Physiotherapist: from RSCH rang regarding client’s discharge. Physio said that M’s family were very pleased with the care that Carers at Home were providing and would like her to return home with the same package of care.



Daughter: I just wanted to send a separate email to say a massive thank you for all your help with mum. Mum really loved you two, you were the ones she remembers, and clearly thinks very fondly of. Personally without your help I do not know how I would have coped. I know we are not completely there yet, but I felt I needed to let you know I really appreciate your support.



Client: At the review  said to Ellen “All the carers are very pleasant, there are no problems, I just wish I could afford more visits”.



Client: At the review  said to Ellen that she was very happy with all the girls, they are all lovely and she had nothing but praise for them.



Client: At the review  said to Ellen “I would be nice to keep the same carers and day, but I am very happy and it is much appreciated”.  *Mrs Pow has two visits every day and there are only a very few carers who visit her.



Daughter: My social worker visited yesterday and I have informed her how pleased I am with your agency. Thank you so much – I can leave my mother knowing she is in good hands.



Client: Whist Jo was doing a supervision with PL, he said “She has done an excellent job with his personal care.”



Prospective client: rang to make enquiries for care for his wife and said you have come highly recommended by a friend of his.



Daughter: Thank you so much… for your support, your guidance, your thoughtfulness.  You are just such an amazing team and such a help taking the responsibility with me.  Especially with something as worrying as Mum being taken to hospital.  Speaking to the nurses, I was going to advise meds and details, and you had already done that!  She had everything she needed, knew my contact number, who I was, everything.  They said how good you were.



Client: rang the office to ask why L was not coming today. Ellen explained that she was unwell and someone else would come instead. Betty said “oh, that’s a shame, L is such a wonderful carer, I do like her so much, give her my regards, I hope she is well soon.”



Daughter: Since starting care for Rose, her daughter Janice said she is so much better and benefitting from 2 visits twice a day. Janice said her mother really liked all the carers that come in and was very happy.



Client review: Client said she is very happy with the care your team are providing, and they are very highly praised for being, professional, reliable, friendly and punctual. She feels that all her needs are currently being met.


Son: Review completed with client and her son. Son made the following comment: A1 team, above and beyond the call of duty.



Client: Lisa commented that the girls are lovely and great. It has taken a weight off her mind.



Wife: I can’t thank you enough for trying to get the shower through for P. I really am very grateful.



Client: At the review Margaret said to Jo, “I am happy with all aspects of care that I receive from Carers at Home”.



Client: At a review with Social Services and Mr and Mrs P, Mr P said “we are very happy with the care provided by CAH. MC is especially good with V”.



Relatives: At the annual review, said “we are very appreciative of everything that is done for T by the carers”. T agreed and is also very happy. It has been observed by relatives that since having regular visits and his medication regularly, since being with CAH, T no longer falls. Thank you.



Client: At review she said to Ellen “I am very happy with the care I get, they are all a nice bunch of girls”.



Client: At review said “I am very satisfied with CAH, they look after me very well. LB is very efficient.



Client: At review Ellen asked the question “does the agency respond appropriately to your concerns”, B replied “oh yes they are a brilliant bunch”. Then she added that the carers are kind, helpful, cheerful and always up for a laugh with me. They are very conscientious, no complaints.



Client: At review, Q said that she loves going for her twice weekly walks with carer, JW, and she is very happy with all the carers, especially JW.



Client: said that her Care Workers are ‘very good’. She said that she has a very good rapport with all the carers.



Client: When introducing a carer she said “I like all the carers, there is not one that I don’t like, they are all brilliant”.



Prospective Client: rang to ask if we could provide care. She said “I have been in your shop and they have been very helpful, I have been impressed with your organisation”.



Client: At the review, said “the carers are very good, they do anything I need. I like TP coming too, I don’t mind having a man. I like all the carers that come.”



Daughter: Her Mum is end of life, Lilly rang to offer support and to see how she felt the care was going and did she feel more support was needed. Sue said “we are very happy with all the carers that come in, they are all lovely with my Mother”.



District Nurse: Jo went to do the visit this morning at client’s. She met the district nurse, who said “I haven’t come across CAH before, but all the carers are brilliant”. She was very impressed with the care provided.



Daughter: When Ellen visited client today, his daughter was also there and said “I think the carers are great with my Dad”. Ellen said “thank you for the compliment” and she replied “but I mean it”.



Son: said “I am full of admiration for your carers and my Mother is full of praise for you all.”



Daughter in Law: said “we know how fantastic you all are and we are very happy with everything you do for M, we have no complaints at all. You do a very difficult job, I certainly could not do what you do.  Thank you.”



Social Services: rang asking if we could take on a POC next door to an existing client.  She said Carers at Home is known to the prospective client’s husband and he would very much like up to care for his wife. He was very complimentary about the carers that visit, saying how nice they all are and kind and caring and he would like them to visit his wife.


Daughter: wrote to say that her Mum had passed away at her care home. She said “We would like to thank you and all the team at Carers at Home for all the excellent care and support that was given from October 2011 to January this year”.



Client: Lilly rang to say that her visit would be 15 minutes later. J said “I was the first not to want care, but now I realise how much I need it. They (the carers) are all so nice, I’m really enjoying having their company, they are very willing and will do a mixture of jobs”.



Client: When Lilly rang the client today to see how she was managing without a tea visit, she said “you have been so lovely, thank you for what you have done for me”.



Daughter: wrote a note to PL (Carer) – “I would like to thank you for looking after Dads interests so well, we do appreciate it”.



Daughter: The care workers are a fantastic team, they are all great. She said ‘I am so  glad that I changed to Carers at Home, I now have a few less grey hairs!’



Wife: said of LB “She was absolutely fabulous with R when she came on Saturday, she was very patient, coaxing him all the way and just so good.”



Client: telephone review completed  ‘They are really marvellous’



Client: Lilly spoke to client and after he said that he would only like the visit time to vary by 5 minutes, and no more, either side of the allocated time. He said “I really admire you and how the business is run, you do very well, I don’t know how you put up with them (meaning the carers!).



Client: At review he said, the carers chat to him while he is eating his lunch, he said he likes that because it is company for him, the carers are all very good”.



Client: At her review client said she is very happy with the service and all the carers that come to her. She gets on very well with all the regular carers and likes them all.



Client: At the review, E said to Jo “I get on well with all the carers, but CS really understands me more than anyone.”



Daughter: wrote to end the service. Dad now requires morning visits Monday – Friday and Carers at Home do not have sufficient carers to cover. In a telephone conversation She said “thank you very much for all the help you have provided and all the nice people you have sent. I will not hesitate to recommend you.”  In the note she wrote, ‘many thanks for all your help and care of Dad especially to LB and JJ, they are both lovely!”



Social Services/client: Received a written review from Lindsay, Social Services reviewing officer. Mrs A said to  “the Care Workers are very good. Occasionally they are late but I understand that sometimes other clients have unavoidable problems. The carers always ring me if they are going to be 15 minutes late.” Mrs A said “I have a pool of about 10 different Care Workers some of whom come on a regular basis and others who come more infrequently”. Mrs A added that she has a good rapport with all her Care Workers and has no favourites, she feels that the Care Staff are approachable and she is able to ask them if she needs something.”



Client: At a review the client said about the care workers ‘ she is very, very happy that she changed agencies, she doesn’t have anything bad to say about the care workers, They are all lovely, very kind and have a laugh together.’



District Nurse: Introduced the carers today for a first visit. Husband said “I spoke to the district nurse at the weekend and she was saying how good Carers at Home are and was recommending you.”



Solicitor: When assessing Mr W, J said that a Solicitor at TMW Solicitors, recommended Carers at Home. She acts for another client of ours.



Community Matron: When assessing Mrs. L, Husband said “Jthe Community Matron, recommended you. She said “Carers at Home are very good, the carers are all very good, I can recommend them.”



Client: When Ellen went to supervise MA the client said to her “when I hear MA call up the stairs it makes me feel happy, he is always laughing and always got a joke to tell me. I love PL, don’t ever take her away from me, she always knows what to do for me.” Then he said “all the carers are lovely, you’ve got a good bunch there, whoever selects your carers does a really good job.”



Client: At review she said “I am very happy with the time of the visits, I like to be up early. I am very happy with all the carers but I especially like LO.  I like all the carers, they are all very good.”



Client: At the annual review said how pleased she was with the care, she especially likes JJ, but all the carers are good and MC is lovely.



Husband: said they were very happy with the care and the time of the visits now. He added that all the carers are very good and very kind to his wife but JJ is very good with her because she comes most regularly.



Wife: said to Irene how lovely and kind and compassionate JJ was.  She said “I couldn’t have been more happy with the care that my husband had.”



Niece: sent an email and it she wrote “Aunty was beautifully dressed and coordinated yesterday and the carer kindly returned whilst I was there to even take her to sit with another resident in the sitting room so that they both had company, a really kind thought!”



Client: When introducing a new carer to Jo she said that RW had been in at the weekend and she was so pleased because she started tidying up the bathroom. client said “RW was so kind and helpful, she took away 2 bin liners of rubbish.”



Client: A telephone review with client was completed, he made the following comment.  10 out of 10, he feels that he can now relax and not worry as he knows that someone is coming and he can trust the staff.



Client: At the annual assessment client said “I love all the carers coming as I have someone to talk to”



Wife: Telephone review with wife was completed. She made the following comments  “Fantastic”.



Client: “All the girls are wonderful, the carers must find it very difficult sometimes but they are always on the ball and good with dealing with any problems.”


Client: At the review, said to Ellen “you are a nice bunch of carers, when they have finished they always sit and listen to me which I enjoy. I have trouble getting my words out but they all have a lot of patience, like you.”



Wife: Lilly received a letter from wife, she wrote: I can’t thank you enough for the care and attention which you and your staff gave to my husband at the end of his life. I very much appreciate how thoroughly and quickly you organised everything when you realised how great and immediate the need was. And you were always so kind and understanding. Thank you. Thank you.  The carer JJ was beyond words fantastic. I could not believe how quickly she gained my husband’s trust, both to deal with his needs physically and also to help him in other ways. She was/is a lovely person to have around in a time of crisis. Please would you pass my thanks on to her.  Thank you again so very, very much.



Client:  said to LB “I am so pleased I have done well and it’s because of the input from Carers at Home and the wonderful care you all give.”



Daughter: LB explained that Carers at Home could escort her parents to the hospital if necessary. She said “oh it gets better all the time. I am extremely pleased with all the care given to my parents. Everyone is very good and I don’t have any complaints.”



Client: Ellen visited client and she said a lady from Social Services had rung her to see if she could visit on Monday 14th July when her carers were there. Sylvia said to the lady “they are not just my carers, they are my friends.” Ellen said “what a nice thing to say.” Sylvia replied “that’s because it’s true.”



Nephew: When Ellen attended the review today with client, Social Services and nephew, he said the regime of care is doing Aunty good and client said “I love all my carers, they keep me right and they are all very good.”



Son: At the review today, said “all the carers are first class and so patient with Dad, they really are so good with him. There is one carer in particular who always has a smile on her face, but they are all very good, I can’t praise them enough.”  When E from Social Services asked client about the service he said “I get on alright with all the girls, I’m happy.”



Nephew: said that Aunty liked the carers and was surprisingly accepting of the care.



Client: At the review said he is very happy with the service and very happy with all the carers



Daughter-in-law: said to Lilly, all your carers are lovely and brilliant with Mum. Thank you for everything you do.



McMillian nurse: When she was explaining about the medication for the client, she said to Ellen “you have a real good bunch of carers, they do a grand job.”



Niece: said “I have not had a huge amount of experience with care agencies but Cares at Home have been wonderful caring for my Aunty. They always inform me about things and are second to none with care that is provided.  Client commented that she was very satisfied.



Client: DP and LK are two of the most caring, compassionate, articulate and efficient people I know who are in a position where their help is invaluable. They are truly part of my family.



Daughter: rang to say Dad was going into respite. She said the girls have been brilliant, more than first class. She said DA is amazing and JS was so good this morning.



Daughter: A card was received by PW with the following written inside.

Just wanted to say Thank You for all your loving care for Mum over the last year or so, she always loved hearing about your horses and jolly tales. Watching you do all her creams in the evening was a joy, your so caring, she was so enjoying it.



Daughter: A card was received by LK with the following written inside.

Just wanted to thank you for all the care and support you have given Mum and us over the past year or so. You have been an amazing carer but also a high comfort to us, going above the call of duty to help. We cannot thank you and your team enough, we couldn’t have done it without you.



Daughter: A card was received by DP with the following written inside.  We just wanted to say a huge thank tou for all the care and support that you gave to Mum and indeed all of us over the last year or so. You were the first carer that we had met and from day 1 you have excelled not only in a professional capacity but also in being loving and caring and always cheery. You have built a fantastic team of carers around you and deserve to prosper.



Daughter: A card was received by HB with the following written inside.

Just wanted to thank you for your care and support for Mum and us, especially during her last weekend. It was a huge comfort to know that she was cared for so well. Good luck with your new role as a carer, you are a natural.



Husband: rang Ellen to say that Barbara was going to St Helier Hospital and would not be home for a while. He said “please thank all the carers for their hard work and care, you have a very fine team.”



Husband and client: said they are very happy with the service and all the carers that come. “They are all very good and know how I like things done.”



Daughter-in-law: rang to ask if we had capacity to take on Mum’s morning care too, they are not satisfied with the present agency doing the morning visits. She said, ”Your carers go above and beyond, they always stay the time and are in a completely different mind-set to the other agency who are always in a rush.” She added “they are very flexible, Mum is not managing her medication so well now but we don’t feel we can trust the other agency with giving them.”



Community Nurse: We have had several messages recently complimenting us on the care and support given by Carers at Home staff.  One in particular was from T, the Community Nurse who said of one of our carers (LO)  “I want to compliment her on her exceptional care towards client.  She wrapped cling film around her dressing in order for her to have a shower that she so desperately wanted as well as washing and styling her hair.” T felt she deserved a pat on the back for going beyond her care duties.  She said the carer was exceptional and she wanted to let Carers at Home know.  “Well done and thank you for the fantastic care that you all give, but a special thank you to LO.”



Daughter: At the review with the client, her daughter and Social Services, she said “I am very happy with the care, the girls are absolutely fabulous, all very patient and always spend extra time with her.” She said “I have no complaints at all with Carers at Home.”



Daughter-in-law: said of the carers “they are brilliant, so reliable and I trust them unlike the others.” We are very happy with the care provided and looking forward to when Carers at Home do all the visits.



Daughter: rang to say Dad is going into the nursing home to be with Mum. She said “I would like to thank all the carers who have looked after my Mum and Dad so very well and have had a lovely rapport with them both.” “Mum and Dad have really enjoyed having the carers there and I’m very grateful for all you have done and all the care provided.” Ruth added that her parents will be happy now they can finally be together.



Warden of Day Centre: “ I think that all your carers that come to Derek are brilliant.”



Client: said to Ellen at the review “I like them all (meaning the carers), I have no complaints.” She especially likes JJ because she understands her. Ellen said, that it JJ really knows the client, it was evident at the review, including her past history which they often sit and chat about. The client said “I really like JJ, she is my friend.”



Daughter: When Lilly rang to book the annual review, she said “I have no problems with any of the carers that come in the evening (and I know Dad will agree), they are all very good.” “MC is especially good, always cheerful. It goes to show you employ the right people and they all have very good training, so different to the other company that come to Dad in the morning, some of them are unemployable.”



Client: Lilly received a letter today saying ‘I am writing this to say what a good team of carers you have. Excellent in every way and so kind. We have had ML for a good few years and have nothing by high praise for her. She goes over the call of duty. I can’t imagine our lives without her. As my husband and I have poor health at present, it’s nice to know ML is about.



Care Worker (resigning): Charlotte wrote a letter of resignation to start her planned nursing practice. She wrote: I would like to offer my sincere thanks for the training you have given and making my time within the company a productive and enjoyable one. I have learnt a great deal with regards to caring, communication and working with others. I would also like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to carry out my nursing placement with you in the office. I greatly appreciate everything you showed and taught me and taking the time to do this. Thank you.



Daughter: rang to ask about the dementia group run by Carers at Home on a Monday.  She said “It was really nice to meet you when Mum and I bumped into you at Waitrose the other day, she spoke to you like she does to her friends.” “I was really pleased to see it, thank you for everything your carers are doing, it is so different to the other agency who she would not even let through the door.”



Daughter: at a telephone review we asked if Carers at Home responds to her needs, the reply was “ yes very much so, you are the only care company that call to inform me if the carers are running late.”



Nephew: emailed saying “My aunt does seem to have settled in with the carers and seems to know them now and is happy with them all I’m pleased to say.”



Daughter: Pam rang to say that her Dad had passed away. She said “I would like to give all the carers who attended my Dad a big thank you for the wonderful care that he received.”



Son: emailed saying: I just wanted to pass on my thanks concerning an answerphone message I received at home in the middle of last week from one of your staff. The message alerted me to a water leak in my Mum’s upstairs bathroom, which was in fact dripping through the ceiling into the garage. I’m sorry that I can’t remember who left the message, but it was much appreciated & enabled me to call out a plumber to fix the leak, which if not repaired there & then could have caused a lot of damage. Many thanks again for the message as well as the great job all of your staff do in caring for my mum on a daily basis.



Husband: rang and said of ML “she is lovely and absolutely brilliant with my wife.”



Client: felt unwell at the day centre, Jo went to visit him on his return from the centre. He said to Ellen later “it was so good to see Jo when I got home, we had a long chat and it was very reassuring, thank you.”



Client: Lilly went to visit today and he said “I have been so happy since you’ve been coming to me, it’s been like a new life and I really look forward the carers coming. They are all fun to chat to. They are all so good to me, so lovely. MA really makes me laugh. You have such a lovely crew. With PS you don’t get a better lady, you only have to mention something needs doing and she gets straight away and does it.



Daughter-in-law & client: At the review with Social services the client said he is very happy with all the carers coming in, he especially likes the more ‘mature’ ladies. D-in-law agreed that the care was going really well and said all he carers are just brilliant. They do not want to make any changes to the existing care package apart from a 2 hour shopping visit each week.



Son: rang to cancel a lunch visit and said ‘ Girls are wonderful’.



Wife: said to Lilly when asked how the care was going “absolutely fine, we really like PL and very happy with Liz B too, in fact we like all the carers that come to us, thanks to you.”



Friend & carer: At the review today with Social Services, said “everyone is very good with but the person who is really lovely with her is Karen W she is very nice. The client also loves MA, he is very good with her too.”



Daughter: Card received by post stating ‘I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for what you have done for Mum so far. One of the best things is that you are so accessible, and get back quickly if we leave a message.



Daughter & son-in-law: At the review said that all the care and support from the carers that the client receives is amazing and there are no complaints at all. He added that CS in particular is very thoughtful and attentive



Social Services: At a review today, said how impressed she was with our paperwork, very clear and detailed, far better than any other agency she knew. She thought the medication side effects were a very good idea.



Lady in coffee shop: When JJ (one of our care workers) was in a coffee shop a lady asked her which agency she worked for. When JJ said “Carers at Home” the lady said that must be the company that everyone is raving about. JJ said she felt amazing.


Surrey Care Association Awards

We are very proud to have received the following awards:

'2013 Care Provider of the Year' - Everyone
'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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