Daughter: called Lilly to say ‘thank you for everything you did for my mother today and thank you for being so accommodating.


Daughter: rang to say her mother is really not very well. She said it is working out really well and her mother really likes all the girls, and thank you for being so flexible.


Daughter: rang to discuss possible nursing homes for her father and said “all your carers have been absolutely brilliant.”


Wife: Lilly and our carer visited the client to give him a bed bath before he was admitted into a nursing home. His wife and daughter were very appreciative of the help and care given by the Carers at Home staff. The following day, 23rd, the wife rang to say how her husband had settled into the nursing home. She said he always seemed less anxious and more relaxed when the Carers at Home carers and the district nurses were with him, and caring for him. She and her daughter said they had been very impressed with his carer because she was enthusiastic, willing to learn and did not mind what she did to help. She said they were happy with the nursing home but it “did not have a Lilly” and asked if they could contact me at anytime for advice.


Husband: rang to discuss extra visits in the evening for help whilst his wife is away. He said that his carer was really fantastic this morning. She worked so hard and was so good. He also said that he is very happy with the service since Carers at Home have started, the visits are always on time and the time is just right for him to get to the office on time. He added that all the carer’s are very good and helpful. He said that this was also due the good training they have been given.


Husband: stated that they really liked his wife’s carer, she was particularly capable when his wife was unwell recently. She had shown a caring, sensible attitude. She had stayed extra time to sort out problems with the stoma and contacted the on-call person to arrange visits from the district nurse and Thames doc.


Husband: All the carers are very good but R really knows what she is talking about and we feel she is particularly competent in caring.


Son: At a meeting with the Social Services Care Manager and the client’s son, the son said how grateful he was to Carers at Home for all the help they were giving his parents. He said he really appreciated all the advice and input from Lilly and the carers and said he found it really useful to have guidance on suitable food to purchase etc.


Niece: called to cancel two visits because she was taking Auntie out. She said “thank you for keeping an eye on Auntie and thank you for changing the visits, it is working out very well”.


Step daughter: “I’ve heard all good reports about you”.


Son in law: “My mother in law is looking so much better, keep up the good work”. The carer said “the client is looking so much happier and is always pleased to see us”.


Daughter: “the carer is really lovely and my mother really likes her”.


Cousin, by email: “We are absolutely delighted with the main carer. She has been very polite, professional, discussed issues constructively and in my opinion must be one of your best workers. We certainly appreciate all she does and would hope she stays with us for a long time”.


Son in law: “you have been extremely helpful, thank you”, when making recommendations for safe storage of medication.


Daughter: telephoned to say that the situation has changed regarding her mother and they were now looking for a live in carer. She said she was calling to say “thank you for all the help you have given us, and sorry you put in so much time organising the care when it has come to nothing”. She said that she would certainly recommend us to all the many elderly people she knows in he area.


Cousin: called to say the client would be staying in permanent residential accommodation. He said “thank you for everything and looking after my aunt so well”.


Daughter: When asked if she thought everything was going alright with her mother’s care since Carers at Home had taken over, she replied “Brilliant, we are very happy”.


Husband: “All the carers are good but our main carer is exceptional, she really know her stuff”.


Husband: When phoning to discuss his wife’s medication, he said “It is excellent news that you are able to get my mother to have a shower”.


Daughter: “Very pleased with the care since CAH had started visiting her mother”.


Daughter and son-in-law: rang to say how happy they are with the care and how much happier their mum has been over the last couple of months (since Carers at Home have been caring for her).


Husband: “I have read my wife’s care plan and think it is an excellent document”.


Sister: My sister needs a visit each evening because she is falling asleep and not always taking her medication. my sister is ‘more than happy with the care and she really likes all her carers. She is very pleased’.


Friend: When assessing client she said she had spoken to the Care Manager and ‘you come very highly recommended’.


Daughter: ‘it is all going very well. I’ve told the care Manager, how well it is going’.


Daughter: Whilst working with a new carer this evening she said how pleased she was now with how the care was going.


Mother: When visiting son, his mother said what good reports and recommendations she had got from another client about Carers at Home and how pleased she and her son are that she has found us. Mother and son both said what a nice boy P is and Andrew said what good chats they have. Mother also complimented the company on how we work with new carers and do not send them into clients without giving them all the information required. She said other agencies in the past have sent in carers ‘cold’ without any briefing or familiarising with her son.


Daughter-in-law: said today, when discussing Mum’s medication with Lilly, how much happier Mum has been since Carers at Home carers have been visiting. We decided that is was partly due to Mum eating properly and taking her medication. Mum is also very happy with all her carers and the care she is receiving. This lady is a different person to when we first visited when she was guarded and very resistant to care.


Daughter: said “ES, JT and yourself are so giving and will do anything.”


Relative: stated “He looks so much better since your carers have bee coming in, he’s back to his old self – giving out his orders!”


Wife: said to Lilly “MA (Carer) is lovely, all the carers are good.”


Daughter: said “All the girls are very good that come and visit my mother and all very nice”.


Friend: A friend and neighbour of client was present when we were visiting client. She said to Lilly, “I think the care and service you provide is brilliant. I am very impressed”.  The client said “All your carers are very good but ES is my favourite, she sees things that need doing without being told. I don’t need to tell her anything, she just gets on with it”.


Daughter: rang today to say that her Mum was going into a residential home tomorrow for a trial 2 week period. She said “thank you for persevering with her, I know it hasn’t been easy, but it was reassuring to know that someone is going in each day”.


Wife: said “LP is so good. She is so lovely with him (referring to her husband). She is very nice”.


Daughter: said “she has lovely girls” that visit her and she is very happy with them. They are very helpful to her and she enjoys the chats with them.


Father: said “All your carers are lovely. LE is very caring and kind”.


Husband: said “JC, JT and LE are all really good with my wife. LE, although only going a few times remembered everything”.


Daughter: Was not happy that JS was not rostered next week.  We explained that sometimes when staff are on holiday, carers have to cover  other clients.

Mother: said  “Many thanks for all your help and our lovely ladies”.


Wife: said to Lilly when she visited “I’ve been reading the care plan and I’m really impressed with it and all the information you have in it. It is really good”.


Wife: rang the Social Services Care Manager and said “Carers at Home are very organised and very caring”.


Daughter: rang enquiring about care for her mother. The daughter of another client had recommended us.


Wife: said “My husband really likes all the carers, “they are all lovely and very helpful”. You have a really good bunch of people”.


Wife: is very happy with the service provided for her husband, she said “all the carers are lovely”.


Daughter: Whilst we were assessing her mother she stated that out of all the agencies she contacted only 2 responded and only Carers at Home sent out the information promptly.  She commented on the comprehensive assessment and said how impressed she was, she was especially impressed with the two occasions she had to telephone. She said the person at the end of the phone (Clare) was helpful and a pleasure to talk to.


Wife: said to Lilly “You really have some very nice carers, my husband and I like them all”. “THG is especially good, my husband really likes her, you would not think she had been only doing the job a short time”.


Wife: said she is very happy with all the carers, “I can hear them all chatting to my husband and they are all very nice”.


Wife: When attending her husband’s review, she said to the Social Services Care Manager (in the presence of Lilly and Denise), “excellent time keeping from the carers, if they are going to be late I will always get a phone call and all the carers are wonderful and my husband likes them all”.  

Daughter: rang to say she was taking her Mum away for a few days. Lilly mentioned to her that her Mum often complained to the carers about the time of the visit. The other evening the carer was late by 20 minutes because her previous client was unwell and then she was then held up in traffic. The carer was very apologetic but still her Mum complained. Lilly explained that we always inform clients if we are going to be late but as her Mum does not answer the phone this is not possible.

The daughter said that her Mum was very pleased with the care and was always praising the carers to her. She added that the carers should not listen to her Mum when she complains about the time because she is very happy with the service.


Daughter: said “her mother is absolutely thrilled with the service and she feels her mother has come on leaps and bounds”. One of the carers even read her a poem which she thought was a lovely touch.   

Daughter: Client came out of hospital yesterday, when Lilly went to reassess, the daughter said of the carers “All your carers are absolutely brilliant”.


Daughter: told the GP “I want my mother to stay at home, the care agency we have coming are absolutely brilliant”.


Wife: said to Lilly “All your carers are very good. I think our favourite though is THG, she is so efficient and we like her very much. JC is very good too – very professional”.


Mother: When visiting a client today the Mum said, “I was singing your praises at the last review”. “I said to the Social Services Care Manager, you are the best agency they have ever had. They are all lovely, they always turn up on time – I don’t know how they do it. If I was ever ill I know I could just ring Lilly up and they would cover the lunch or whenever”.


Daughter: said “Thank you for being so professional, I could not do without your support”.


Daughter: said “Because you are so professional I know all your carers will follow your example”.


Daughter: On arriving at the client, the daughter opened the door and said “You have a great agency and all your girls are lovely”. She added Denise is very professional and an asset to your company”.


Daughter: said “All your carers are lovely with her” (referring to her mother).


Daughter: said to Lilly, “All your carers are a credit to you, they are all very good with Mum and Dad”.


Son: Lilly rang to inform the client’s son that his Mum had been transferred to hospital following a fall. He said “All your carers are great with Mum”.


Friend: said to Lilly that “the client is very happy with the care provided by you and your carers, especially ES who is her favourite”.


Daughter: Lilly rang to discuss the review this afternoon. The daughter said “We are more than happy with the care and carers, and I have told Social Services so”. “THG is particularly good and gets my parents to do things which others can’t.

Wife: said “all your carers are marvelous, I couldn’t manage without you”.


Mother: said about the carers “they are all lovely, your agency is lovely”.


Husband: said “It’s going very well (referring to the care)”. The girls are great. “EC is very good and DA is good fun, they are all different which is good”.

Wife: said the care is going very well. She said that it was difficult sometimes for the carers to get to her husband on time because of the traffic and unforeseeable accidents. She said this was especially frustrating when all the carers worked to high standards.


Daughter: said to Lilly, “all your carers are really good, THG is especially good with my Mother and Father”.


Daughter: said “All your girls are very professional, we have no complaints about any of them”.


Daughter: said to Clare, when she rang “you are all so supportive”.


Daughter: said to Clare, “TR is blossoming before our eyes, she is very mature for her age and very good with my parents”.


Husband: Denise rang to say that Carers at Home could restart visits. “He said that is the best news, I think you are all wonderful”.


Son: said to Denise “JS and CH, the work they do is invaluable and they clearly lift my mother’s spirits each time they visit. I think they are wonderful”.


Husband: When visiting today, said about Denise “this girl is superb and is looking after my wife really well”.


Husband: said ‘thank you for all your support and professionalism looking after my wife, I couldn’t do without you all”.


Wife: said to Denise “CH and JS are a great team”.


Daughter: said about the carers: “TR has a feather like touch, she is really gentle”, “THG has a real knack with my parents. She is so good and really knows what she is doing”.  “CM is very good, she gets on with the job”.  “LE is lovely with my parents”.


Husband: said “When you see Denise thank her for all the excellent care given to my wife and for employing very kind people. My wife has come on leaps and bounds”.


Son: said “You provide an excellent service and it is working out very well”.


Husband: said “The carers that come to my wife are marvellous, they are all very good”.


Friend: rang looking for care for a gentleman in Wonersh. She said that she wanted Carers at Home rather than another agency because she thought we were the best and come recommended.


Daughter: said to thank you so much for everything you did in the snow, I appreciate it.


Daughter: rang make sure we had received the message she left on the office phone to thank everybody for their support in the inclement weather. A special thank you to MM, Louise and Lilly for all they did. She also rang to say a big thank you to Richard for clearing her driveway.


Daughter: rang to discuss her mother’s care and said “My mother loves the carers they are sweeties. I think it is working very well, they are all brilliant”.


Daughter: Whilst discussing increasing the current care package she said to Lilly “all your girls are so kind and caring with my Mum, especially the new carer EG who has a lovely way with her”.


Niece: said to Lilly “The carer’s are all being so lovely with her. They are all so patient with her.


Daughter: said to Lilly “So far so good, I have had all positive feed back from my mother so far”. “I also had good feedback from Wonersh Surgery The district nurse said the carers at Carers at Home are brilliant”.


Daughter: said to Lilly when she visited, “I know I will be leaving my mother will be in good hands when I go away”.


Mother: rang Lilly to say “EG visited her daughter today and she is a very nice lady. She had a lot in common with her daughter and when possible please can EG visit regularly. Thank you”.


Daughter: “You provide an excellent service, all the carers are brilliant with Mum and Dad”.


Son in Law: rang Lilly to see how the care was going while his wife was away. We both agreed that Mum appears well and thought everything was going ok. He said “The carers are all excellent, and I think everything is going well”.


Daughter: said to Richard how pleased she was with the service and Carers at Home.


Daughter: said that MC was a wonderful carer. THG had trained her well in caring for her parents.


Son: said “I have been staying with my mother for a few days and I must say, all the carers are really excellent”.


Son: said to Denise, “I mean it from the bottom of my heart, you are all so fantastic”.


Wife: After trying to arrange for her husband to go into hospital, she said to THG “Thank you very much for all your help and reassurance, I am very grateful for everything”.


Husband: When visiting said to Denise “I couldn’t do without you, the service is fantastic”.



Friend: we received a phone call from a client’s friend, “I don’t know what I would do without you, my friend’s flat is looking spotlessly clean, it is wonderful”.


Daughter: “The carers are absolutely brilliant with my Mother”;


Wife: At the review, said the care package was going very well, LD is particularly good, she is a ‘life saver’. If my husband is happy, I’m happy”.


Son: “The service is all very good, I’m very pleased, I appreciate the support, it has made such a difference”.


Daughter: Mum is ecstatic about the care. They are all very happy with the carers and very complimentary.


Family: ES attended client’s review with son and they said to ES “we are both happy with Carers at Home”.


Daughter: “Mum has been very resistant to care, this is the second attempt at visiting her, the first time lasted only a few weeks because she was so reluctant to accept help. PL and CS are the regular carers. Daughter said to Lilly today “PL is brilliant with Mum, as is CS”


Niece: “Your carers are really good, it is really refreshing and they are all intelligent”

Daughter: “Carers are especially good with Mum”.


Daughter: said to TG “They are all angels”. “I would not have been able to cope if you and the carers had not been there, you were not intrusive and knew when to enter conversation and when not to and you are all very professional and mum loved you all”. All three of client’s children were very grateful to CAH for the care given to their mother.


Daughter: “Mum would not have been able to stay at home without the care from Carers at Home and spend her final days where she wanted”. “She liked all the carers very much, and was always interested in what they had to say”.


Father: said to TG “It was the best weekend ever, very well organised”. I am finding it easier to relax now and let the carers take over the care of my daughter.


Son: rang to say mum was going into a home. He said “thank you very much for all your hard work and sorry it could not be for longer”.


Niece: “Aunty is happy and really enjoys the carers’ visits, so thanks for all your help and support that you are providing”.


Son: said to Clare “client has bonded very well with CS”. “She is a really nice woman, she’s very happy with her and looks forward to the visits”. Son added “this is a big step forward”.


Son:  We are all very happy with the way things are going with your services. Many thanks.


Daughter: E-mail: Please can I add how incredibly supportive you have been and what a relief to my brother and I it has been to have you helping us with mum. It’s like starting a new job but serious emotions are involved and like when you have children, you can not walk away! It’s my responsibility to see my mum right and I can only be grateful I am not alone on this journey. You are all fantastic from reception to point of contact. Thank you all.


Son: rang Lilly to say CS and his mother had bonded really well and the care was going very well.


Son: “Mother is really happy with how things are going, she especially likes CS and AB”


Son and daughter wrote in Christmas card “To all the amazing staff, thank you again for all you did for our Mother”.


Daughter: said she was very impressed with the Company and EL’s professionalism setting the care for her Mother.


Son: “My mother is really, really happy with the service you are providing”.


Son: rang EL and said “he was very pleased with the way the visits were going, the house was spotless. He added that his mother had rung him and he was very pleased to hear the conversation going on with his mother and the carer: the carer was giving his mother a choice of options for lunch and was being so caring”.


Daughter: “Your agency is superior, everyone is so open, I feel I can talk to them about anything. They only need to be told once and everyone is so approachable”.


Daughter: wrote letter saying “I would also like to take this opportunity to praise all the carers who attend to my mother. You have a fantastic bunch of ladies working for you”.


Husband: “EL was a very nice, professional, thorough and lovely girl, and cared a lot for what she does”.


Husband: said “how well the visits were working, that his wife was more accepting and how good all the carers were with her”.


Husband: rang for an emergency call out because his wife had had an accident. CM arranged for ES to go. Husband rang later and said “that ES was an absolute star and thank you for your quick response”.


Son: “All your carers are really brilliant”.


Husband: said at the review that “he was extremely happy with the support from the care workers and couldn’t find any fault in the assistance they were receiving”.


Husband: “We are very happy with the care and all the carers that come here are lovely”.


Son: wrote in a letter “I want to thank all your team; I know that my mother would want to do so too. ES, HR, DS, and all your carers looked after her with great kindness and professionalism, and is much appreciated”


Daughter: “I would like to take this opportunity of saying that I am so thankful for Carers at Home having such wonderful staff. The ladies who come and attend to my Mum are absolutely fantastic”.


Husband: When visiting Client, Lilly asked if they were happy with the service. Husband said “All the carers that come to my wife are very good and very helpful, we have no complaints”.


Relative: Sadly the client had passed away a few days ago. When Relative came in to return the care plan he said “All the carers were excellent in everything they did for Client. JC and ES particularly understood her and were very good with how they spoke and treated her”.


Daughter: Rang Lilly to pass a message to CE thanking her very much for contacting the district nurse. She went on to say “you have (referring to CE) a real star there”.


Son-in-law: by email – “As you may be aware, following our termination of a care contract with another firm, we have interviewed the representatives of several firms providing home care.  All of those whom we saw give first-class presentations of their services but without any doubt the presentation given by Ellie (our Care Manager) was outstanding.  In consequence, we are delighted to invite Carers at Home Ltd to take over home care of client from as soon as can be arranged.”


Daughter: When a prospective client’s daughter rang to enquire about care, she said “You have been recommended by another client who said you need to talk to Carers at Home, I am their biggest fan, all the carers are wonderful and they give an excellent service”.


Niece: Lilly, I do want you to know how we really appreciate the service Carers @ Home gives us. The girls, particularly, PL have pulled Auntie up (physically anyway) after the dreadful spell in RSCH. Her appetite is much improved and still I believe her little “Haven” is right for her.


Family: LB and SB were present when the client passed away today. Her daughter and husband were also there and said “LB and SB have been brilliant, we are so glad they were here, we are very grateful for all the care client received, everyone has been so caring and she was so well looked after.”


Daughter: emailed “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for all the help and care they have given to both my mother and father over the last few months. We have been impressed by your professionalism and care and attention to detail and lovely warm approach to what can sometimes be a difficult situation for the elderly to accept when they realise that they can no longer cope”.


Daughter:At the review in July,  said she is happy with all the carers,  she can’t fault any of them”.


Daughter: rang to arrange care for her Mother after seeing CAH on the web site. She said how impressed with the site she was and stated “I have to commend you on your web site, you use such lovely words”.  She said that was what drew her to us.


Husband of Client: wrote to say that his wife was in a hospice but will be in touch if she comes home. He wrote “Thank you for all things – the folk were super and a joy to have in our home”.


Relatives: In an update letter to Ellie on client’s progress, they wrote “We would like to thank you and your colleagues most sincerely for an outstanding service. Client really appreciated each carer’s efforts to make him comfortable and of course we would recommend Carers at Home without hesitation”.


Daughter: In a telephone conversation with Eileen, she said “CE is brilliant with my Mum, she is really, really good”.


Husband of Client: Lilly asked  how he thought the care was going he said “very well, all the carer’s look after client very well”.


Daughter: Lilly rang daughter to see if the visits were to continue. Daughter said “it is all going very well, it is more positive than I thought, my parents particularly like the senior carer, I think she is a supervisor, that goes to them (ES)”. She said “it is brilliant and I appreciate the fact that someone is going in every day”.


Brother: wrote to say that client will be a permanent resident in a residential home and said “Thank you so much for all the caring”.


Daughter: wrote to Lilly and all the staff at Carers at Home, with many thanks for all your care, patience and understanding.


Daughter: said of the Carers “they are a nice crowd of girls, they really are, I met KM and she was lovely.”


Daughter: rang to say her Mother had just passed away. She said “thank you to all the carers who looked after her, they have all been utterly brilliant”. “RH & DM were with use when she died and they, especially RH, were wonderful, thank you”.


Son: rang to make enquiries about care for his Mother. He said that CAH had come highly recommended by a friend.


Son in Law: rang to ask if we could provide care for a friend in Esher. He said “all your girls were excellent; if you ever want any references I will gladly supply them”.


Daughter: rang Lilly to ask for care for her Father at the end of January. She said thank you very much for the visits you put in place last time when my Father needed additional help. She said “thank you very much, you were all marvellous”.


Daughter: “You have all been grand and all the team have been brilliant”.


Daughter:  “I am very happy with the care, I would never hesitate to recommend you”.


Daughter: rang to increase the care and said of PS “She’s wonderful, excellent, she’s really good with my Mother”.


Husband: Lilly rang husband to find out how his wife was (she was taken into hospital at midnight last night after being very incontinent of faeces). AB went to the house in the morning and helped to clear up. Husband said “AB was absolutely marvellous and done a great job”. He said how grateful he was for her help.


Daughter:  Mum is going into respite and it is doubtful she will return home. She said “You are all absolutely first class, tip top. The girls are a credit to you, all such lovely girls, thank you so much”.


Son: Mother came back out of hospital.  He said to Clare “a big thank you so much to everybody, they are absolutely fabulous.”


Daughter: rang to say mum was in the Surrey Hills and likely to stay permanently. She rang also to say thank you to everyone and she will be writing a letter of thanks to all the carers involved in her Mothers care once she returns from her holiday. She said “the service you provide is second to none, everyone looked after my Mother so well and I am so grateful.”


Daughter: wrote on the Client survey satisfaction “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CAH for high level of care and compassion given to my Mother. All her regular care workers built up lovely rapport with Mum and she always looked forward to and enjoyed their visits. Without their dedicated help, patience, support and kindness Mum wouldn’t have been able to stay in her own home for as long as she did. Whenever I went away I always knew she was in ‘safe hands’ and this was extremely reassuring. Even in the worst weather conditions her carer wokers always managed to make their visits and their conscientious approach to their work is to be commended. I will always be extremely grateful to them. They do a difficult and often much undervalued and often criticised job and they deserve to be congratulated.  I would also like to thank Lilly for her unending patience, understanding and kindness. To have such an empathetic listener at the end of the phone has been a huge help in difficult times.”


Daughter:  rang to say that she had spoken to Social Services regarding a meeting to decide on a home for her mum. Dad had been feeling very ‘low in mood’ and several times had become tearful with the care workers when they had visited. Each time I went to see dad and offered him support and the opportunity to talk.  She said “you have been brilliant, it is very reassuring to know there is someone there for dad when I live so far away, thank you.”


Niece: returned the Client satisfaction survey and made the comment “our main carer is PL. Her professional, caring, and intuitive approach with my Aunt has been outstanding. Clone her! A thank you to all you staff for this past year”.


Daughter: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “We are very happy with all care Mum gets from your care workers.”


Son: rang to say that there is a massive difference between Carers at Home and the previous agency. He said the care workers are professional, calm and kind and the care is going very well.


Husband: When reviewing wife’s care, said “All the care workers are very good, we’ve never had any complaints against any of them”.


Husband: Lilly visited client to discuss an increase in time and husband said “all the care workers are excellent.”


Wife of Potential Client: When assessing a new client today wife said that Carers at Home had been recommended by a carer from the reablement team, she said “Carers at Home are excellent”. A second recommendation came from JS, also from the reablement team, saying “my sister works for Carers at Home, they have a very good reputation.”


Daughter: rang to speak about her dad’s care and said “we are very, very impressed with the care provided so far.”


Son:  rang and said “Firstly may I say a big thank you to all your boys and girls who visit dad, he is now accepting of the care and seems so much happier.” “He likes all the care workers coming in and particularly likes AB, he is being much nicer to me too!”


Son: rang to say his father, had passed away last night. He said thank you, they were very grateful for everything Carers at Home and the care workers had done.


Daughter: e-mailed to say “please pass on our thanks to MA who had to deal with a lavatorial incident on Sunday morning. Dad was so grateful, as was I when I heard about it. He dealt with it all so kindly and efficiently.”


Brother: rang to see how the visits were going, He said “They are going very well, I was here when ML & LB visited on Tuesday and they are brilliant.” “Thank you very much.”


Daughter: rang to say thank you very much to JM for calling the District Nurse today. She said “JM is very good, she is lovely”.


Wife: Ellen visited to find that the client had passed away the evening before. His wife said to Ellen “Carers at Home are excellent, you were recommended to me and we have never looked back, we have been very happy with everyone.”  Lilly rang to offer any support and to see how she was. She said “you have all been absolutely wonderful, all the care workers have been marvellous and we were very happy to find you. I will be writing to you to say thank you. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I didn’t know where to start looking when my husband was at Milford Hospital and required care when he came home, a friend highly recommended you.”


Mother: e-mailed Lilly to say “Just a few quick lines to say ‘thank you’ for making sure my daughter had support during our period away – much appreciated. We had a super trip and saw many beautiful and fascinating places and it was good to be able to relax in the knowledge that she was happy when we spoke to her each day on the phone.


Daughter: mum appreciates everything the care workers do, thank you for all your concerns.


Daughter: said “she is very happy with all the wonderful care workers that visit her mum”.


Wife: whilst giving Lilly and update on her husband, who was in hospital, she said “please say thank you to CL when you see him, my husband really likes him and thinks he is wonderful”.


Wife:  said, ”the care is going very well, we especially like PL who gets on with the job and gets on well with my husband.”


Brother: In a phone call: “thank you, the different carers are all very good and very helpful”. It advantageous that there are different carers visiting and the variety is good for my sister. (Sit in)


Daughter: Many thanksLilly, I do appreciate the perseverance shown by the visitor (LB and ES) with Mum and I am aware that it has been difficult.


Daughter:  Thank you so much for everything you did re my mother’s recent visit to hospital.  It made a huge difference hearing from you so quickly and knowing that if the doctors agreed to release her, that a carer would be able to pick her up promptly rather than waiting for the NHS to take her home.  Needless to say, Mum was delighted and couldn’t wait to get home.


Husband: rang to ask for a sit in service. They had just come back from France where the client had carers for 8 weeks. The husband said “the carers at CAH are much calmer and more professional than the ones in France.” He said “the other day Audrey fell and bumped her head, DA visited just after and knew exactly what to do, she checked for double vision and suggested we called the doctor. I have no complaints about the service, we are very happy with it.”


Daughter-in-law: (of a client who had moved to a nursing home) “we are trying to get to the same level of care that you and the girls gave to Mum, which was excellent.”


Daughter: Wrote to give notice that her mother was going into a home. When Lillyrang her she said “thank you very much, you have all been so good and I am very grateful”.


Daughter: called to say her mother no longer wanted evening visits, she said to ES “just to say thank you to all the lovely carers that visit my Mum and it makes me and my sister feel content that someone is going in every day”.


Daughter-in-law: When told that the Surrey Care Association had awarded Lilly ‘Manager of the Year’ award for home care and Ellen got the ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ award last week. Joan said “all the carers that go to Mary’s are excellent and the agency is second to none.”


Daughter-in-law: (When told that we had a very positive inspection last week last week) – said “well done, it is very deserved, all the carers are so good”.


Daughter: “I am very happy with KW who visits my mother regularly”.


Family: client went into hospital and then into a home. The family sent a card saying: To all the caring staff at Carers at Home. Thank you all so much for all the care you have given my mother. She will miss all the carers, you are all doing a splendid job. We will not hesitate to recommend you.


Husband:  “MC is particularly good with my wife – a very good carer, it shows how she deals with her that she is a trained nurse.”


Husband: said all the carers were very good, he added that he also enjoyed them coming, he liked to chat to them too.


Husband: said how much he appreciates the care we give his wife, and that he feels safe leaving her during sit-ins.


Husband: said he would find it very hard to manage without the carers and finds it very helpful when they come. “My wife likes the carers too”, he added.


Son: wrote and said, “Thank you for your company’s attention to my Mother at a difficult time for her.”


Son: (whose mother had moved to a care home) sent an e-mail saying “This is just to say that mother is now adjusting to life in L**. The fact that she has people around her, a large pleasant room with French windows that open onto a garden, has her meals cooked, laundry done etc and no longer has to worry about the concerns of looking after a house means that the quality of her life has improved. She can also smoke in her own room – almost unheard of in care homes! That said, she does miss you all! I cannot thank you all enough for what you did for her over the years. You were her lifeline and gave her the contact and support so necessary. You all went that extra mile with patience (much needed at times I am sure!) and humour. I cannot commend you all enough. We are deeply grateful for the hard work you have done.”

and from his mum: thanks for all the care and attention I received when I was in Guildford. Your help was immeasurable and very much appreciated. I am very sorry I did not see you or speak to you before leaving. My son brought me up here a day earlier than anticipated. All the carers were extremely good and helpful and I still miss them all. I have the happiest memories of all the carers. Should you ever come to York, please do visit me here. Warmest regards to everyone in the office and a big thank you to TP.

12/03/2013 & 14/03/13

Daughter: “my Mother really looks forward to DM coming, she loves her and gets very excited when she knows she is coming on a Friday for the sit in.”


Wife:  said of LB (her husband’s regular carer) “she is a very sweet person, very nice. Lovely and very helpful.”


Daughter: (who is in hospital) said “Mum is missing all her carers. She is not getting the attention in hospital that the carers give her.”


Daughter-in-law: When reviewing the care plan said she is with the care provided by Carers at Home.


Daughter: (ex client) Once again I would like to thank you and your team of carers in Godalming who looked after Mum so well and enabled her to stay in her own home for as long as possible.   You do an amazing job!


Wife: sent a card, following the death of her husband. She wrote “I wish you to know how much we appreciated the wonderful care that you gave to my husband during his illness. Myself and his family say a tremendous thank you. Everyone of you were a terrific support to us all. I think he had a soft spot for PL – she made him smile. It was nice also to meet you male carer John. It was all truly invaluable. Kindest regards.


Friend: rang to say Client is going from hospital into a nursing home in Frimley. She said she would like to thank you everyone, “you have all been so lovely, and I am very appreciative for all that you did”. She will keep us posted on how Client is doing.


Wife: When Lilly visited Client, his wife said “all the care workers are really lovely  and everything is going very well”.


Wife: “I have no complaints whatsoever with CAH and would not think of going anywhere else”. She said “I am very happy with all the carers, PL is the favourite and is absolutely excellent and everything is fine as long as I keep getting regular carers”.


Daughter: At a review Social Services were very impressed with the improvement in Client’s flat and financial affairs. Since CAH have been visiting many improvements have been made to his living conditions and he is very happy with the support he is being giving. He especially likes TH, she has been marvellous and has a real understanding of his requirements. It has made a huge difference to his quality of life having the care workers visit and he looks very happy.


Daughter: “I really am very happy with everything and the care workers that come in”. She added that Client is comfortable with regular care workers and they all have a good understanding of her needs.


Daughter: rang to say that Client had said he was often lonely living on his own and would like to look at a possible residential home. Lilly discussed different options with her. Daughter said “Thank you very much, you have been very helpful, you have always been great and very helpful when I have rung before with any queries.” She added “My Dad really likes everyone that comes to him, they are all very good and helpful.”


Daughter: rang to ask for additional visits when she was away on holiday. Julie said “We are very happy with all the care workers and care provided for Mum. She is very happy too, and likes all the care workers.”


Daughter: rang to say Client was still in hospital and she didn’t know who had done the cleaning but that it looking very nice in her Mother’s house.


Son: rang and said “please thank the care workers for everything they do for Mum, she loves them all. They are all very good to her”.


Daughter:  wrote “I want to say thank you to you personally for all your support in the care of my father. You always responded with empathy and constructive action to my concerns.” “My husband and I have appreciated the care which Client has received.”

August 2013

Daughter:  spoke to Lilly and said “I have no complaints, I am very happy with the care workers that come to my Mother”.


Wife:  rang to ask about recommended places for respite and said “all the care workers are lovely; I don’t know what I’d do without them”.


Relation: said “we love the fact that Client only has 2 care workers and we are very happy for the care we receive”.


Daughter-in-law:  rang to say Client will be away for a few days. She said “we are very pleased with the care, it is all going very well.”


Wife: LE visited Client as an extra visit because he was very unwell. The paramedics were called, refused to help and expressed their annoyance in front of the Client, inappropriately.  LE dealt with the very difficult situation and afterwards wife said to her “are you a trained nurse?”. LE replied “no, why?” and wife said “because you are so professional”.


Niece: Client is so happy with her care and whenever I visit and the care workers are there they are always very kind and caring towards Client, so please thank them for their continued care.


Daughter:   rang to ask for regular weekly shower visits and said ”LB is very, very good. She is an excellent ironer and very tidy. My Dad likes her very much.”


Daughter:   came to bring care plan file back (her mother now has a live in carer) and said “thank you very much, your care workers do your company proud, they are a credit to you”.


Wife:  said “all your carers are amazing, LE is really good, but they are all amazing”.


Daughter & Daughter-in-law:  at a review “we are very pleased with the care parents receive, they are very happy with all the care workers; “it’s lovely because I don’t need to tell them what to do, they seem to know what my needs are.” She added “I only had the problem with one care worker, and that was sorted out very quickly.” Daughter said “I’m happy my parents are safe and that CAH are checking on them each day, this lightens my load because I live so far away.” The daughter in law said she agreed with everything that was said and added “I am very happy with the care, my Mother-in-Law has improved so much.”


Daughter:    said “my mother really likes all the care workers that come to her, she is so happy and loves to chat to them”.


Daughter:    Client was unwell this morning and JW contacted the paramedics and she was transferred to hospital. Daughter asked  Ellen to thank JW for her quick action in calling help for her Mother, she was very grateful. Daughter added, it was fortunate JW was there and it did not happen in the night when she was alone.


Wife: When Lilly visited Client for the evening visit, his condition was deteriorating. Wife praised all the care workers that have visited her husband and said how well cared for he was.


Niece: Many thanks to VM who has been trying out the suggested foods I left for Aunt and phoned me, as I requested, to let me know how she managed them – very caring.


Wife: When Lilly rang to see if Client was coming out of hospital, she said “I miss the care workers coming in, I miss their company, you really have very nice care workers.”


Daughter: Client has been unwell recently and the paramedics were called by CAH. Daughter rang to explain what caused Client to become so unwell and said “your people were wonderful last week.” Daughter also said that when she was in tears last week because someone from the hospital had rung her to question her decision to send Client to respite for a week, she was saved by someone from our office confirming we could restart Client’s care immediately. Daughter said “I am very grateful to you all.”


Daughter: E-mail:  We are very grateful to you and all your staff for their care and patience in what can be very challenging circumstances.


Daughter: rang to say she would like her father to have morning visits with CAH, as well as the evening, she is not happy with the existing agency. She said to MC “we are very happy with your company”.


Husband: My wife and I love our girls (carer workers) that come to us, I’m told your agency has very good reputation, we are very happy with everyone.”


Daughter: I just wanted to send a separate email to say a massive thank you for all your help with mum. Mum really loved you two, you were the ones she remembers, and clearly thinks very fondly of. Personally without your help I do not know how I would have coped. I know we are not completely there yet, but I felt I needed to let you know I really appreciate your support.


Daughter: My social worker visited yesterday and I have informed her how pleased I am with your agency. Thank you so much – I can leave my mother knowing she is in good hands.


Daughter: Thank you so much… for your support, your guidance, your thoughtfulness.  You are just such an amazing team and such a help taking the responsibility with me.  Especially with something as worrying as Mum being taken to hospital.  Speaking to the nurses, I was going to advise meds and details, and you had already done that!  She had everything she needed, knew my contact number, who I was, everything.  They said how good you were.


Daughter: Since starting care for Rose, her daughter Janice said she is so much better and benefitting from 2 visits twice a day. Janice said her mother really liked all the carers that come in and was very happy.


Son: Review completed with client and her son. Son made the following comment: A1 team, above and beyond the call of duty.


Wife: I can’t thank you enough for trying to get the shower through for P. I really am very grateful.


Relatives: At the annual review, said “we are very appreciative of everything that is done for T by the carers”. T agreed and is also very happy. It has been observed by relatives that since having regular visits and his medication regularly, since being with CAH, T no longer falls. Thank you.


Daughter: Her Mum is end of life, Lilly rang to offer support and to see how she felt the care was going and did she feel more support was needed. Sue said “we are very happy with all the carers that come in, they are all lovely with my Mother”.


Daughter: When Ellen visited client today, his daughter was also there and said “I think the carers are great with my Dad”. Ellen said “thank you for the compliment” and she replied “but I mean it”.


Son: said “I am full of admiration for your carers and my Mother is full of praise for you all.”


Daughter in Law: said “we know how fantastic you all are and we are very happy with everything you do for M, we have no complaints at all. You do a very difficult job, I certainly could not do what you do.  Thank you.”


Daughter: wrote to say that her Mum had passed away at her care home. She said “We would like to thank you and all the team at Carers at Home for all the excellent care and support that was given from October 2011 to January this year”.


Daughter: wrote a note to PL (Carer) – “I would like to thank you for looking after Dads interests so well, we do appreciate it”.


Daughter: The care workers are a fantastic team, they are all great. She said ‘I am so  glad that I changed to Carers at Home, I now have a few less grey hairs!’


Wife: said of LB “She was absolutely fabulous with R when she came on Saturday, she was very patient, coaxing him all the way and just so good.”


Daughter: wrote to end the service. Dad now requires morning visits Monday – Friday and Carers at Home do not have sufficient carers to cover. In a telephone conversation She said “thank you very much for all the help you have provided and all the nice people you have sent. I will not hesitate to recommend you.”  In the note she wrote, ‘many thanks for all your help and care of Dad especially to LB and JJ, they are both lovely!”


Husband: said they were very happy with the care and the time of the visits now. He added that all the carers are very good and very kind to his wife but JJ is very good with her because she comes most regularly.


Wife: said to Irene how lovely and kind and compassionate JJ was.  She said “I couldn’t have been more happy with the care that my husband had.”


Niece: sent an email and it she wrote “Aunty was beautifully dressed and coordinated yesterday and the carer kindly returned whilst I was there to even take her to sit with another resident in the sitting room so that they both had company, a really kind thought!”


Wife: Telephone review with wife was completed. She made the following comments  “Fantastic”.


Wife: Lilly received a letter from wife, she wrote: I can’t thank you enough for the care and attention which you and your staff gave to my husband at the end of his life. I very much appreciate how thoroughly and quickly you organised everything when you realised how great and immediate the need was. And you were always so kind and understanding. Thank you. Thank you.  The carer JJ was beyond words fantastic. I could not believe how quickly she gained my husband’s trust, both to deal with his needs physically and also to help him in other ways. She was/is a lovely person to have around in a time of crisis. Please would you pass my thanks on to her.  Thank you again so very, very much.


Daughter: LB explained that Carers at Home could escort her parents to the hospital if necessary. She said “oh it gets better all the time. I am extremely pleased with all the care given to my parents. Everyone is very good and I don’t have any complaints.”


Nephew: When Ellen attended the review today with client, Social Services and nephew, he said the regime of care is doing Aunty good and client said “I love all my carers, they keep me right and they are all very good.”


Son: At the review today, said “all the carers are first class and so patient with Dad, they really are so good with him. There is one carer in particular who always has a smile on her face, but they are all very good, I can’t praise them enough.”  When E from Social Services asked client about the service he said “I get on alright with all the girls, I’m happy.”


Nephew: said that Aunty liked the carers and was surprisingly accepting of the care.


Daughter-in-law: said to Lilly, all your carers are lovely and brilliant with Mum. Thank you for everything you do.


Daughter: rang to say Dad was going into respite. She said the girls have been brilliant, more than first class. She said DA is amazing and JS was so good this morning.


Daughter: A card was received by PW with the following written inside.

Just wanted to say Thank You for all your loving care for Mum over the last year or so, she always loved hearing about your horses and jolly tales. Watching you do all her creams in the evening was a joy, your so caring, she was so enjoying it.


Daughter: A card was received by LK with the following written inside.

Just wanted to thank you for all the care and support you have given Mum and us over the past year or so. You have been an amazing carer but also a high comfort to us, going above the call of duty to help. We cannot thank you and your team enough, we couldn’t have done it without you.


Daughter: A card was received by DP with the following written inside.  We just wanted to say a huge thank tou for all the care and support that you gave to Mum and indeed all of us over the last year or so. You were the first carer that we had met and from day 1 you have excelled not only in a professional capacity but also in being loving and caring and always cheery. You have built a fantastic team of carers around you and deserve to prosper.


Daughter: A card was received by HB with the following written inside.

Just wanted to thank you for your care and support for Mum and us, especially during her last weekend. It was a huge comfort to know that she was cared for so well. Good luck with your new role as a carer, you are a natural.


Husband: rang Ellen to say that Barbara was going to St Helier Hospital and would not be home for a while. He said “please thank all the carers for their hard work and care, you have a very fine team.”


Husband and client: said they are very happy with the service and all the carers that come. “They are all very good and know how I like things done.”


Daughter-in-law: rang to ask if we had capacity to take on Mum’s morning care too, they are not satisfied with the present agency doing the morning visits. She said, ”Your carers go above and beyond, they always stay the time and are in a completely different mind-set to the other agency who are always in a rush.” She added “they are very flexible, Mum is not managing her medication so well now but we don’t feel we can trust the other agency with giving them.”


Daughter: At the review with the client, her daughter and Social Services, she said “I am very happy with the care, the girls are absolutely fabulous, all very patient and always spend extra time with her.” She said “I have no complaints at all with Carers at Home.”


Daughter-in-law: said of the carers “they are brilliant, so reliable and I trust them unlike the others.” We are very happy with the care provided and looking forward to when Carers at Home do all the visits.


Daughter: rang to say Dad is going into the nursing home to be with Mum. She said “I would like to thank all the carers who have looked after my Mum and Dad so very well and have had a lovely rapport with them both.” “Mum and Dad have really enjoyed having the carers there and I’m very grateful for all you have done and all the care provided.” Ruth added that her parents will be happy now they can finally be together.


Daughter: When Lilly rang to book the annual review, she said “I have no problems with any of the carers that come in the evening (and I know Dad will agree), they are all very good.” “MC is especially good, always cheerful. It goes to show you employ the right people and they all have very good training, so different to the other company that come to Dad in the morning, some of them are unemployable.”


Daughter: rang to ask about the dementia group run by Carers at Home on a Monday.  She said “It was really nice to meet you when Mum and I bumped into you at Waitrose the other day, she spoke to you like she does to her friends.” “I was really pleased to see it, thank you for everything your carers are doing, it is so different to the other agency who she would not even let through the door.”


Daughter: at a telephone review we asked if Carers at Home responds to her needs, the reply was “ yes very much so, you are the only care company that call to inform me if the carers are running late.”


Nephew: emailed saying “My aunt does seem to have settled in with the carers and seems to know them now and is happy with them all I’m pleased to say.”


Daughter: Pam rang to say that her Dad had passed away. She said “I would like to give all the carers who attended my Dad a big thank you for the wonderful care that he received.”


Son: emailed saying: I just wanted to pass on my thanks concerning an answerphone message I received at home in the middle of last week from one of your staff. The message alerted me to a water leak in my Mum’s upstairs bathroom, which was in fact dripping through the ceiling into the garage. I’m sorry that I can’t remember who left the message, but it was much appreciated & enabled me to call out a plumber to fix the leak, which if not repaired there & then could have caused a lot of damage. Many thanks again for the message as well as the great job all of your staff do in caring for my mum on a daily basis.


Husband: rang and said of ML “she is lovely and absolutely brilliant with my wife.”


Daughter-in-law & client: At the review with Social services the client said he is very happy with all the carers coming in, he especially likes the more ‘mature’ ladies. D-in-law agreed that the care was going really well and said all he carers are just brilliant. They do not want to make any changes to the existing care package apart from a 2 hour shopping visit each week.


Son: rang to cancel a lunch visit and said ‘ Girls are wonderful’.


Wife: said to Lilly when asked how the care was going “absolutely fine, we really like PL and very happy with Liz B too, in fact we like all the carers that come to us, thanks to you.”


Friend & carer: At the review today with Social Services, said “everyone is very good with but the person who is really lovely with her is Karen W she is very nice. The client also loves MA, he is very good with her too.”


Daughter: Card received by post stating ‘I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both for what you have done for Mum so far. One of the best things is that you are so accessible, and get back quickly if we leave a message.


Daughter & son-in-law: At the review said that all the care and support from the carers that the client receives is amazing and there are no complaints at all. He added that CS in particular is very thoughtful and attentive


Son: “Also, could I just take this time to thank you ALL for everything you did for Mum, you were truly fantastic Carers and we know that, even though she had her moody times, she really did appreciate all you did for her and we certainly did, indeed we couldn’t have managed without your kindness and assistance.”


Wife: said how happy she is with all the carers going in. She said they are all very good with her husband and include him in the conversation and give him the time he needs, especially with his Parkinson’s making him so slow. She said that JJ was particularly good with him.


Friend: When arranging for the friend and her husband to be with the client when British Gas were due to check his boiler, she said ”You are all doing a grand job and can’t do any more for him than you are doing already.”


Daughter: rang to say Dad was going into respite, she said “all the carers do a brilliant job at persevering with my parents. My mother is so more accepting now of the carers going in.”


Son: rang to say Dad would not be coming home. He said “the family said they really appreciate everything and to say thank you to all the lovely carers who took such good care of my Father.”


Brother: rang CB to thank her for going to the funeral and asked her to thank all the other carers that went, he said he is very appreciative all the care given to his sister.


Son in Law: When introducing LB said “we are all (the Client and her family) very happy and think you are all tremendous. We are very pleased with the service and have been recommending you to everyone.


Husband: At the review with client and Care Manager from social services, the family said they are very happy with the care from CAH, He said “they were like family” He would like CAH to take over the late visit too when there is availability. The family said that MC, JJ and TH were particularly good with his wife”


Son: wrote after Dad passed away saying “Thank you so much for all that you did for my Dad. He was always so pleased to be looked after by you. He looked forward to his visits, even though he often did not want to get out of bed. He thought very highly of you all, as I do. With your help he was able to spend most of the final days of his life in his home. This was his wish and I was extremely grateful for all of your help to enable this. Thank you. Thank you to all of you.


Daughter: rang to pass a message on regarding new medication her mother has been started on. She said “Mum likes all the ladies that come to her, they are all really nice and she is very happy.”


Wife: JB and TH were with the client when he passed away. His wife was very impressed at how they coped. She said “the girls came up trumps, they were brilliant and just took over.” JB stayed on after the visit to be with her and she said “thank you for everything, you were great. My husband was very grateful for all the care given by Carers at Home over the time they have been visiting”.


Daughter: rang and said since Carers at Home have been coming in to do her Mother’s care she’s a different person. She is happy and loves all the carer’s especially RH who she is especially fond of, and she loves DH. She’ not keen on the company that comes in the morning, they are not as nice and she would like Carers at Home to take over the morning care when possible.


Niece: Jane rang to say her Aunt had passed away yesterday afternoon at the nursing home. She said thank you for caring for her so well when she was at home, it was the good care from Carers at Home that kept her going so long.”


Wife: came into the office to query the roster for Easter Sunday. She said that her husband likes all the regular carers and prefers not to have new ones coming in because he finds it stressful. She said all the carers that come are all very good with him and he likes them all.


Daughter: said she is very, very grateful for all the support the carers give her they give her mother especially LR and AB who visit regularly and who her mother are very fond of.


Wife: When visiting the house to risk assess the new shower, the client said to Lilly “All the carers are very, very helpful they are all very good, wonderful! JW is fantastic with my husband and whizzes around when she does the cleaning.”


Husband: When visiting the client this morning, the husband said to ES and LR how calm they were and full of joyfulness!


Husband: When visiting today I asked how the care was going and if the hours suited them better. He said was delighted now the times of the visits have been changed from 9.00 to 7.30 in the evenings. It means that he is getting to bed earlier and feels much better for it. He is very pleased with the care that his wife receives.


Son & Daughter: family sent a thank you card saying ‘to all carers, we would like to thank you for all your care and dedication to our Mum over the past 2 years. Your help and support has been very much appreciated to make our Mum, comfortable and warm and your conversations, we know, were appreciated. Thanks again.’


Family: At the annual review the daughters said they are very satisfied with all the care that their Mum receives.


Daughter: thank you so much for everything that you did for Mum when I was away. She absolutely loved the ladies that came, especially DH. I have spoken to AO at the council and she said she would keep the case open in case we need any future help for Mum and I said if we could use your company again we would really like to do that. So what I’ll do is call you again to catch up and see what your input is for that. And just to say thank you so much it was peace of mind knowing your girls, carers were coming in and knowing they were coming in in the morning and the evening was fantastic for me and my brother. Thank you very much.


Wife of Nephew: said that out of all the agencies she had rung CAH were the only one to ring back and the two phone calls she had made to the office the staff were all very helpful.


Daughter: said that KT had been to visit her father yesterday evening and bearing in mind she had only been shadowing once before she was brilliant with Dad. She said KT was very efficient and did everything that was expected of her.


Daughter: Whilst talking to daughter, I asked her if they were happy with the care we provide for her dad, she said yes they, and her father was very happy with care provided by Carers at Home.


Daughter: When she was arranging with Jo to put extra visits in for her mother she said to Jo “the care couldn’t be better.” She also said that they are very grateful for everything and it’s all running perfectly, especially with the 2 carers that are going in (LR and AB).


Friend: I asked her if they were all happy with the care provided by Carers at Home, she said “they are very happy with the care and we have done very well with client – far better than they could have imagined”


District nurse: rang to say how well thought of as an agency we are. She said how impressed she was with JJ (care worker) she had spotted that a client had a suspected TIA and because of JJ had picked up on it so quickly the client had got admitted to hospital. The nurse said this was much appreciated by the family.


Friend of Client: rang to say how happy the client and the family are with the care from Carers at Home. She said “we are so impressed with the way you have got her to accept the care, thank you.”


Wife: said she was very worried before Carers at Home started because of the bad experience with the last agency. She said “I can now feel relaxed with the care workers coming in, they are all very professional.”


Husband: At the annual review said they are very happy with the service and think all the care workers are lovely


Friend of client: said of all the care workers “I can’t fault them, they are all so good to client.”


Son-in-law: phoned to tell us that client had been taken into hospital, but wanted us to know how wonderful MP (care worker) had been the previous evening with client who was in a lot of pain, son-in-law said she was amazing she just did all the right things.


Wife: said all the care workers are so kind, and she feels very lucky having us helping her with her husband and their life feels so much better since we have been visiting.


Wife: Lilly rang to see how client was after his fall. She said he is all fine now. She said “ER-D (care worker) was marvelous when her husband fell, I rang the paramedics and she stayed with him and made sure he was comfortable. She is so nice, so good, all the care workers are lovely, such happy people. I think all the care workers that come to me are so wonderful and I am so lucky.”


Daughters: If our recommendations to others are anything to go by you will be busy! You were there for all 3 of us at the hardest time of all and we will never forget you. You were all so incredibly kind and supportive.


Daughter: My father and the family would like to thank you all for the wonderful way you looked after my mother during her last few weeks. Although it was a relatively short period we couldn’t have asked for better care which was delivered with kindness, compassion and understanding. When I first spoke to you I said I wanted people who would care about my mum as a person and make her as comfortable as possible and that is exactly what you did.


Husband: “All the care workers do a jolly good job”


Daughter: said of MH (care worker) “MH is a fantastic care worker, wonderful with my Mother.”


Daughter: emailed Lilly and wrote ‘Many thanks for all the help and kindness that you and your staff have provided for my mother which is very much appreciated.’


Daughter: said “my Mum and Dad have a lot of confidence in the care workers, they are a great bunch of girls, we are really very happy with everything they do, thank you.”


Wife: rang to say her husband was really not well and they were considering a live in carer. She said of the care workers “we like them all so much and would not want them to stop coming, they are all so good with her husband.”


Friend: When ringing friend with condolences for the passing away of the client, she said “the care worker that came in on Saturday evening and Sunday morning was really lovely, I was really taken with her. She helped the live in carer and then because there wasn’t much to do she sat and talked to her.” The care worker was TH.


Care Worker: ER-D said to Ellen ”I have received a really nice compliment and it makes me feel really good about myself”. The client said to ER-D “you have a very gentle way, I hope you come back again very soon.”


Relative of a prospective client: rang to ask about care for her husband. She said “I have heard a lot of good things about Carers at Home.” She said that a lot of people had been very complimentary about us.


Wife: When Lilly rang to say how sorry she was to hear that her husband had passed away, she said “I will be writing to say how much I appreciate you all, I feel you have all become friends.”


Wife: I want to say a big thank-you to everybody for the huge support you have given to my husband and to myself over these last years. The care workers’ expertise, good humour and tender care have been truly remarkable and I know he would agree with me. As you probably know he died peacefully aged 95.


Daughter: Dad is now in a nursing home as he is unable to manage in his own home. She said “my dad always had such nice things to say about the care worker’s, he was very satisfied with the care he received, as was I and would like to thank them all”


Wife: the client’s was extremely unwell having started a course of medication that disagreed with her. When SH the care worker arrived for her husband’s tea visit she stayed and supported the wife to shower and change. SH then prepared tea for the client which is not part of his usual care plan. His wife commented that she was very grateful for all that was done for both her and her husband.


Daughter in law: came to the office to pay the invoice and said how well the care had gone for her mother in law when they were away on holiday. She said they were very happy and client was really pleased at how it had all gone and they would definitely use Carers at Home again when they went away. She added, it was peace of mind for her and her husband that client was being so well looked after.


Daughter-in-law: Clare called to discuss her mother –in laws care and she made the following comment ‘DL (care worker) is doing a wonderful job of cleaning the home. ‘


Daughter: “I’m so glad you are taking care of my Mum, she absolutely loves you.”


Son-in-law: Your care worker’s do an absolutely wonderful job with Dad. He is so well looked after by all of them, which puts my wife and me at ease, as we are only able to visit him once weekly, due to living so far away


Son: During a difficult time for his parents, the son commented that ‘Carers at Home is fantastic, you have been wonderful, thank you’


Daughter: My sincere thanks to you, and all your girls that looked after Mum, you all do a very hard and underpaid job, my experience of all the social services in Surrey has been fantastic, my life would have been impossible without you all, THANK YOU!!!


Wife: called to say she is so appreciative if all that Deborah did yesterday and both she and her husband are so pleased.


Son: said all the carers are wonderful


Daughter: asked our care worker to pass a message on saying thank you to Carers at Home for looking after her Dad so well.


Wife: complimented “we are a fantastic team and company and we have all been wonderful”.


Daughter: Lilly rang to discuss her Mum’s visits over Christmas. The daughter said “the carers are brilliant, I can’t fault them, we are really happy, and Mum is too. Mum and Dad were very reluctant to have help at the beginning but all the carers are fantastic. Thank you very much for everything you do.”


Son: rang to thank PL for helping his Mum after her fall. He said she is an absolutely brilliant carer and he would not know what to do without her. He added, “my Mother likes her a lot and has a very high opinion of her.”


Daughter: ‘ I wish you and everyone at Carers at Home a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks you for an excellent service. ‘


Son in law: called to say his mother in law was coming out of hospital today and could the visits restart tomorrow, if they couldn’t the family would manage until Monday. When Ellen said she had put the visits in place from tomorrow he said “all your carers are fantastic, they are all miracle workers, thank you.”


Son: said thank you to the whole team and for all the fantastic care.


Son: told his sister what a nice person Ellen was and how well she handled things with their Mother when introducing a new carer. The client was very resistant to care and reluctant to accept help

7 January 2016

Son: When DM (carer) visited his Mum he was very complimentary about all the carers

7 January 2016

Daughter: ‘The carers are all wonderful – thank you for your help.’

8 January 2016

Daughter prospective client: When arranging to do assessment with daughter, she said that her mother was now going into a residential home. She said “I’m really sorry my mother is now not going to have your agency looking after her. You came highly recommended by someone else who knows someone you care for.”

13 January 2016

Son: rang today to thank Carers at Home for everything they were trying to do for his mother. He understands that she is very reluctant to accept help and from Monday to reduce the amount of visits and the time. He said how al the carers were so good with his mother, he knew how difficult it was.

13 January 2016

Husband: At the annual review said that he likes all the carers that come to his wife, there is not one that he doesn’t get on with and overall he thinks CAH give a very good service and they are happy with it.

25 January 2016

Daughter: To All the Staff. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your help and kindness to my Mum. She was very grateful for the assistance you gave her. She looked forward to seeing you all, enjoyed the chats and became very fond of everyone. Thanks again

26 January 2016

Son-in-law: During a telephone conversation to inform the family that the client had fallen, commented ‘ the care we are giving is excellent’

1st February 2016

Daughter: Dear Lilly and Team. Just a note to say thank you for all you did to make Dad comfortable and able to stay in his own home after losing his sight. It meant a lot to him.

Thank you

2nd February 2016 

Daughter-in-law: Just wanted to say thank you for organising a doctor’s visit and chasing up medication blister packs for the client. It is a relief to know other eyes are keeping a watching brief. I know that they have welcomed and enjoyed the help and company of the other carers and she was looking forward to J’s visit today! I hope you don’t mind me mentioning this.

18th February 2016

Wife: said “We are all happy with the carers; the individuals are very good and happy to take time to see to the client’s needs.”

19th February 2016

Daughter: Whilst RP was On Call she had a conversation with daughter regarding her Mum. She said ‘she is thankful for the great care form the carers and they always go the extra mile.’

19th February 2016

Family: Very happy with Carers at Home, they are so happy with the carers that go in because it takes the pressure off the family

19th February 2016

Daughter:  I feel very relieved at having Carers at Home helping my parents.  I suspect we will need more help over coming weeks.  But I think they both have appreciated the approach that your staffs have made with them.’

22nd February 2016

Daughter-in-law: thanked Lilly for all the help from CAH and said KW is especially good with everything she does for her, she is brilliant.

23rd February 2016

Niece: I would just like to say a big thank you to all who have helped in the care and support for Aunty over the last couple of years. It is now the right time for her to move into a nice residential care home where she will receive round the clock attention and the companionship she needs. The whole of your team have been completely amazing and we have been so impressed by the level of commitment and professionalism shown throughout all her care needs. She has been so happy having been looked after by everyone at Carers At Home. We can’t thank you enough for the help and extremely high levels of care that has been given to Iris and I am sure that she will miss seeing all her carers. Both E and I have been equally impressed with the level of the communication with us with regard to any problems Aunty has had. Again, I have been really impressed with all aspects of your Company and please pass on mine and E’s thanks to all of the team for their wonderful care and attention.

24th February 2016

Sister: On a visit to client to deliver paperwork I asked client how the care was going he said everything was very well. A who was on a social visit said,” I think your girls are absolutely wonderful they care for him so well , I have had dealings with quite a few agencies on my visits and think your girls are the best

26th February 2016

Daughter-in-law: rang to ask for an increase in care. She said you are all stars and it’s making such a difference to us all. Clients are really benefiting from the help to and realise it.

2nd March 2016

Wife: rang with a query about the invoice. She said “all your carers are fantastic, I have great confidence in them, you do a very good job”

4th March 2016

Mother: said she was very grateful and thank you for yesterday it worked really well whilst she was having her operation done. She said that the carers were on time, gave client everything he needed and she arrived home before the visit has ended. She said thank you very much for organising this and making it work so well.

4th March 2016

Daughter: saw a compliment Jane had made on Facebook. “I’m grateful to all the lovely ladies my parents are fortunate to have and all the help we get to look after them”

11th March 2016

Husband: rang the office and said to Irene “KB is fantastic, client had an anti-constipation drug which had an instant affect. KB dealt very well with all the human waste that an ignorant person like me couldn’t deal with.

14th March 2016

Sister: Client was in hospital overnight, B came to see Lilly about it and said “My sister loves all your girls”.

23rd March 2016

Daughter: commented ‘Thank you, the care workers do a sterling job looking after Mum, they are wonderful.’

24th March 2016

Daughter: sent an email to Lilly saying “I have every confidence in the carers who support my mum, they do a fantastic job and I am and will always be eternally grateful for the support you both and your team give to both mum and myself.”

4th April 2016

Wife & client: At the review with Ellen, said we are very happy with everyone, they are all excellent

14th April 2016

Daughter: When MH was visiting client at the weekend daughter said to her that she was really happy with the care and really pleased with MH. The other agency was awful. She said, not turning up or turning up at the wrong times. She added “it is so good that you spend the time with Mum and great that you feed her, I really feel that you know my Mum and I like that, I also like the continuity of carers.”

17th April 2016

Daughter: said that she felt it was important to give positive feed-back on the care her mother was receiving, she said all the carers that go in are amazing. She also said that the district nurses were so pleased with the excellent care Mum was receiving from Carers at Home they did not feel the need to go in so often.

20th April 2016

Next of Kin: ‘Dear Mr Williams

I write to express sincere thanks and appreciation for the services of Carers at Home for (client). I am next of kin and POA for health and welfare. Over a period of almost 18 months he has received constant intelligent care and support as his dementia advanced. The professional daily care received from MH and others on her day off was outstanding. We all worked well as a team and this was due to good communication, an essential element in on-going care. I wish your company well. PS (client) was admitted to a nursing home for long term care.’

26th May 2016

Son: Ellen happened to bump into son and he said “I would just like to say thank you for all the care that you and your carers gave my Mum while she was in Bowring House. We really enjoyed them all coming.”

24th May 2016

Daughter: rang Lucy to say (client) had passed away. She said “the girls were a credit to Carers at Home and showed so much empathy and love towards (client)”.

30th May 2016

Daughter: When Lilly rang to send her condolences and offer support, she said she could not thank everyone at CAH enough for everything they had done for her mum. She added that all the carers were so kind and supportive to (client) and the family. She had nothing but praise for the care provided.

30th May 2016

Next of kin: ‘Dear MH. How are you? Sorry not to be able to get together over coffee with you today.

You have been so good to (client) over the past 18 months, and we all say a big thank you! I have written to Mr Williams (Carers at Home Ltd) singing your praises!

N and I visited (client) his first day, yesterday around 3pm. He was calm and peaceful sitting up in bed and not asking to go home. It’s hard but I know we have taken the right step at the right time. Claremont Court seems friendly and helpful – visiting any time (client) is on the ground floor. Have a good well deserved holiday in June. God Bless

31st May 2016

Client: When Ellen was visiting (client) today, she said of LS “she is an excellent carer, you don’t need to tell her what to do she just does it and she is very thorough. She us just lovely.” (client) said she likes the more mature carers because they are very thorough, like Jo C who had been there earlier in the day.”

1st June 2016

Daughters: Whilst on a conference call with (client)’s daughter’s they said how impressed and grateful they were of Ellen’s input and help. They said “Ellen is really on fire with all her suggestions, thank you so much for all your help with (client).”

6th June 2016

Daughter: called to let me know that her Mum had passed away on Saturday 11th June. She managed to spend a lovely morning with her Mum whilst she was awake on the day before. She commented ‘all the carers were fantastic and her Mum loved them all.’

13th June 2016

Daughter in law: emailed to say “So appreciate you all! What would I do without your back up and expertise? Thanks everyone. Wonderful teamwork.

23rd June 2016

Daughter: said to Ellen “Thank you, I know you girls are doing your very best with (client).” She said how happy she was with the care and the carers.

30th June 2016

Wife: When discussing the care for (client) when he comes out of respite she asked particularly for MC and BS for the double ups, saying how good they were and she was very happy with the care (client) was getting.

9th July 2016

Daughter in law: Lilly rang to say that there were concerns regarding (client), the carers had reported that she was not eating, not going to bed and reluctant to receive personal care. Lilly informed R of the suggestions she had made for the carers to prompt and encourage (client). R said “thank you for being so vigilant with (client) and all you are doing to help her.”

12th July 2016

Daughter: When discussing an increase in care for (client), said “I couldn’t talk more highly of the care, we are delighted with it all.”

13th July 2016

Daughter in law: R said to Lindie how happy she was with the service provided by CAH.

13th July 2016

Wife: said ‘ERD is always on time, she’s very good and I’m very lucky to have you (the company)’.

14th July 2016

Wife: BS rang to say he had to replace the stoma bag when showering (client) and he wanted confirmation that it had been applied correctly. Lindie went to check and Mrs P said “credit to BS for calling the office and it shows what an excellent company you are for following up the call and checking, thank you.”

22nd July 2016

Daughter: Kim said all the carers are absolutely lovely and they are all wonderful with Mum and Dad

27th July 2016

Nephew: said he is really pleased with all the carers, not like the last agency where they said (client) had eaten and he hadn’t. It’s the little things that count, the girls empty the bins regularly and make sure (client) has eaten. Overall they look after him very well.

2nd August 2016

Husband: When Lilly visited (client) today she asked how everything was going with the carers going in. K said it was all going brilliantly. All the carers were really good with (client). K said MC was especially good and that you could tell she had trained as a nurse.

2nd August 2016

Wife: rang this morning. She said ‘PH was perfect, she put everything away, just perfect. She made the bed, folded and placed Fred’s pyjama’s on the bed and had done all of the washing up.’ She then went on to say ‘You are very good and accommodating to (client) and I, I am very lucky to have you all – Thank you’.

5th August 2016

Son: ‘Hi Lilly, Many thanks for your email. I’ll pass on your best wishes to my Mum & let you know how she’s doing in the future. If we could both say a big thank you to all of you at Carers at Home. I know my Mum has been very grateful for everyone’s help & support over the last couple of years and it’s also been a great peace of mind to myself to know she’s been looked after so well. Please pass on our gratitude to all of the carers who looked after her & please could I give a special mention to PL who was my Mum’s most regular carer and went above & beyond with the care, help, support & friendship she gave to my Mum. Best regards to you all,

19th August 2016

Daughter: called, (client) is going into a nursing home. She wanted to thank all the carer’s that have been to her mum” they have all been so good with my mum I know at times it has been difficult but I think she will be happier there but thank-you all for everything you have done.

31st August 2016

Daughter: came to the office regarding the roster. She said “all your carers do a wonderful job”.

5th September 2016

Daughter: rang Lilly to discuss the visits and said she had referred to the Carers at Home care plan for information on how the care was going for her mother. She said “ the file was lovely and efficient.”

5th September 2016

Daughter: Diana emailed Lily to say that the service was no longer required because her mother was getting on so well. She said “We are grateful to your lovely ladies who have seen my mother through this post-operative period and we may well call on you at some future time”

12th October 2016

Daughter: said “Thank you to all the carers looking after (client) his legs are looking brilliant, and he feels so much better in himself, because he now taking his medication correctly, down to us. She is really pleased.

14th September 2016

Sister: When KB went yesterday evening for the visit, She was distressed. The GP and District Nurse had been asked to visit during the day because (client)’s legs were leaking badly. Nobody had arrived when KB visited, the legs were worse and she did not know what to do. KB contacted 111 and they arranged for antibiotics and KB also redressed the legs. She rang to say how grateful she was to KB, she complimented her on how she took control and managed a situation which she found very distressing and did not know what to do or who to contact.

27th September 2016

Daughters: When Leah went to do John’s evening visit he was very breathless and appeared unwell. LS contacted the family and waited until they arrived. The next day they rang Ellen and thanked her for what LS had done and said how well she had managed the situation.

11th October 2016

Daughter: JS spoke to her to let her know there was going to be a change for today’s lunch visit. She said ‘Thank you, its lovely how you let me know’. I then informed her what carer was going and she said ‘Thank you, I like Ellen, she’s lovely’

17th October 2016

Daughter: rang to thank Lilly for everything that had been done for her mother over the weekend and today since her mother had deteriorated. She said during the time OB had been with CAH “all the carers have been wonderful, thank you”

31st October 2016

Grand-daughter:  said to MC on Facebook on the anniversary of her Grandma’s birthday “you know we think you are wonderful.”

6th November 2016

Daughter:  said to Ellen “we can’t thank you enough for the care you are giving my Father, you are all amazing”.

7th November 2016

Wife: commented on how happy she is with her husband’s care and how she likes how the care is carried out.

22nd November 2016

Son:  said we are very happy with the care, it is all going very well and all the carers are very helpful

28th November 2016

Daughter: at the review said to Lindie that she was not satisfied with the previous carers going into her father. She rang CQC who suggested she contacted Social Services. DC did this and they recommended Carers at Home.

28th November 2016

Next of Kin: said, “Carers at Home are 100%, brilliant, can’ t fault them at all”

28th November 2016

Wife: Very happy that Alan’s care package has been changed to carers at Home. Very happy with all the care workers.

1st December 2016

Daughter: commented that her parents are both very happy with the care and the care workers. They bring laughter into their home and could not manage without them.

2nd December 2016

Friend: Debby had called Mel to find out when she would be delivering client’s meals and during the conversation she made the following comment ‘You are not like the other lot, when I visited him last week the flat had actually been cleaned. And the others would neve r have rung me ‘

2nd December 2016

Daughter: At the review the client’s daughter said how lovely all the carers are, she said they are super, the care they give is good and we are very satisfied.

6th December 2016

Daughter: At a MA (Carer) appraisal he said when visiting a client recently his daughter was also there. She said how happy her Father was since CAH had started to come in and what a difference they have seen in him.

7th December 2016

Daughter: wrote “I appreciate the quality of your care and support & the fact that what you do, helps to enable Mum & Dad to stay in their home.”

9th December 2016

Daughter: emailed Irene “We are all looking forward to having your visits again. Your Carers brighten up my parent’s day! “

12th December 2016

Daughter: her mother is in hospital, Y had a meeting today to discuss her and mother’s discharge. Y had asked for CAH to be the agency to provide the care.  Alice said that Carers at Home were one of best but could not provide the care because Y knows us. Lilly has met this lady twice when she went to collect her car from the garage, does not know her personally and does not know her mother and nor do the carers!

12th December 2016

Daughter in law: sent an email on 14th December and made the following comment

‘ Both Gary and I cannot thank you, and the staff that have looked after (client) enough because without all of you, (client would not be where she is now, and I know for a fact that she will miss the girls when she finally moves from the area.’

14th December 2016

Daughter: rang to say her father was settled in a care home in Addlestone. She thanked Carers at Home on behalf of her and her family “thanks for all your care and kindness and friendship for AH during his time in your care.

Best wishes Belinda, Nicky and Maria

22nd December 2016

Daughter: rang to say thank you for caring for her father and putting in the extra visits in, she added “Your carers are amazing, they are so reliable and a joy to have around.”

23 December 2016


Surrey Care Association Awards

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'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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