Client: stated how pleased she is with her progress since coming out of hospital. She is very pleased with all the help from Carers at Home staff and said she would not have managed without them.


Client: said ‘her care worker never minds what she does, she is a very kind and caring person.


Client: said to Lilly when she visited her ‘you are all very good to me and all look after me very well.


Client: left a voice message saying how well he thought the first week had gone and he is very happy with the carers.


Client: said, when C visited, that she liked all her carers and they were all very kind to her.


Client: At her review when asked how the service was going, She said to her Social Services Care Manager that it was going very well and that she particularly liked her carer who always ‘did that little bit extra for her, like change the budgie’s paper in his cage.


Client: rang to cancel the supper visits on Sunday and Monday and to say thank you, you do not know how much I appreciate it. You have been very flexible and my mother has been telling everyone how good all the girls are.


Client: left a voice message to say “thank you for all the trouble you have gone to over sorting out the dosette box” and “thank you for all your flexibility and all you are doing”.


Client: ‘J (carer) is particularly good, she uses her initiative, is very helpful and will always find tasks that need doing without being told”.


Client: “you have some really lovely carers”.


Client: telephone call: she required a service when she goes into hospital for chemotherapy next week. She also said that Carers at Home had been highly recommended by another client saying “Carers at Home are great and very obliging”.


Client: “I am really happy with all the carers that come to me”. He also said that Lilly “is always very professional”.


Client: “I am very impressed with the information (Service User Guide and Statement of Purpose) issued and with the detail and extent of the assessment”. She added that she was “very relieved and reassured with the help she would be receiving from Carers at Home”. She had assumed that Social Services would be organising help when she underwent chemotherapy next week. However, no help was forthcoming so she contacted her surgery who gave her 3 contact telephone numbers for agencies. It was because of an existing client of Carers at Home, who is a friend that we were recommended.


Client: “I know I keep telling you this but you have a real gem in R (the carer), she is so good”.


Client: “all the carers so far that have been to me are lovely and very helpful”.


Client: “you are all brilliant”.


Client: “the care provided by Carers at Home is excellent and I am more than happy”.


Client: “I thank my lucky stars I’ve found you. I am very happy with everyone that comes in”.


Client: “I am relaxed and at ease knowing that your carers are coming, I really like all the carers”.


Client: “all the carers look after me very well and I like them all”.


Client: “the carer is brilliant with my hearing aids, she also knows exactly what I need doing’.


Client: “all the carers that come to me are very nice and I like them all”.


Client: When assessing a prospective new client with Motor Neurone Disease, Lilly discussed the different options on the care that may be required and ways of working around the difficulties presented.  The client said, “thank you very much, you have been very helpful and I feel you have given me hope”.


Client: “I’ve never met so many nice ladies since I’ve been having you look after me, you are all so kind, caring and understanding”.


Client: “You girls are all so kind to me and look after me so well”.


Client: “All you girls are so kind to me. I’ve don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you”.


Client: “You are all so very kind to me and speak so softy and gently to me”.


Client: “The girls are all very good that have come to me so far”.


Client: “You all look after me so well, and you are all so patient with me”.


Client: “She (the carer) is very good and thinks of everything”.


Client: “I like all your girls, they are all lovely”.


Client: When the carer assisted her to shower, she said: “You make me feel a million dollars, you always make me feel so pampered”. She then added, “You are always happy”.


Client: “I think the care is excellent”.


Client: “You’re all very good you people, I am very looked after by all your lovely carers”.


Client: Whilst at a review with the Care Manager – “Everyone is very good, I am very satisfied with the care, no complaints”.  At the same review, the Care Manager commented, “Since the change in the agency I have not had a call from the client or her son, I am delighted with how the care is going”.  Previously, the Care Manager was getting regular phone calls because the client and son were very unhappy with how the service was going (with a previous agency) – now it is not the case.


Client: “All your girls are so good to me”.


Client: “All your carers are really lovely, I like them all”.


Client: When Lilly rang the client to contact the carer who was visiting her she said: “Do you want to speak to my lovely carer?” “She is so wonderful to me”. The carer is the only one so far who has encouraged the client to have a shower. She once was very reluctant but now looks forward to it!


Client: Whilst assessing a prospective client she said to Lilly, “Mrs T recommended you, she said you and your service are excellent”. Mrs T is the wife of a former client who passed away last year.


Client: “All the girls are very good and I am happy with them all”.


Client: “Everything is all going very well and all the carers are very sweet and helpful.


Client: “You provide an excellent service and I have peace of mind knowing that someone is coming in at 07.15 every morning”.


Client: “We are very happy with all the carers, they are all very nice”.


Client: Said to Lilly when she visited ‘you are all so kind to me. Thank you for everything you do for me’.


Client: Said to Lilly when she visited ‘I love ES coming in. I look forward to all the carers coming’.


Client: When visiting  this morning she said, what a nice young man P is and how she likes all her carers, but ES is her real favourite.


Client:  said of carer ‘NP is very sensible and has a lot of common sense’. She added, ‘you only have to tell her once and now has the scrambled egg 99% right’!


Client: LE (Carer) seems very pleasant. ‘She is keen to learn and get it right’.”


Client: was very complimentary about ES (her regular Carer). She said ES is really good, I don’t have to keep telling her what to do, she just gets on with it”.


Client: said of JT (Carer): “She is really lovely”. She also stated “I think this is a brilliant idea” (referring to the roster sent each week to the Clients which lists the time of each visit and which carer is visiting.


Client: At the review today she said she was very happy with the care, everyone was very helpful and she liked all her carers.


Client: When visiting client today she said she was really happy with everyone coming in and they were all ‘nice girls’.


Client: said to Lilly “I think you do a very good job, it must be very difficult managing everybody’s hours and work especially with holidays etc.


Client: rang to say “I could have hugged P (Carer) tonight, he helped sort out the buttons on my TV – he is a very nice boy and very helpful.


Client: said to Lilly “All the carers are good but the old hands like ES and DA are really good”..


Client: said “JC is great, I feel really confident with her visiting, she really knows what she is doing”. The carers are on time 95% of the time”.


Client: said, “NP is a gem, she is the best at cooking my breakfast and does everything else just right”.


Client: said “I am very happy with the service, all carers are very good.”


Client: said to Lilly “I’m very well looked after and all my carers are very good.”


Client: When visiting client Lilly asked if the carers were doing everything she wanted them too and was there anything else they could do to help her. She replied “All the carers are very nice and do what she wants”. Her son said that he thought his Mother benefited from the carers visiting because of the communication aspect and she was building up a good rapport with the girls.


Client: At the end of the visit he said to Lilly “Thank you for a very nice shower, all the carers that come are thorough and very good.”


Client: said “You are all so kind.”


Client: said “I think you have a lovely bunch of Carers, you should be very proud of them. ES is lovely.”


Client: said “ES is a really lovely person. All the carers are good, it’s a good thing you are doing and very much appreciated.”


Client: At the review she said “All the carers that come to me are very good.”


Client: said to Lilly “You are very good people to work for, I am very happy.”


Client: “You have a very nice bunch of girls, I am very happy with them.”


Client: “All the Carers look after me very well, bless them”.


Client: “All the Carers are very good and do what I want.”


Client: said to Lilly when she visited “The girls are all wonderful, they are really brilliant”.


Client: said when Lilly visited “I don’t care who comes, they’re all lovely”. “The warden asked me how the care was going and I told her very well”.


Client: said to Lilly “You have wonderful team, I am very impressed and over whelmed by the care.”


Client: said “I appreciate what everyone does for me, they are all so kind”.


Client: said “I really like all the carers, but especially LP, she is always so helpful”.


Client: said to Lilly “They are all wonderful (referring to the carers) JC is especially good. I don’t need to tell her what to do, she just seem to know what I want. All the girls are very nice”.


Client: “We are very happy and satisfied with the care and high level of efficiency and punctuality, DA has all the skills of a first class carer”.


Client: said “You have a really lovely community of carers – they all work together so well”.


Client: said to Lilly “I gave 10 out of 10 to DK yesterday, I had her for every visit and she was so good. She is always so happy”.


Client: The same day when visiting she said “All your carers are absolutely brilliant, I like them all”.


Client: When speaking to client to make arrangements to visit him to see how the visits were going, he said “I am very, very happy, everything is going so well. I am very lucky”. “I have just sent an e-mail to myCare Manager telling her so, I will send you a copy.”


Client: said to Lilly “All the carers are lovely, LE was so sweet and lovely with me the other day”.


Client: said to Lilly “All the girls are so wonderful”.


Client: said to Lilly “I am so lucky to have all this wonderful help”. “The girls are so good, especially Jo who understands me and what I need”.


Client: said to Lilly “All the carers are really helpful, but JT is very good and she is the one I like to have most often”.


Client: When Lilly rang client to inform her that the time of the visit would be earlier and a different carer to that on her roster would be visiting, thew client said of CM (Carer) “She is absolutely brilliant and I like her very much”.


Client & wife: said RB was “especially good and helpful out of all the carers”.



Client: spoke of ES, her regular carer and said how good she was, she said “I never have to tell her what to do, she just does it, and she is so kind and thoughtful”.


Client: When Lilly went to drop a new care plan off for client, she asked her parents how the care was going. They said “very well, ES is marvellous”. They added that their daughter is used to the evening visits now and DA is very good in the evening too”.


Client: said “I feel very privileged to be getting such good care”. She added “CM is very good, she is not the least embarrassed in performing personal care, especially for someone who is so new to it”.  She also said that before Social Services had asked Carers at Home to start the service, the Warden had said “I hope you get Lilly and Carers at Home, she is the best around”.   She added  “I can’t fault the care I get, I like all the carers”.


Client: said “All the carers are very good, but DA is particularly good, my favourite, she is the most professional”.


Client: said to Lilly about the service “It couldn’t be better, I have my life back”.


Client: said how pleased he was with the carers going in and especially complimented LP on the service and care she gave.


Client: said of her carers “They are all really good and helpful and I like them all”.


Client: said “I think the first week has gone really well. I like all the carers that come in”.


Client: said to Lilly when she visited “All the carers are very nice, I like them all”.


Client: said that all the carers are so helpful and friendly and will do anything for her.


Client: said “I thought EC was marvellous in the snow. I thought it was incredible how hard all the carers worked”.


Carer & client: The times for one client next Saturday & Sunday are not good.  We explained that we are short staffed this weekend and so some clients may have to have earlier and later visits than usual.


Client: “I am very happy with the carers, they are all very nice”.


Client: said to Lilly “I have never had a bath like it, I thought she (CE the carer) was marvellous”.


Client: said she is very pleased with the service. They were having a meeting with the Care Manager at the house.


Client: During the care plan review she said she feels very well looked after and Carers at Home are a good organisation.


Client: said to Lilly “All your carer’s are lovely”.


Client: rang to terminate the service. Her health has improved so much that she feels she can now manage. She said to Lilly “thank you for the help, everyone has been wonderful, I will certainly recommend you”.  She also spoke previously to Clare and said “The girls have all been absolutely lovely and the house seems to be back together again. Thank you so much”. If ever she needs help again she will get in touch with us straight away.


Client: At the review the client spoke very highly about the care she receives from Carers at Home and feels all her care needs are currently met.


Client: said “I think you are very professional, more so than the previous agency, your paper work is very good”.  The client’s wife also said that the Social Service carer and the District Nurse had spoken very highly of Carers at Home and recommended us.


Client: When Lilly visited the client she said “your carer’s are really lovely, they always do so much to help me and if there is time left at the end of the visit they sit and chat”.


Client: said to Lilly “I am so grateful, you have me my life back”. “The service is so reliable, I never have to worry if someone is coming in the morning, JC and JT are terrific and I never get let down”.


Client: I found the girls really helpful and friendly. I enjoyed their company. I would recommend you to others.


Client: said of ES “You don’t have to tell here anything, she is great and I’m really happy”.


Client: said “DS was marvellous last night, helping her after she got an accident going to the toilet, she was very professional”.


Client: said to Lilly, “I am really pleased now that all my care is with you, all your carers are lovely”, AM is very good too.


Client: When Lilly asked if she was happy with the service and JC (the carer) she said “she is really good and will do any extra jobs I need doing, such as opening bottles which I find difficult”.


Client: said to Lilly “JC was very good, she just gets on with it, but all the carers are lovely”.


Client: said to Dobbie (Manager) when she visited “The care could not be any better, everybody is marvellous”.


Carer: said “The reason I joined the Company was because everyone made her feel so welcome, especially Clare (Office Manager). The whole Company is so friendly and she had a nice warm feeling”.


Client: “You have a very good team”. “You have a very good name”.


Client: “You are all so wonderful, I don’t know how I would have managed without you”.


Client: said of the carers that visit her “They are all wonderful, I don’t know what I would do without them, I never want them to leave. They are all really lovely girls”.


Client: said to Lilly “ES is so good, please never stop sending her, she knows exactly how and what I need doing without even asking her and she is such a nice person”.


Client: When visiting said to the Manager “all the carers are lovely”.


Client: said “All the girls are so kind, I really enjoy their company”.


Client: said when Lilly visited “The care is phenomenal and you have changed my life”.


Client: said “I couldn’t do without you, you are all marvellous”.


Client: rang and said “The visits are going very well, the girls are very good and I couldn’t do without the help”.


Client: rang to say “All the carers are wonderful and RH is a really nice chap”.


Client: said of the service “This is wonderful, I didn’t have this help with the last people”.


Client: “All the carers are really brilliant”.


Client: When visiting the client today, she said “I am very lucky to have my carers, they are all very good, but JT is especially good. She knows me so well and exactly how I like things done”.


Client: said today “I think all your girls are excellent, I always recommend you to anyone enquiring about care”.


Client: said “I think you do a fantastic job, I am very happy with everything and think you are all brilliant”. “It is so nice to have regular carers, unlike the last lot who were different everyday and I was always having to tell them what to do”.


Client: said “how wonderful it is to have this help, the other agency said they weren’t allowed to do the cleaning”.


Client: Lilly visited the client today and she asked how the carers were looking after her. The client said “They are all marvellous, everybody is very good to her”.


Client: Denise (Manager) rang the Social Services Care Manager to discuss a client and their issues. The Care Manager said to Denise “You are absolutely a fantastic care agency and we are doing a marvellous job”.


Client: When Lilly visited today the client said “CB was wonderful yesterday, she was very helpful in sorting out my prescription for my ear drops”.


Client: said of MM “She is wonderful, all the carers are”.


Client: said “All you girls are very nice and you employ the right people for the job”.


Client & Wife: When Lilly visited today they both said how nice all the carers were, they were especially complimentary about JS, who was with me. The said how JS was always so cheerful and helpful.


Client: Whilst supervising EG, the client said, It was nice to have a wash and EG was very good at it.


Client enquiry: Clare explained that we did not have carers in a particular area, the response was “That’s a shame Social Services were very enthusiastic about Carers at Home”.


Client: said to Lilly “they (the carers) are all wonderful, first class. JC and CS come more often and I don’t need to tell them anything, they both know what to do”. “I couldn’t say one bad word about any of them, they are all kind and caring”. “you’ve got a good crowd, you really have, they all have lovely dispositions and all seem to love it”.


Client: said to Lilly “I can find no fault with the carer’s, EC & MM, they are all lovely”.


Client: When Lilly rang to say the visit tonight would be later, the client said “You have some really smashing girls, they are all lovely”. She added “When the woman from the Council asked if I wanted to stay with carers at Home, I said of course, I’m very happy with them. The Council women said I have heard all good reports about them”.


Client: “We are most grateful, thankful and appreciative of all your lovely girls. The care they give me is first class”. “When I was in hospital the nurses were not as thorough as Carers at Home”.


Client: said to Lilly “I have no complaints with your girls, they are all very good”


Client & Husband: said to Lilly, we are very impressed with the carers, they are all very thorough. The care the wife receives is always excellent and we will always recommend your agency.


Client: rang Lilly to say he had, had a meeting with a company called ‘The Good Care Group’ and had spoken very highly of Carers at Home. He said “Lilly is brilliant, the agency is brilliant, they actually really do care”.


Client: said to LAB “I really like it when you come in, I don’t have to think about anything, you just get on with it and the place is spotless when you leave”.


Client: said to THG “I think you are all wonderful, I don’t know what I would do without you all”.


Client: said to THG “Thank you very much for everything and changing the times on my roster, you have been very helpful”.


Client and wife: At his review, they both praised the carers and the company. “The girls can not do enough, it is an exceptional service and we are very pleased with everything they do”.

Client & daughter: At her review, the client said she liked all the carers that came to her and her daughter said she was very impressed with all the carers that came, they were all very good and caring.


Client: When Lilly visited, he said “All the carers are very good, they are all very polite and helpful and especially good with his wife (who has a hearing impairment).


Client: Denise was attending a review with the client, husband, daughter and Social Services Care Manager. The client opened the meeting by singing the carers’ praises. She said “they are all A plus, they come in as new friends and go out as old”. Both husband and daughter sang Carers at Home’s praises, they could not thank us enough and said the Company was outstanding.


Client: rang the office and said “I have been given lots of inspiration from the girls and encouragement”. He now washes up and tidies up before the carers arrive.


Client’s Carer: said to Clare “All your girls are lovely, our client likes them all”.


Client: When visiting she said “All your carers are very good, they all do everything I need them too”.


Client: said “All your girls are wonderful, I get on with them all”.


Client: said “All the carers that come to me are lovely, they all do what I want, and nothing is too much trouble for any of them”.


Client: Lilly asked the client how the visits were going since the service was first started 2 weeks ago. The client said “I’m finding it very helpful, the carers do all the jobs I can’t do myself, they are all very nice”.


Client: “The carers are all perfect, I am very satisfied”


Carer: sent Lilly a text message saying “the client is so lovely, we had a lovely swim! She is very happy with Carers at Home”.


Client: At the review said “the care was going really well and all the carers are lovely and very helpful”.


Client: When ML visited client, she said “How lovely to see you, haven’t seen you for a while, that was the best breakfast I’ve had for ages, 10 out of 10”.


Client: “I am very happy with the care”.


Client: Lilly accompanied LB to a new client. Client said to Lilly “it has gone very well this morning, LB is a lovely girl”.


Client: “they are all lovely girls you’ve got, much better than the last agency”.


Client: “Lilly really does take on the best carers”.


Client: wrote in a letter “I should like to thank you for supplying me with such lovely girls, especially EL, who provided support for me following my recent surgery. Without my late husband I was feeling vulnerable and although, in retrospect, I probably would have been alright on my own, it was always a pleasure to see the members of your staff. I will not hesitate to recommend Carers at Home Ltd or call upon your services should the need ever arise in the future”.


Client: “All the carers, especially LB, were very good and helpful. She said that LB was very pro active during her visits”.


Client: “All the carers are brilliant, very thoughtful, and they look after us very well”.


Client: said to ML “I love the girls coming to visit me; I enjoy their company because I get very lonely”. Daughter said to LW “Thank you very much for everything you have done for my mother, especially for all the extra help recently, you have been very flexible”.


Client: rang and said “CS is a very sweet girl”. Both client and her son have said “how helpful the carers are, especially CS”.


Client: “The girls are wonderful, all of them”.


Client: “TH and PL are really very good. In fact, all the carers are good”.


Client: “I am very happy with all the girls that visit, CE is particularly good and she is very kind”.


Client: rang and said “all the girls are lovely, and she really enjoys them visiting”.


Client: “I am really happy with the cleaning the carer did. JS did a fantastic job”.


Client: “All your carers are lovely, they are all very good and caring and she is very pleased with everything. JS came yesterday and she is lovely”.


Client: “The care and help she has received from Carers at Home has been invaluable to her”.


Client: “Lilly has very nice carers, they are all lovely”.


Client: “I am very happy with LC, she is more like a friend and I really enjoy her coming, she is a joy”. She added “She is a super shopper and great at getting a bargain”.


Client: “I must say you have a fantastic team of girls, couldn’t be better”.


Client: “JS is very sweet. You have such fabulous people. You do a grand job”.


Client: “Your carers are all smashing. I like them all; there is not one I don’t get on with”.


Client: “All my carers are very good, especially LH. She knows exactly how I like things done and what shopping I need”.


Client: “I can’t praise the carers highly enough, they must be very well trained because they are all so knowledgeable”.


Client: “All your carers are lovely that you send”.


Client: When visiting Client we spoke about her carers, Client said “After I had my stroke, JS was my everything. She ensured everything was prepared and was very efficient; I could not have managed without her. All of the girls are brilliant”.


Client: When Client rang to terminate the care (because she has made such good progress following her hip replacement) she said “I’ve been very impressed, you have all been very caring, I shall definitely tell everyone about you and recommend you”.


Client: “It has been an amazing thing to have the help. It has changed my life”.  “The girls have such patience and tolerance”.  “THG is marvellous, HR is a whirlwind and she is a blast of sunshine when she enters the house”.


Client: Review with social services. “All of the carers are lovely and very helpful. They have been great”.


Client: “I am very happy with ES (his regular carer)”. He added “She is fantastic, I couldn’t do without her”. Client feels it is very helpful to have ES because he can ask her advice on everything.


Client: “Just a brief note to say thank you for your help in arranging for KM to come and help me last evening. She was excellent and changing helped my enjoyment of the evening. Thank you, as ever, for all your help”.


Client: “All the carers that come to me are lovely, I like them all”.


Client: “All your carers that come to me are charming, there are none that I don’t like”.


Client: “Thank you for your excellent service”.


Client: When with KM, Lilly asked Florence if she was happy with the service.  Client said yes all the carers were very nice and she was very happy with everything.


Client: Whilst visiting client said how happy she was with the care. She praised EC in particularly, saying how attentive and caring she was.


Client:  said to Lilly “you can see you are from the old school, it is unusual to see the client being put at the centre and really nice to see”. “You have a really caring lot of people”.


Client: said to Lilly “It is nice to see how everyone is so caring. They are all nice girls and all caring.”


Client: said to Lilly “All the carers that come are lovely and I get very well looked after.”


Client: said “The girls are all very good and I get on with them all.” She spoke very highly of LB in particular.


Client: said to Lilly “All the carers are really good, they all spoil me to death.”


Client: changed CAH from another agency. She said to Clare. “The difference is amazing, it is so different, it was so right to change to Carers at Home and I don’t need to worry or think about them coming, they do everything without me having to ask”. She added, “They make me feel human again”.


Client: said to Lilly “I like all the carer’s that come to me, they are all lovely”.


Client: said “I like all the carers that come to me, they are all friendly and do anything I ask”.


Client: said to Lilly “The carers are very kind and do everything I ask them to do”.


Client: At review with Social Services, Community Matron, client’s friends and Lilly, client said “all the carers are lovely”. It was agreed that client was very well looked after by CAH and she was very happy with the time of the visits, the Care Workerss and all the help she received. Client did not feel she required any further support.


Client: When reassessing client in hospital she said she liked all the carers that come to her, they did a good job at looking after her and she was looking forward to seeing them again.


Client: rang to ask for an extra visit one evening. He said of AB “She came to me and she is very, very good, very professional. I don’t mind her coming to me when the regular carers can’t”.


Client: when asking how the care was going, client said “brilliant, all the girls are very good”.


Client: when doing the annual review, client said all the carer workers have an excellent understanding of my needs and what is required. She also said, “I feel very blessed to have such care, it is an excellent service and I have met a great number of carer workers who are all equally excellent and very, very nice”. She said of JS who is her regular carer “She is excellent, firm without being tough and I never feel rushed by her”.


Client: said she had met up with a friend and discovered that their Mothers had a service from CAH. Wendy said we were singing your praises.


Client: when doing the annual review, client said she is quite happy with the Agency. She said all her carers are very nice and she feels ‘spoilt to death’.


Client: was unwell.Lilly telephoned to see if she needed the doctor and she said about the carer workers “they can’t do enough for me, they are all very nice people”.


Client: wrote – thank you to the carer workers who visit him and a special message to ES “Thank you for employing ES, give her what she wants”.


Client: During the review said to Lilly “They are all marvellous (referring to the carer workers), CE is perfection”.


Client: said that all the carer workers were all lovely that come to her, she can’t fault them at all.


Client: When Lilly introduced client to BC she said “all your Carers are lovely, I like them all”.


Client: said to Lilly  “you run a very efficient organisation”.


Social Services: a prospective client during the assessment,  said to Lilly “when I told Carol the district nurse I was coming to CAH she said at least they (Social Service) passed you to the best agency”.


Client: rang the office (following sleep in duties to her mother) to say “many thanks for everything it certainly gave my mother good reassurance that she was going to be looked after and it also gave me reassurance”.


Client: said to Lilly “All the carer workers are lovely, there isn’t one that hasn’t been good. They are all very good, I speak as I find”.


Client: said “You have a very good team of carer workers, there is not one that isn’t good, you run a very efficient organisation.


Client & Husband: When Lilly visited the client today they said “We are very comfortable with everyone coming in and in particular like ML & ES”. They said they are very happy with how the situation is.


Client: When Lilly visited client today she said that she particularly got on well with AC. She said she was more like a friend and always knew exactly what was needed.


Client: said of AB “she did an excellent job, thank her for all her help”.


Client:  said “all the carers are helpful, kind and lovely”.


Client: “All the carers are wonderful, they are all lovely and helpful.”


Client: “It is so wonderful to have you all looking after me, I’m so grateful.”


Client: “BB & AB, and all of them have been so good to me”.


Client: rang to say that EC had visited her today and she said “She was an absolute delight, a real pleasure.”


Client: has recently come out of hospital and has requested an increase in visits. Whilst on the phone she said “I am very, very happy with all the carers. They are all very good.”


Client: Comment on the Client satisfaction survey “Whilst I don’t enjoy being ill the situation is made more bearable by the pleasant and caring attitude of your staff. It is very difficult I know to sort the timings out to suit everyone and can’t be avoided but it is an important part of the service as far as I’m concerned to have care at the times I most need it.”


Client: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “Dear Sirs, I am very grateful to the care workers for what they are doing for me, nothing is to much trouble for them.”


Client: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “The service is excellent.”


Client: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “All cares are wonderful. They are very caring and are willing to do anything to help. I’m very fond of everyone and very grateful to them.”


Client: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “Your care workers provide an excellent service to me, they are quick to spot anything amiss if I’ve not spotted it myself, and advise me the action I should take. They look after my health and help me stay alive. They are true carers for which I am very grateful. You have a very good organisation.”


Client: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “I was very nervous about having carers but think myself so lucky at being in your care with such nice people. Thank you”


Client: When ringing to ask what care she required for the following week, she said “Thank you so much for all the care you have given me, it has been such a help psychologically as well and a great reassurance to know I’ve been able to rely on you.”


Client: said “I find all the carers very good and on the whole I am satisfied. I really like the men, MA & CL.”


Client & Husband: said that client had a very good relationship with her care workers and that they had laugh when they came. They are very satisfied.


Client: said she was very happy with the service and the carer workers that come to her.


Client: When Lilly visited she said all the carer workers were lovely and she was very well looked after by everyone.


Client: said about MM that she is always happy and good tempered. He also said that she was professional, never late and one of his favourites. He also likes CL and his gentle ways.


Client: When reviewing his care, he said “I am very happy with the service and the care workers that visit.” He said “I do not have any problems, I would tell you if I had. I have some good girls looking after me.”


Client: is moving from the area to live near her family, whilst visiting her she said how much she appreciated the care workers “I’m very fond of all the people that come to me, they are very kind to me, I’m especially fond of JS, they are all lovely.”


Client: Whilst doing a double up with KL today, client said to her, “you are very gentle.” He then added, “ all the care workers are gentle, it must be the training you give them.”


Client: during the review today, she said she is very happy with the care, she likes all the care workers, there are some she likes more than others but likes everyone.


Client: at the review said she was very happy with the care workers’ visits, they are all very nice and friendly.


Client: “Everyone is lovely.”


Client: rang and gave notice because she is getting on so well. She said “please do not take me off your books, all the care workers are so lovely.”


Client: said “all the care workers are very kind, I like everyone that comes to me.”


Client: said “ES was really lovely and she really enjoyed having her as a care worker”.


Client: said “all the care workers I have had so far have been very kind and caring to me”.


Client: said I can’t speak highly enough of all the care workers that visit me, I like them all but there are some I like more than others”. “I really like JT and CS and ES of course, she was one of the first care workers that came to me”.


Client: said he was very happy with the carers that came to him.


Client: rang to give notice due to his health improving. He wrote “I would like to congratulate you for running such an efficient service. I have found your carers without exception to be kind and attentive and very interested in their work”. I will indeed be sorry when they no longer come to visit”.


Client: “I am very happy with all the carers that come to me, they are all very good to me”.


Client: At long last we now have a definite date for our move north. May we take this opportunity to thank all the carers and office staff who have helped us so well over the past years.



Client: During the review, said “I like HR very much, she is my rock.”


Client: “I’ve told you before, I have no complaints, if I did I would tell you”. “I like everyone that comes to me”.


Client: When visiting said she liked all the carers very much, they were all brilliant.


Client: “The girls are all very kind, they must think I’m a nuisance but all of them are very patient with me. I seem to get on with all of them”.


Client: “I am so pleased with all the care, I don’t know how I would manage without you.”


Client: Whilst ES was visiting, she said to the client how well he was looking.  He said “it is down to all the lovely care, everyone is so kind, not only the care I get from ** but all the lovely care I get from you lovely carers.” He added “I’m really sorry CL is leaving, I’m very fond of him and he is a very gentle person.”


Client: said “I am more than satisfied with the care, they (the carers) are all marvellous and do everything I ask of them”.


Client: “thank you so much for sending RH yesterday evening, he was marvellous. You can send him anytime in the evening, he was so helpful.”


Client:  “I like all the carers, they are all very nice, I have told my daughter how good you are and she wants to come to you too”.


Client: “all the carers are very helpful, they are all cheerful and happy”


Client: “I’m really very happy with all your carers, they are all very caring and always willing to help. RS and JE have taken to caring like a duck to water, like they’ve done it forever”.


Client: All the carers that have come to me have been very helpful and very nice, I really like the youngster that came, B, she is so refreshing!


Client: At review with Social Services, she said  “I am very happy with the support provided by Carers at Home. I have been assisted by a number of different carers and they are all excellently trained and very efficient.”


Client:  rang to cancel a visit and said “thank you, I am very pleased with the help”, and appreciated everyone getting to her in the snow.


Client: “the service is very efficient and well run”.


Client:  “all the carers are very kind and you run a very efficient business”.


Client: “All the girlies are lovely, I like to have a chat with them and they make having a shower an enjoyable experience”.


Client:  “all the carers are lovely that come to me, I especially like JA, I have a laugh with her, she has a great sense of humour”.


Client: (At review with Social Services) – said he is very pleased with all the care that he is receiving and said it was very helpful to have the support. The client’s son said that the support plan has been going very well and is very happy with the care that Carers at Home has been providing.


Client:  said all the carers are very kind that visit her. She gets on with some more than others.


Client: was very appreciative of all the help she had from her carers. she said “they are all lovely and very helpful and I don’t know what I would do without them.”


Client: said “all your carers that come to me are lovely, they are brilliant, they would do anything I asked.”


Client:  said she is very happy with the care and likes everyone that comes.


Client:  said that she was finding the visits very useful, she liked all the carers and they were very helpful.


Client: “I love them all (the carers), they are all very polite, happy and jolly.”


Client: During her review, she said to Lilly “They are lovely girls, they bring the outside inside. I am quite happy with everything the girls do.”


Client: said of Irene “I must tell you, you have such a lovely receptionist, she is always so kind and helpful and happy. She has such a lovely manner.”


Client: At review with  Social Services cliente said “I’m happy with all the carers coming, they are all very kind. I now have only about 5 carers a week”. She added “I really like JW, I have a good laugh with her and she is fun”.


Client: At her review said she likes all the carer workers that come to her. She said LE is very good, she uses her initiative and always does extra jobs such as take the rubbish out without being asked


Client: said at her review “I like all the carers that come to me, I am very happy”.


Client: said at her review she is very happy with her carers, she particularly like the young girls that come – they are all very chatty and keen. She also said she is very happy with the visit times each day now they have been changed.


Client: At her review she said “I have a lot of fun with the carers”.


Client:  said “all the carers that come are all very good”.


Client: When Lilly visited Client and his wife today, they said they were very satisfied with all the care workers. Client said “they are all marvellous, and he couldn’t fault any of them.”


Client: After he had said about the cost of the care he asked after Lilly and said how is she, is always bubbly and happy. He added the care is going really well, but our favourite is MC who we only see every other weekend. (that is because MC only works a morning every other weekend) . Wife said “all the care workers that come here are fantastic, they are all very, very good”. Client did say that if the care worker is late they are not always told.


Client: When visited for the last time before she moved out of the area. JS asked if she had another agency lined up she said “No because I won’t find anyone as nice as you”.


Client: “All my carers are lovely, I don’t know what I would do without them”.


Client: When visiting Barbara today, she said “you have very nice girls, there is not one that I don’t get on with, I like them all”.


Client: “I really like all your carers, they are very nice girls, I like them all and they look after me well”.


Daughter: “I really am very happy with everything and the care workers that come in”. She added that Client is comfortable with regular care workers and they all have a good understanding of her needs.


Client: “I’m very happy with all the staff. I have no complaints – you would soon know if I did!” He added “I get on with all my regular care workers, especially CS”.


Client: “At the review, “I get on very well with all the care workers, especially KW, and I just enjoy their company”.


Client: Ellen asked Client how she was when she visited today and Client said “it’s always so nice when you come, I don’t see you often enough”.


Client: said to Ellen when she visited earlier that she was very happy with the care and all the care workers she had met so far were fabulous.


Client:  said that all the care workers were lovely that come to her. She said “I like them all”.


Client:   said to Lilly “I am very happy with everything the care workers do for me”.


Client:  rang to terminate the care. He said “thank you to all the care workers for all the work and cream application, my skin is better from the eczema and my doctor has given me the all clear.” He added “to have the care workers was more of a pleasure than a hindrance and I will miss you all.”


Client: said “I really like TH coming, she knows exactly what I want and she’s always happy, when is she coming again?”


Client and husband: When visiting Client this morning both were saying how happy they are with the service. Husband also said what a lovely care worker JJ was, how kind and caring. He said “JJ would be a great mentor for the new and younger care workers; they could learn a lot from her.”


Client: During the review , “I am very pleased, they are lovely people, I especially like MA and VM, they are very kind to me.”


Client: At the review said the care was going extremely well with Carers at Home and she was very happy with everything. She and her son said tht they are very happy with the level of support she is receiving and the length of time of each visit. 08/12/2013

Client & wife: At a review with the client and his wife the following comments were made “The girls are very friendly and polite, they like to have a laugh and a joke but are always very professional” 11/12/2013

Client: At the review  said to Ellen “All the carers are very pleasant, there are no problems, I just wish I could afford more visits”.


Client: At the review  said to Ellen that she was very happy with all the girls, they are all lovely and she had nothing but praise for them.


Client: At the review  said to Ellen “I would be nice to keep the same carers and day, but I am very happy and it is much appreciated”.  *Mrs Pow has two visits every day and there are only a very few carers who visit her.


Client: Whist Jo was doing a supervision with PL, he said “She has done an excellent job with his personal care.”


Client: rang the office to ask why L was not coming today. Ellen explained that she was unwell and someone else would come instead. Betty said “oh, that’s a shame, L is such a wonderful carer, I do like her so much, give her my regards, I hope she is well soon.”


Client review: Client said she is very happy with the care your team are providing, and they are very highly praised for being, professional, reliable, friendly and punctual. She feels that all her needs are currently being met.

Client: Lisa commented that the girls are lovely and great. It has taken a weight off her mind.


Client: At the review Margaret said to Jo, “I am happy with all aspects of care that I receive from Carers at Home”.


Client: At a review with Social Services and Mr and Mrs P, Mr P said “we are very happy with the care provided by CAH. MC is especially good with V”.


Client: At review she said to Ellen “I am very happy with the care I get, they are all a nice bunch of girls”.


Client: At review said “I am very satisfied with CAH, they look after me very well. LB is very efficient.


Client: At review Ellen asked the question “does the agency respond appropriately to your concerns”, B replied “oh yes they are a brilliant bunch”. Then she added that the carers are kind, helpful, cheerful and always up for a laugh with me. They are very conscientious, no complaints.


Client: At review, Q said that she loves going for her twice weekly walks with carer, JW, and she is very happy with all the carers, especially JW.


Client: said that her Care Workers are ‘very good’. She said that she has a very good rapport with all the carers.


Client: When introducing a carer she said “I like all the carers, there is not one that I don’t like, they are all brilliant”.


Prospective Client: rang to ask if we could provide care. She said “I have been in your shop and they have been very helpful, I have been impressed with your organisation”.


Client: At the review, said “the carers are very good, they do anything I need. I like TP coming too, I don’t mind having a man. I like all the carers that come.”


Client: Lilly rang to say that her visit would be 15 minutes later. J said “I was the first not to want care, but now I realise how much I need it. They (the carers) are all so nice, I’m really enjoying having their company, they are very willing and will do a mixture of jobs”.


Client: When Lilly rang the client today to see how she was managing without a tea visit, she said “you have been so lovely, thank you for what you have done for me”.


Client: telephone review completed  ‘They are really marvellous’


Client: Lilly spoke to client and after he said that he would only like the visit time to vary by 5 minutes, and no more, either side of the allocated time. He said “I really admire you and how the business is run, you do very well, I don’t know how you put up with them (meaning the carers!).


Client: At review he said, the carers chat to him while he is eating his lunch, he said he likes that because it is company for him, the carers are all very good”.


Client: At her review client said she is very happy with the service and all the carers that come to her. She gets on very well with all the regular carers and likes them all.


Client: At the review, E said to Jo “I get on well with all the carers, but CS really understands me more than anyone.”


Client: At a review the client said about the care workers ‘ she is very, very happy that she changed agencies, she doesn’t have anything bad to say about the care workers, They are all lovely, very kind and have a laugh together.’


District Nurse: Introduced the carers today for a first visit. Husband said “I spoke to the district nurse at the weekend and she was saying how good Carers at Home are and was recommending you.”


Client: When Ellen went to supervise MA the client said to her “when I hear MA call up the stairs it makes me feel happy, he is always laughing and always got a joke to tell me. I love PL, don’t ever take her away from me, she always knows what to do for me.” Then he said “all the carers are lovely, you’ve got a good bunch there, whoever selects your carers does a really good job.”


Client: At review she said “I am very happy with the time of the visits, I like to be up early. I am very happy with all the carers but I especially like LO.  I like all the carers, they are all very good.”


Client: At the annual review said how pleased she was with the care, she especially likes JJ, but all the carers are good and MC is lovely.


Client: When introducing a new carer to Jo she said that RW had been in at the weekend and she was so pleased because she started tidying up the bathroom. client said “RW was so kind and helpful, she took away 2 bin liners of rubbish.”


Client: A telephone review with client was completed, he made the following comment.  10 out of 10, he feels that he can now relax and not worry as he knows that someone is coming and he can trust the staff.


Client: At the annual assessment client said “I love all the carers coming as I have someone to talk to”


Client: “All the girls are wonderful, the carers must find it very difficult sometimes but they are always on the ball and good with dealing with any problems.”

Client: At the review, said to Ellen “you are a nice bunch of carers, when they have finished they always sit and listen to me which I enjoy. I have trouble getting my words out but they all have a lot of patience, like you.”


Client:  said to LB “I am so pleased I have done well and it’s because of the input from Carers at Home and the wonderful care you all give.”


Client: Ellen visited client and she said a lady from Social Services had rung her to see if she could visit on Monday 14th July when her carers were there. Sylvia said to the lady “they are not just my carers, they are my friends.” Ellen said “what a nice thing to say.” Sylvia replied “that’s because it’s true.”


Client: At the review said he is very happy with the service and very happy with all the carers


Client: DP and LK are two of the most caring, compassionate, articulate and efficient people I know who are in a position where their help is invaluable. They are truly part of my family.



Husband and client: said they are very happy with the service and all the carers that come. “They are all very good and know how I like things done.”


Client: said to Ellen at the review “I like them all (meaning the carers), I have no complaints.” She especially likes JJ because she understands her. Ellen said, that it JJ really knows the client, it was evident at the review, including her past history which they often sit and chat about. The client said “I really like JJ, she is my friend.”


Client: Lilly received a letter today saying ‘I am writing this to say what a good team of carers you have. Excellent in every way and so kind. We have had ML for a good few years and have nothing by high praise for her. She goes over the call of duty. I can’t imagine our lives without her. As my husband and I have poor health at present, it’s nice to know ML is about.


Client: felt unwell at the day centre, Jo went to visit him on his return from the centre. He said to Ellen later “it was so good to see Jo when I got home, we had a long chat and it was very reassuring, thank you.”


Client: Lilly went to visit today and he said “I have been so happy since you’ve been coming to me, it’s been like a new life and I really look forward the carers coming. They are all fun to chat to. They are all so good to me, so lovely. MA really makes me laugh. You have such a lovely crew. With PS you don’t get a better lady, you only have to mention something needs doing and she gets straight away and does it.


Client: When Lilly rang to ask Mrs B how the visits were going she said how pleased she was and how very nice the carers are that go in.


Client: Lilly visited client today to see how the care was going. She said “all the carers are good and do what I want, TH is particularly kind and knows what to do for me.”


Client: rang about who is coming tomorrow and said “thank you very much for all our help over the last year, I really appreciate everything you have done for me, all the girls are very good that come to me.”


Client: said “all the girls that have come to me so far have been really helpful and willing and will do anything I ask them to do”


Client: said how good all the carers were that have come to her so far. Nothing was too much trouble, they did anything she wanted.


Client: wrote “I would like to say that all the carers have been very kind and helpful and I look forward to a carer coming in each Saturday around 4 to 5pm.”


Client: said “I get on well with all the carers, some I get on better than others, but that’s how people are, I look forward to seeing the carers each day and look forward to our chats.”


Client: said “I love the carer’s company and look forward to their visits every day. They are all very kind and very sweet. I especially like my regular care worker, BB”.


Client: said that “All the cares always go above and beyond, and changing to Carers At Home was the best thing they have done.


Client: said “all your carers are lovely, they are all really good and do everything I ask of them.”


Client: asked us to thank EO for the extra care that EO had given her recently she said “EO went above and beyond.”


Client: When Lilly visited today he said all the care workers are very good and all very nice and helpful.


Client: At the review today, he said “the carers are very good, I especially like KW, she is very good”


Client: At the annual review said “The girls are brilliant, all very kind. I am happy to see them. No problems with the carers, sometimes it’s the only person I see each day.”


Client: At the review said she is happy with the care workers, they do a marvellous job. She said “I can’t fault the girls, they make me feel comfortable when giving their care and I can say anything without them getting offended for example if I tell them there is nothing else I need they don’t get offended”


Client: said today to JC when she visited that he was very happy with his care. He said “They are aware of my care and communicate well”. He would like to remain independent.


Client: At the review she said “JW is a good carer she goes that one step further to help and I get on very well with her.”


Client: said to Ellen “I hope CS comes back to me again, she is a really, really lovely lady, and my husband likes her too.”


Client: said to Lilly “all your girls are just brilliant. I didn’t want any help at first but I can’t do without them now, they are all so good.”


Client: When doing the annual review, said to Ellen that she is very happy with all the carers, she loves DA and KM, they are special but all the girls are lovely.


Client & Wife: wife said “since we have moved from Bramley to Godalming I have kept meaning to write to the carers to say thank you for all the support they have given to my husband and me and all the excellent care they have given my husband. They have all been so kind and we appreciate it.” Client said “The girls are all very good to me.”


Client: At the annual review said that all the carers were good and if the carers did not come she would not be able to cope in her own home.


Client: At the annual review said “I have a nice little routine here,” She particularly likes HR visiting her, and said “she is my angel and knows exactly what needs doing. I could do with her being here all the time, including first thing in the morning and last thing at night.”


Client: While delivering MAR sheets Ellen asked him if he was happy with the care workers that come to him. He said “I am now that a certain person is not coming back to me.   There were only 2 people that I didn’t care for and because I am unable to see I can sense that I was not comfortable with them.” He added “But I’m glad that your company cares enough to follow up complaints, and came to see me and check things over and sorted things out.” “I’m very happy with all the carers that I have now, I’ve had a few this week because PL (his usual carer is off) but I like them all.”


Client: When visiting today for the annual review, he said that all the care workers were very good. Some were chattier than others but he got on with them all.


Client: said “all the care workers are very nice, they are more homely somehow than the others (speaking of another agency that attends her) and I don’t feel rushed.”


Client: At the review said to Ellen ‘they are nice care workers and do their best.”


Client: said to Jo “this agency is amazing”


Client: said “you are all lovely girls. I never feel rushed when you come and you always give me time and chat, better than Rapid Response, they only gave me one shower a week and were always in a hurry.”


Client: At the annual review said they are very happy with the care client receives and were particularly complimentary about JJ (care worker). She said she thinks very highly of her and said how good and professional she is.


Client: When Lilly rang, she said of the care workers (LR and AB) “I love both my girls, they are both excellent and I really love them coming.”


Client: said “all the care workers are brilliant, they are a credit to you”. She said she particularly liked TH and PR, but all the care workers are very good and she enjoys their company.


Client: told Ellen about PR (care worker) “I really like that girl, I feel I have known her for years, she is a lovely care worker.”


Client: said to Lilly “all your girls are brilliant, I like them all.” He is very happy with the service.


Clients: Husband said “all your girls are bloody brilliant”. His wife agreed as did their daughter who said they are all great and we are very happy with them.


Client: Thank-you for taking care of me for the past three years. It was relieving to be in your hands even when I was so bad at the beginning, your tender loving care brought me to this sound condition I am in. May you continue with the satisfying service with all your patience. The same service I received in Guildford is continuing in Godalming. May God bless you all.


Client: During the review Ellen asked how she was getting on with her care worker’s, she said “ I am very happy with all the care worker’s but I do like KW she is really marvelous always ready to help me in any way and I do like LO (care worker), what a lovely care worker


Client: made the following comments: I am happy with the care I receive and the care workers who visit. The ladies I have now make me feel smashing and good about myself. They help me keep things straight in the house. All the girls are great, not just with me but my husband too. Everyone is so kind and supportive. I feel I couldn’t get better care elsewhere, you don’t get good service these days but Carers at Home have the best. Great.


Client: said “All the girls are fantastic”.


Client: At the review with Social Services said “I’m very happy with the care workers, they are all very nice girls. I’ve been giving them tips about cooking.”


Client: When visiting Elsie today she said “I get on with all my care workers, they are all very nice, I love to chat to them all.”


Client: said she is very happy with all the care workers, KW is particularly efficient.


Client: Helen wanted to let us know that the care workers DJ, ST and CC are amazing. It takes my breath away how amazing they are, it comes from the top down.


Client: said to Jo she was very satisfied with the service. She loves all the care workers and appreciates everybody being on time.


Client: said to Jo “Yes, all the care workers are polite and friendly and I couldn’t do without them.”


Client: Pat said ‘ LO is the best care worker you have, she has a lot of common sense, she just knows what to do for me and she has a fantastic personality to go with it, a lovely person.


Client: phoned, (immediately after the visit) to say, how pleased she was with the visit she had just had with LR (deputy care manager), and asked please could she have her every Friday for her sit-in, she said what a fun person LR is.’


Client: said he is very, very happy with the service we provide and he gets on very well indeed with all the care workers, thank you.


Client: JJ (care worker) emailed to say that this week KW had been visiting some of her regular clients. One said how nice and kind KW was and the other said it was lovely to see KW again, “I really like her”.


Client: During a telephone conversation commented that DL had ‘Done a fantastic job with cleaning, she doesn’t know what she would do without her’


Client: at the Social Services review, said he was very happy with the girls that come to help him. He said “everything is running ok and he finds all the carers to be kind and helpful.”


Client: rang to speak to Lindie and said “it’s so nice to have an allocated manager, someone to help resolve things”


Client: When Ellen met with a client today she said of CS “I just love CS coming to me.” “She is a lovely, smiling angel.”


Client: When Lindie visited the client today she said “I just love you girls, you go above and beyond.” You are all so thoughtful, make sure I’m always covered up, I like everybody.”


Client: emailed ‘My thanks to you and your team for all your help this year – reliable service is such a treat after past experience! Happy Christmas and a Health New Year to you all!



Client: rang and said to Ellen “MMc was brilliant with me today, she just knew what to do when I was struggling to eat my food and I was choking. This is happening quite a lot now and MMc suggested pureed meals.”

4 January 2016

Client: said “I do not know what I would do without all my carers, I love them all”

7 January 2016

Client & wife: said “your firm seems very nice to work for”. LE replied “yes, they are great, I have been with them for over 8 years”. LE said to Lilly they appeared very impressed with CAH.

23 January 2016

Client: At the review yesterday said to Lilly overall she is very happy and feels all the carers work very hard. She doesn’t know how they do it, especially the carers with children.

27 January 2016

Client: When Lilly went to visit her for the morning visits she said “all the carers are really wonderful”

29 January 2016

Client: asked if it was Lilly who interviewed the carers as she does a very good job at picking lovely carer’s. She said “all the carers that come to me are just lovely”

13th February

Client & wife: both said “we are totally satisfied with all the carers that are sent here, we are 100% satisfied”.

16th February 2016

Client & Daughter: said all the carers are very good that come her and I but RH is exceptionally good, she see is so thorough and sees things that need doing.

18th February 2016

Client: At a review ‘SD is marvelous, she is kind and considerate’.

19th February 2016

Prospective clients: When Lilly was assessing they said you come highly recommended by TT, who use to work for you, and LT who said what a good agency you were, she thinks you are one of the best.

25th February 2016

Client: sent a card to the office saying “All of you are my Special Angels from Heaven above. I have lost one and about to lose 2 more. Please don’t go any more of you because you all sure earn your wings. To all Carers at Home, Thank you so much….the world needs more thoughtful people like you, Xxx

11th March 2016

Client: said to Lilly all the girls are marvellous, I don’t know what I would do without them, they are all so good and kind to me.

12th March 2016

Client: said she had slept through the alarm this morning and when KB the carer arrived she was still asleep. She said “KB was lovely with me”

17th March 2016

Client: called to say thank you for his roster, it’s a really nice one

21st March 2016

Client: said “all the carers are brilliant”. Y also said “you do very well, you have a lovely company with lovely people working for you”

23rd March 2016

New client: When introducing carer to a new client, he said “I have heard such good things about you, I’ve heard you are a brilliant company, very reliable with lovely carers”

31st March 2016

Client: rang this morning to say she needed someone to take her to the dentist. Jenni asked AB to go (short notice) and client said “You don’t realise how much you do for me and how grateful I am.”

4th April 2016

Client: J rang to say Client wanted to pass on a message that WO was a lovely carer, very good and kind, he said thank you, she was lovely.

4th April 2016

Wife & client: At the review with Ellen, said we are very happy with everyone, they are all excellent

14th April 2016

Client: (client) said she loves all the carers coming and finds it the only company she gets now she no longer goes to the day centre. She loves to chat to the carers and talk about her paintings. She especially likes LO.

23rd May 2016

Client: At the review, (client) said to Ellen “I’m really happy with the care, the carers wash and cream my legs every day and the nurse said they are looking very good now. I’m very happy with all the carers that come to me, I love to chat with them and hear about their families etc. Having carers keeps my independence.”

25th May 2016

Client: At the review, (client) said to Lindie that she is very happy with the carers and the service. The office staff and on-call are very helpful in answering her queries and she gets on very well with her regular carers.

26th May 2016

Client: When Ellen was visiting (client) today, she said of LS “she is an excellent carer, you don’t need to tell her what to do she just does it and she is very thorough. She us just lovely.” (client) said she likes the more mature carers because they are very thorough, like Jo C who had been there earlier in the day.”

1st June 2016

Client: Dear Mr Williams. I went to visit my mother on Sunday. She was being a little difficult when your carer MH arrived. As usual MH showed enormous patience and compassion as well as being kind and trying to keep my mother amused. Each time I come into contact with MH I am so impressed and felt that I should let you know what an outstanding employee you have.

8th June 2016

Client & Friends: Dear MH. This is with love and thanks from (client) for all your wonderful care. We are all, especially R and me, greatly indebted to you for making his stay at home last as long as possible

8th June 2016

Client: When visiting (client) today she said to Ellen “you know all your carers are brilliant, PL (carer) is a really caring person. If anyone calls you to complain, you send them to me because they would have to answer to me. You are all brilliant and I’m so fortunate to have you all.”

13th June 2016

Client: (client) called regarding CQC cleaning companies, after the conversation he said ‘Thank you for your help, your company provides wonderful care, my mum is very happy with the carers she has, thank you’.

14th June 2015

Client: When speaking to RM she said please could (client) have RD as much as possible. Rachel said, RD has a real understanding of (client) and can usually persuade her to have personal care which she can be very reluctant to accept. RM added that RD was very mature for her age with the right attitude. When I met with RD the next day I passed on the compliment she agreed that (client) did accept help from her and added “I just love care work, I am very happy.”

15th June 2016

Client: When Lilly visited (client) today she said how she gets on and likes all the carers, some more than others, but on the whole she gets on with everyone. She said they are very polite and respectful.


Client and Mother: At (client) first review following the start of her care she made the following comment ‘ very satisfied with the care’ and her Mother said ‘Couldn’t get better’


Client: said, “you have a brilliant company, it is so nice to work with you. The girls are really lovely that come to me, they are all brilliant


Client: At a review taken by Toni the client and her wife made the following comment ‘All the carers are polite, they bring more laughter to the house. We are very grateful for all the girls do and couldn’t cope without them’


Client: When Lilly went to (client) this morning to meet LO (carer) she said that all the carers are lovely and looking after her very well. She didn’t have any favourites but liked some more than others.

20th June 2016

Client: At the review (client) told Jo she was very pleased with the carers.

20th June 201

Client: (client) said “BS is a very good worker, I have no complaints, he is a wonderful carer. He is a very good carer, as good as everyone else has been.” (client) also said of BS, “he’s perfect, he’s so kind, he makes sandwiches for my tea if I want him to.” She also said that all the other carers that visited her were very good and she liked them all.

22nd June 2016

Client: (client) said that he was very happy with the care his mother received – “they are all fantastic”

22nd June 2016

Client: When Lindie visited (client) today she said of SM “I feel very safe with SM and very trusted in her care when she helps me shower.”

5th July 2016

Client: said “MA is a delight, Daddy loves seeing him. He is really popular with my Father. His eyes light up when Daddy knows he is coming. The whole family are happy with him.”

Client: said, “he was very, very happy with Carers at Home.”

8th July 2016

Client: Dear Lilly, Richard and carers . Today it has been 4 years looking after (client), words at times fail to express our thank you. Thank you, though a small word, has a deep meaning. For all your love, magic, hands, smiles all the gestures and every part and bit you have done, you have taken pain from M and us the family.   You are all amazing. We do appreciate your service. The results of your work you have seen. Don’t be surprised one day you will see him in your offices looking for a job. Nothing is impossible with your care. You are second to none. We love all of you. We have nothing to give to you but our love.’ J

12th July 2016

Clients: At the review (clients) said they were more than happy with the service CAH provide.

13th July 2016

Client: At the 3 monthly review, (client) said to Jo “we are more than satisfied with the service you provide.”

13th July 2016

Client: said to Lindie “you are an excellent company and we like all the carers that come, especially PL” Tony added “Lilly is marvellous and she runs a great company.”

21st July 2016

Client: When Lilly visited (client) today she said all the carers were lovely that come to her, she really liked the boys too, MA, GC and BS, they are kind and gentle. (client) also said that it is because of your carers that I have got on so well and made such good progress.

5th August 2016

Client: At (client) 3 month review she said the following: the arrival of the carers was always ‘spot on’, the carers always look immaculate, smart and professional, the carers always ask if there is anything else they require and overall she is very satisfied with the service.

10th August 2016

Client: Jo did a 3 month review with JS (POA for (client)). He said he was very satisfied with the care provided by CAH and consider the care provided by us is better and the carers are far more conscientious than the previous care company.

10th August 2016

Client: “I just wanted to email as following your visit the other week I was really poorly and have been pretty much since. The reason for my mail is I really need to say again just how wonderful PH is and I couldn’t let it go unmentioned any longer. The night when you had been I was so poorly I really didn’t think I was going to be able to go for our usual lunch out but Pat arrived and she was happy as always to take things as slow as I needed to getting me ready so that I was ok whilst doing other bits as I rested and she managed to get me out for lunch which was a near on miracle and I even managed to get some food down me and have a nice time. I wouldn’t have managed to eat at home as well as I did out the way I was. I don’t know how she does it. Since then she has just been a star (not that she hasn’t always been) but she just goes above and beyond to do everything she can to help me and do all she can and more.

I was so down about how bad my house had got and yesterday was so poorly again and just didn’t have the strength to go out so PH made lunch here for us and she completely gutted my downstairs, I’ve never known someone make someone feel so much better about something as she did for me yesterday.. I don’t know what I did before PH and I really felt I needed to say what a massive difference having her has made to my life. Not only does she help me like this but she makes me smile and laugh. She is so kind-hearted and sincere. There aren’t many people left in the world like her and I am so grateful that you gave me PH. I just wish there was a way I could let her know how much she was appreciated as I tell her all the time but I’m not sure she really understands just how much I mean it. Also really liking RD, she is lovely and we are getting on great… You do give me the nicest carers. Thanks”

19th August 2016

Client: At the review (client) everything was brilliant, he had never been happier. He is very happy with Jo Crawford, his regular carer, she is brilliant, knows exactly what he wants, he never has to ask, she always thinks ahead. When asked if the carers carry out the tasks on the care plan to a satisfactory standard (client) said yes ‘and more’.

19th August 2016

CAH have been visiting (client) for 9 years in October this year. (client) pointed out that in all that time CAH had never missed a visit and never been late! This is really important for (client) as he needs to be up and out of the house by a certain time in order to get to his office for meetings.

23rd August 2016

Client: At the review (client) said she was very satisfied with the care she is receiving and likes all the carers

24th August 2016

Client: When Jo visited (client) today she said “I know I don’t often say it, but I think the carers are amazing.”

26th August 2016

Client: came out of hospital during the day. Ellen went to write up the Medical Administration Record sheets. The hospital had not prepared the nomad trays in time for discharge. (client) had been sent home with 27 tablets and it took Ellen 2 hours to write up 19 MAR sheets. (client) told Ellen how grateful she was and so thankful that CAH decided to continue to visit her again so she could come home. (client) was very happy to be home and very complimentary about the carers who visit her.

19th September 2016

Client: Lilly introduced JS today. (client) said to Lilly she was feeling a lot better and did not know how much longer she would need the visits for but it had been very helpful and the carer who had been in so far CD was very nice.

28th September 2016

Client: said she how good all the girls were

28th September 2016

Client and wife: When MC did the review with Mr and Mrs (client) they said that ‘the carers are lovely and the office staff and on-call are very good at answering queries and the carers are very good at carrying out the daily tasks’. They added that the carers are very good with their time keeping and if they are late the office always rings. Overall they are very happy with the service.

30th September 2016

Client: rang to say that it is 5 years on the 5th of this month when we started caring for him. He said thank you for doing such a wonderful job, he is very grateful for all the carers he has been sent and the care they do. He was very appreciative and said he knows it is not always easy and Lilly has a very difficult job.

4th October 2016

Client: rang Michelle to say she had MH visit her for the first time yesterday. (client) said she had never met MH before and how lovely she was. MH was very good and said she was very pleased.

17th October 2016

Client: said to Ellen “I am very happy with DA we are very compatible”.

4th November 2016

Client: said to Ellen “I don’t know what I would do without you, I want you to always take care of me”.

7th November 2016

Client & Daughter: said how happy they are with the carers and  the care provided, they especially like KW coming.

14th November 2016

Client & Daughter:  said that he is very happy with the care he receives. Daughter said she is also very happy with all the carers and was especially complimentary about DA and KB

25th November 2016

Client: said to MC “I love being with you, we have so much fun”.  MC often accompanies him to his hospital appointments and so spends several hours at a time with him.

25th November 2016

Client: at the review LP aid she was very happy with all Carers at Home

30th November 2016

Client: said to Michaela today that she was very worried before Carers at Home started visiting her but now she thinks it is the best thing that she has done, deciding to have the carers come in. The have become her friends and she loves them all.

2nd December 2016

Client: At the 3 monthly review the client and her family said how happy they were with Carers at Home and they are very happy with the carers. The client added, “Carers at Home are a lot better than the other company I had.”

2nd December 2016

Client: rang today to say if possible please could she have KB (Carer) as she feels they have built up a good trust with each other.

7th December 2016


Surrey Care Association Awards

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'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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