1. Overall – are you happy with the service we provide? 100%
2. Do we help you to maintain your independence? 100%
3. Does our service help you to stay safe? 100%
4. Does our service help you to be part of a community and avoid social isolation? 98%
5. Overall – do Care Workers arrive on time? 97%
6. Do Care Workers stay the allocated time in your care plan? 100%
7. Do you have regular Care Workers? 97%
8. Do the Care Workers carry out the tasks on your care plan? 99%
9. Do the Care Workers treat you with respect and dignity? 100%
10. Do the Care Workers respect your privacy? 100%
11. Do we support you to eat and drink well? 100%
12. Are the on-call staff helpful in answering your queries? 97%

Comments made

LB: I like MH my carer, best one – hate it when she is off.

VE: All the carers are excellent.  At the age of 98 I could not manage without them.  I look forward to every visit.

JP: Happy with all the carers that visit.  Always happy.  Would like to see certain carers more e.g. RH.

HK wife of FK: The carers have made such a difference to my life with their morning visits in as much as FK is now up at a reasonable time not 2pm or 3pm!  They are always so cheerful and helpful to me as well as FK.

JB: CS is very helpful, an excellent worker.

SPJ: Always grateful, thank you.

DH: I would appreciate it if I could receive my roster on friday/saturday for the next week, not monday/tuesday.  On the whole Lilly and the team of carers do a good job.  (comment – we finish and post the rosters to clients on thursday/friday and are reliant on the post).

FL: All carers and office staff give excellent service.

DG: The carers who come and care for us are cheerful.  We have lots of laughs with them and they have brought a lot of fun into our home.

SG:  The girls are not just my carers they are my very best friends and good mates.  Try them and you will know what I mean.

ML: Very supportive care workers, wonderful team of people.  LK has been very supportive of my mum and me over the last two years.  I am grateful for the kindness and caring she has given.

BR: I am happy with all the carers and the service they provide.

JW: They (carers) are all friendly and chat and laugh with mum and myself.  I really appreciate all your help and time of managers and carers.  Talking to the dietician today she said: ‘I have heard Carers at Home have a good name”.

AC: DA is an excellent example of the high standards of care provided by Carers at Home.

ED: It might be helpful if the roster for the following week could be a couple of days earlier.

HM: HB, DJ, SH are excellent carers.

JR: I would like to say how all the carers are caring.  I have good carers and what a wonderful company to have.  Thank you all for what you do.

GC: We are lucky enough to have MH for two hours four times a week.  I cannot praise her too highly.

VG: I don’t get out in the community as often as I would like because of the restrictions of my wheelchair and suitability of buildings.  I find some carers are better cooks than others and therefore more imaginative wit their menus.  I like all the staff who come and support me.

AF: I am very grateful for all the help I get from the carers by putting on the ointment, it’s such a relief from the pain.  I cannot reach the spots.  Thank you very much for all the help you give me.  Thank you again for being so caring.

SM:  (Having ticked everything fully satisfied) – what more can I say.

PG: Without help from certain carers who know who I mean, I would be vulnerable in all aspects of my life.

MW: My main carer is DH. She is so kind and so helpful and I would love that she be allocated to looking after me for the weeks that are allocated to me.

JB: I am very pleased with all carers.

JP: All the carers are very nice and we like them very much.





Surrey Care Association Awards

We are very proud to have received the following awards:

'2013 Care Provider of the Year' - Everyone
'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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