District Nurse: rang Lilly to make enquiries about the service and arrange an assessment. He said the District Nurse had recommended CAH. “They were emphatic that the Company was very good”.


Son in Law: rang to ask if we could provide care for a friend in Esher. He said “all your girls were excellent; if you ever want any references I will gladly supply them”.


Social Services Care Practitioner:

Client: During the review said to Lilly “They are all marvellous (referring to the carer workers), CE is perfection”.


Client: said that all the carer workers were all lovely that come to her, she can’t fault them at all.


Client: When Lilly introduced client to BC she said “all your Carers are lovely, I like them all”.


Daughter: rang Lilly to ask for care for her Father at the end of January. She said thank you very much for the visits you put in place last time when my Father needed additional help. She said “thank you very much, you were all marvellous”.


Client: said to Lilly  “you run a very efficient organisation”.


Social Services Care Practitioner: rang to say there had been a review at client’s with the family and herself. The client and the family said that they are very happy with the care and only had praise for the carer workers.


Propective Client: during the assessment,  said to Lilly “when I told Carol the district nurse I was coming to CAH she said at least they (Social Service) passed you to the best agency”.


Daughter: “You have all been grand and all the team have been brilliant”.


Physiotherapist: “All the carers are doing a marvellous job”.


Social Services Care Practitioner: “Client is singing your praises, she is very happy with the service and especially gets on with JM”.


Daughter:  “I am very happy with the care, I would never hesitate to recommend you”.


Daughter: rang to increase the care and said of PS “She’s wonderful, excellent, she’s really good with my Mother”.


Client: rang the office (following sleep in duties to her mother) to say “many thanks for everything it certainly gave my mother good reassurance that she was going to be looked after and it also gave me reassurance”.


Client: said to Lilly “All the carer workers are lovely, there isn’t one that hasn’t been good. They are all very good, I speak as I find”.


Client: said “You have a very good team of carer workers, there is not one that isn’t good, you run a very efficient organisation.


Husband: Lilly rang husband to find out how his wife was (she was taken into hospital at midnight last night after being very incontinent of faeces). AB went to the house in the morning and helped to clear up. Husband said “AB was absolutely marvellous and done a great job”. He said how grateful he was for her help.


Client & Husband: When Lilly visited the client today they said “We are very comfortable with everyone coming in and in particular like ML & ES”. They said they are very happy with how the situation is.


Client: When Lilly visited client today she said that she particularly got on well with AC. She said she was more like a friend and always knew exactly what was needed.


Client: said of AB “she did an excellent job, thank her for all her help”.


Client:  said “all the carers are helpful, kind and lovely”.


Daughter:  Mum is going into respite and it is doubtful she will return home. She said “You are all absolutely first class, tip top. The girls are a credit to you, all such lovely girls, thank you so much”.


Son: Mother came back out of hospital.  He said to Clare “a big thank you so much to everybody, they are absolutely fabulous.”


Client: “All the carers are wonderful, they are all lovely and helpful.”


Client: “It is so wonderful to have you all looking after me, I’m so grateful.”


Client: “BB & AB, and all of them have been so good to me”.


Daughter: rang to say mum was in the Surrey Hills and likely to stay permanently. She rang also to say thank you to everyone and she will be writing a letter of thanks to all the carers involved in her Mothers care once she returns from her holiday. She said “the service you provide is second to none, everyone looked after my Mother so well and I am so grateful.”


Client: rang to say that EC had visited her today and she said “She was an absolute delight, a real pleasure.”


Daughter: wrote on the Client survey satisfaction “I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at CAH for high level of care and compassion given to my Mother. All her regular care workers built up lovely rapport with Mum and she always looked forward to and enjoyed their visits. Without their dedicated help, patience, support and kindness Mum wouldn’t have been able to stay in her own home for as long as she did. Whenever I went away I always knew she was in ‘safe hands’ and this was extremely reassuring. Even in the worst weather conditions her carer wokers always managed to make their visits and their conscientious approach to their work is to be commended. I will always be extremely grateful to them. They do a difficult and often much undervalued and often criticised job and they deserve to be congratulated.  I would also like to thank Lilly for her unending patience, understanding and kindness. To have such an empathetic listener at the end of the phone has been a huge help in difficult times.”


Client: has recently come out of hospital and has requested an increase in visits. Whilst on the phone she said “I am very, very happy with all the carers. They are all very good.”


Client: Comment on the Client satisfaction survey “Whilst I don’t enjoy being ill the situation is made more bearable by the pleasant and caring attitude of your staff. It is very difficult I know to sort the timings out to suit everyone and can’t be avoided but it is an important part of the service as far as I’m concerned to have care at the times I most need it.”


Daughter:  rang to say that she had spoken to Social Services regarding a meeting to decide on a home for her mum. Dad had been feeling very ‘low in mood’ and several times had become tearful with the care workers when they had visited. Each time I went to see dad and offered him support and the opportunity to talk.  She said “you have been brilliant, it is very reassuring to know there is someone there for dad when I live so far away, thank you.”


Niece: returned the Client satisfaction survey and made the comment “our main carer is PL. Her professional, caring, and intuitive approach with my Aunt has been outstanding. Clone her! A thank you to all you staff for this past year”.


Daughter: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “We are very happy with all care Mum gets from your care workers.”


Client: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “Dear Sirs, I am very grateful to the care workers for what they are doing for me, nothing is to much trouble for them.”


Client: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “The service is excellent.”


Anonymous: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “All cares are wonderful. They are very caring and are willing to do anything to help. I’m very fond of everyone and very grateful to them.”


Anonymous: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “Your care workers provide an excellent service to me, they are quick to spot anything amiss if I’ve not spotted it myself, and advise me the action I should take. They look after my health and help me stay alive. They are true carers for which I am very grateful. You have a very good organisation.”


Anonymous: Comment on Client satisfaction survey “I was very nervous about having carers but think myself so lucky at being in your care with such nice people. Thank you”


Client: When ringing to ask what care she required for the following week, she said “Thank you so much for all the care you have given me, it has been such a help psychologically as well and a great reassurance to know I’ve been able to rely on you.”


Client: said “I find all the carers very good and on the whole I am satisfied. I really like the men, MA & CL.”


Client & Husband: said that client had a very good relationship with her care workers and that they had laugh when they came. They are very satisfied.


Client: said she was very happy with the service and the carer workers that come to her.


Client: When Lilly visited she said all the carer workers were lovely and she was very well looked after by everyone.


Son: rang to say that there is a massive difference between Carers at Home and the previous agency. He said the care workers are professional, calm and kind and the care is going very well.


Client: said about MM that she is always happy and good tempered. He also said that she was professional, never late and one of his favourites. He also likes CL and his gentle ways.


Husband: When reviewing wife’s care, said “All the care workers are very good, we’ve never had any complaints against any of them”.


Client: When reviewing his care, he said “I am very happy with the service and the care workers that visit.” He said “I do not have any problems, I would tell you if I had. I have some good girls looking after me.”


Husband: Lilly visited client to discuss an increase in time and husband said “all the care workers are excellent.”


Wife of Potential Client: When assessing a new client today wife said that Carers at Home had been recommended by a carer from the reablement team, she said “Carers at Home are excellent”. A second recommendation came from JS, also from the reablement team, saying “my sister works for Carers at Home, they have a very good reputation.”


Client: is moving from the area to live near her family, whilst visiting her she said how much she appreciated the care workers “I’m very fond of all the people that come to me, they are very kind to me, I’m especially fond of JS, they are all lovely.”


Client: Whilst doing a double up with KL today, client said to her, “you are very gentle.” He then added, “ all the care workers are gentle, it must be the training you give them.”


District Nurse:  said “I’m amazed, client’s blood sugars are normal.” She was delighted with Carers at Home, especially as the blood sugars are usually very unstable.


Daughter: rang to speak about her dad’s care and said “we are very, very impressed with the care provided so far.”


Son:  rang and said “Firstly may I say a big thank you to all your boys and girls who visit dad, he is now accepting of the care and seems so much happier.” “He likes all the care workers coming in and particularly likes AB, he is being much nicer to me too!”


District Nurse: rang to say she has visited client today and was very impressed with the care workers and the care she is receiving.


Son: rang to say his father, had passed away last night. He said thank you, they were very grateful for everything Carers at Home and the care workers had done.


Daughter: e-mailed to say “please pass on our thanks to MA who had to deal with a lavatorial incident on Sunday morning. Dad was so grateful, as was I when I heard about it. He dealt with it all so kindly and efficiently.”


Brother: rang to see how the visits were going, He said “They are going very well, I was here when ML & LB visited on Tuesday and they are brilliant.” “Thank you very much.”


Client: said  “I am very happy with everything the care workers do for me, I am independent but enjoy the company when they visit.”


Client: said “I tell everyone how good you are, you have lovely girls, all of them”.


Daughter: rang to say thank you very much to JM for calling the District Nurse today. She said “JM is very good, she is lovely”.


Client: during the review today, she said she is very happy with the care, she likes all the care workers, there are some she likes more than others but likes everyone.


Wife: Ellen visited to find that the client had passed away the evening before. His wife said to Ellen “Carers at Home are excellent, you were recommended to me and we have never looked back, we have been very happy with everyone.”  Lilly rang to offer any support and to see how she was. She said “you have all been absolutely wonderful, all the care workers have been marvellous and we were very happy to find you. I will be writing to you to say thank you. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I didn’t know where to start looking when my husband was at Milford Hospital and required care when he came home, a friend highly recommended you.”


Client: at the review said she was very happy with the care workers’ visits, they are all very nice and friendly.


Client: “Everyone is lovely.”


Mother: e-mailed Lilly to say “Just a few quick lines to say ‘thank you’ for making sure my daughter had support during our period away – much appreciated. We had a super trip and saw many beautiful and fascinating places and it was good to be able to relax in the knowledge that she was happy when we spoke to her each day on the phone.


Client: rang and gave notice because she is getting on so well. She said “please do not take me off your books, all the care workers are so lovely.”


District Nurse:  said she is very happy with Carers at Home, you are very professional and quick to report any health issues that are not right with the clients. She added, we are very grateful for this because it helps identify problems early and if we are informed we can clear up infections etc. quickly.


Daughter: mum appreciates everything the care workers do, thank you for all your concerns.


Daughter: said “she is very happy with all the wonderful care workers that visit her mum”.


Wife: whilst giving Lilly and update on her husband, who was in hospital, she said “please say thank you to CL when you see him, my husband really likes him and thinks he is wonderful”.


Wife:  said, ”the care is going very well, we especially like PL who gets on with the job and gets on well with my husband.”


District Nurse: at a review with Social Services, RJ said “Lilly’s care workers are all brilliant, they are excellent with the client.”


Client: said “all the care workers are very kind, I like everyone that comes to me.”


Live in Carer: said “the care workers that come to the client are all very nice and very helpful.”


Client: said “ES was really lovely and she really enjoyed having her as a care worker”.


Live in Carer: said to Lilly “all the care workers from Carers at Home are very good and all are helpful, she likes them all”.


Client: said “all the care workers I have had so far have been very kind and caring to me”.


Client: said I can’t speak highly enough of all the care workers that visit me, I like them all but there are some I like more than others”. “I really like JT and CS and ES of course, she was one of the first care workers that came to me”.


Brother: In a phone call: “thank you, the different carers are all very good and very helpful”. It advantageous that there are different carers visiting and the variety is good for my sister. (Sit in)


Client: said he was very happy with the carers that came to him.


Client: rang to give notice due to his health improving. He wrote “I would like to congratulate you for running such an efficient service. I have found your carers without exception to be kind and attentive and very interested in their work”. I will indeed be sorry when they no longer come to visit”.


Client: “I am very happy with all the carers that come to me, they are all very good to me”.


Care Worker: After a supervision with ES, The care worker completed a ‘Care Worker Supervision Report’. Under the heading ‘Name three things that you like about working for Carers at Home’, she wrote:

  1. Care work is very rewarding and a worthwhile vocation, I get a great deal of job satisfaction.
  2. Carers at Home are very supportive employers to their staff and clients, there is always someone to hand if problems arise
  3. The service to our clients is at a very high level, our clients are our main concern, and it is very obvious to me as a novice.

 What improvements do you feel we could make for our clients?

I think the service offered by CAH to our clients is already outstanding, and all the clients I have visited are very positive about the level of care provided.


Client: At long last we now have a definite date for our move north. May we take this opportunity to thank all the carers and office staff who have helped us so well over the past years.


Daughter: Many thanksLilly, I do appreciate the perseverance shown by the visitor (LB and ES) with Mum and I am aware that it has been difficult.


Daughter:  Thank you so much for everything you did re my mother’s recent visit to hospital.  It made a huge difference hearing from you so quickly and knowing that if the doctors agreed to release her, that a carer would be able to pick her up promptly rather than waiting for the NHS to take her home.  Needless to say, Mum was delighted and couldn’t wait to get home.


Care Worker: email – I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Carers At Home for giving me the chance to work for such a great organisation. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and gained a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge whist working within a great team.


Client: During the review, said “I like HR very much, she is my rock.”


Client: “I’ve told you before, I have no complaints, if I did I would tell you”. “I like everyone that comes to me”.


Client: When visiting said she liked all the carers very much, they were all brilliant.


Client: “The girls are all very kind, they must think I’m a nuisance but all of them are very patient with me. I seem to get on with all of them”.


Client: “I am so pleased with all the care, I don’t know how I would manage without you.”


Husband: rang to ask for a sit in service. They had just come back from France where the client had carers for 8 weeks. The husband said “the carers at CAH are much calmer and more professional than the ones in France.” He said “the other day Audrey fell and bumped her head, DA visited just after and knew exactly what to do, she checked for double vision and suggested we called the doctor. I have no complaints about the service, we are very happy with it.”


Client: Whilst ES was visiting, she said to the client how well he was looking.  He said “it is down to all the lovely care, everyone is so kind, not only the care I get from ** but all the lovely care I get from you lovely carers.” He added “I’m really sorry CL is leaving, I’m very fond of him and he is a very gentle person.”


District Nurse: said to ES whilst she was visiting a client “we were just talking about Lilly’s girls, they are the best and I recommend them to everyone”. The client said “yes, I agree, they are definitely the best, everyone that has come to me anyway”.


Daughter-in-law: (of a client who had moved to a nursing home) “we are trying to get to the same level of care that you and the girls gave to Mum, which was excellent.”


Client: said “I am more than satisfied with the care, they (the carers) are all marvellous and do everything I ask of them”.


Client: “thank you so much for sending RH yesterday evening, he was marvellous. You can send him anytime in the evening, he was so helpful.”


Daughter: Wrote to give notice that her mother was going into a home. When Lillyrang her she said “thank you very much, you have all been so good and I am very grateful”.


Client:  “I like all the carers, they are all very nice, I have told my daughter how good you are and she wants to come to you too”.


Client: “all the carers are very helpful, they are all cheerful and happy”


Client: “I’m really very happy with all your carers, they are all very caring and always willing to help. RS and JE have taken to caring like a duck to water, like they’ve done it forever”.


Client: All the carers that have come to me have been very helpful and very nice, I really like the youngster that came, B, she is so refreshing!


Daughter: called to say her mother no longer wanted evening visits, she said to ES “just to say thank you to all the lovely carers that visit my Mum and it makes me and my sister feel content that someone is going in every day”.


Daughter-in-law: When told that the Surrey Care Association had awarded Lilly ‘Manager of the Year’ award for home care and Ellen got the ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ award last week. Joan said “all the carers that go to Mary’s are excellent and the agency is second to none.”


Daughter-in-law: (When told that we had a very positive inspection last week last week) – said “well done, it is very deserved, all the carers are so good”.




Surrey Care Association Awards

We are very proud to have received the following awards:

'2013 Care Provider of the Year' - Everyone
'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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