and I can only be grateful I am not alone on this journey. You are all fantastic from reception to point of contact. Thank you all.


Son: rang Lilly to say CS and his mother had bonded really well and the care was going very well.


Client: “they are all lovely girls you’ve got, much better than the last agency”.


Son: “Mother is really happy with how things are going, she especially likes CS and AB”


Son and daughter wrote in Christmas card “To all the amazing staff, thank you again for all you did for our Mother”.


Surrey Care Association Awards

We are very proud to have received the following awards:

'2013 Care Provider of the Year' - Everyone
'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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