Client: At review with Social Services, she said  “I am very happy with the support provided by Carers at Home. I have been assisted by a number of different carers and they are all excellently trained and very efficient.”


Daughter: “I am very happy with KW who visits my mother regularly”.


Client:  rang to cancel a visit and said “thank you, I am very pleased with the help”, and appreciated everyone getting to her in the snow.


SAVI (Surrey Association for the Visually Impaired): “the care the client receives is more than Five Star, she is so well looked after and is very happy”.


Client: “the service is very efficient and well run”.


Client:  “all the carers are very kind and you run a very efficient business”.


Client: “All the girlies are lovely, I like to have a chat with them and they make having a shower an enjoyable experience”.


Client:  “all the carers are lovely that come to me, I especially like JA, I have a laugh with her, she has a great sense of humour”.


Family: client went into hospital and then into a home. The family sent a card saying: To all the caring staff at Carers at Home. Thank you all so much for all the care you have given my mother. She will miss all the carers, you are all doing a splendid job. We will not hesitate to recommend you.


Husband:  “MC is particularly good with my wife – a very good carer, it shows how she deals with her that she is a trained nurse.”


Client: (At review with Social Services) – said he is very pleased with all the care that he is receiving and said it was very helpful to have the support. The client’s son said that the support plan has been going very well and is very happy with the care that Carers at Home has been providing.


Client:  said all the carers are very kind that visit her. She gets on with some more than others.


Husband: said all the carers were very good, he added that he also enjoyed them coming, he liked to chat to them too.


Client: was very appreciative of all the help she had from her carers. she said “they are all lovely and very helpful and I don’t know what I would do without them.”


Client: said “all your carers that come to me are lovely, they are brilliant, they would do anything I asked.”


Husband: said how much he appreciates the care we give his wife, and that he feels safe leaving her during sit-ins.


Client:  said she is very happy with the care and likes everyone that comes.


Husband: said he would find it very hard to manage without the carers and finds it very helpful when they come. “My wife likes the carers too”, he added.


Son: wrote and said, “Thank you for your company’s attention to my Mother at a difficult time for her.”


Warden: Could you thank all the carers who kindly care for our clients and for all the persons behind the scenes who organise everything. Thank you kindly. Keep up the good work you are all committed to caring for others.


Son: (whose mother had moved to a care home) sent an e-mail saying “This is just to say that mother is now adjusting to life in L**. The fact that she has people around her, a large pleasant room with French windows that open onto a garden, has her meals cooked, laundry done etc and no longer has to worry about the concerns of looking after a house means that the quality of her life has improved. She can also smoke in her own room – almost unheard of in care homes! That said, she does miss you all! I cannot thank you all enough for what you did for her over the years. You were her lifeline and gave her the contact and support so necessary. You all went that extra mile with patience (much needed at times I am sure!) and humour. I cannot commend you all enough. We are deeply grateful for the hard work you have done.”

and from his mum: thanks for all the care and attention I received when I was in Guildford. Your help was immeasurable and very much appreciated. I am very sorry I did not see you or speak to you before leaving. My son brought me up here a day earlier than anticipated. All the carers were extremely good and helpful and I still miss them all. I have the happiest memories of all the carers. Should you ever come to York, please do visit me here. Warmest regards to everyone in the office and a big thank you to TP.

12/03/2013 & 14/03/13

District Nurse: our client said the district nurse asked her which agency she used. When she said Carers at Home, the district nurse said “Oh Lilly’s girls, they are the best.”


Daughter: “my Mother really looks forward to DM coming, she loves her and gets very excited when she knows she is coming on a Friday for the sit in.”


Wife:  said of LB (her husband’s regular carer) “she is a very sweet person, very nice. Lovely and very helpful.”


Daughter: (who is in hospital) said “Mum is missing all her carers. She is not getting the attention in hospital that the carers give her.”


Client:  said that she was finding the visits very useful, she liked all the carers and they were very helpful.


Daughter-in-law: When reviewing the care plan said she is with the care provided by Carers at Home.


Client: “I love them all (the carers), they are all very polite, happy and jolly.”


Client: During her review, she said to Lilly “They are lovely girls, they bring the outside inside. I am quite happy with everything the girls do.”


Daughter: (ex client) Once again I would like to thank you and your team of carers in Godalming who looked after Mum so well and enabled her to stay in her own home for as long as possible.   You do an amazing job!


Client: said of Irene “I must tell you, you have such a lovely receptionist, she is always so kind and helpful and happy. She has such a lovely manner.”


Client: At review with  Social Services cliente said “I’m happy with all the carers coming, they are all very kind. I now have only about 5 carers a week”. She added “I really like JW, I have a good laugh with her and she is fun”.


Client: At her review said she likes all the carer workers that come to her. She said LE is very good, she uses her initiative and always does extra jobs such as take the rubbish out without being asked


Client: said at her review “I like all the carers that come to me, I am very happy”.


Client: said at her review she is very happy with her carers, she particularly like the young girls that come – they are all very chatty and keen. She also said she is very happy with the visit times each day now they have been changed.


Client: At her review she said “I have a lot of fun with the carers”.


Care Worker: AS (care worker) introduced JJ to a new client. JJ was praising AS to Tim saying how impressed she was, she said “AS was excellent.”


Client:  said “all the carers that come are all very good”.


Wife: sent a card, following the death of her husband. She wrote “I wish you to know how much we appreciated the wonderful care that you gave to my husband during his illness. Myself and his family say a tremendous thank you. Everyone of you were a terrific support to us all. I think he had a soft spot for PL – she made him smile. It was nice also to meet you male carer John. It was all truly invaluable. Kindest regards.


Friend: rang to say Client is going from hospital into a nursing home in Frimley. She said she would like to thank you everyone, “you have all been so lovely, and I am very appreciative for all that you did”. She will keep us posted on how Client is doing.


Client: When Lilly visited Client and his wife today, they said they were very satisfied with all the care workers. Client said “they are all marvellous, and he couldn’t fault any of them.”


Warden: said “I think all your girls are amazing with the Client and you provide a very, very good service”


Client: After he had said about the cost of the care he asked after Lilly and said how is she, is always bubbly and happy. He added the care is going really well, but our favourite is MC who we only see every other weekend. (that is because MC only works a morning every other weekend) . Wife said “all the care workers that come here are fantastic, they are all very, very good”. Client did say that if the care worker is late they are not always told.


Wife: When Lilly visited Client, his wife said “all the care workers are really lovely  and everything is going very well”.


Wife: “I have no complaints whatsoever with CAH and would not think of going anywhere else”. She said “I am very happy with all the carers, PL is the favourite and is absolutely excellent and everything is fine as long as I keep getting regular carers”.


Client: When visited for the last time before she moved out of the area. JS asked if she had another agency lined up she said “No because I won’t find anyone as nice as you”.


Client: “All my carers are lovely, I don’t know what I would do without them”.


Client: When visiting Barbara today, she said “you have very nice girls, there is not one that I don’t get on with, I like them all”.


Prospective care worker: When Lilly was interviewing she asked the candidate if how she had heard about CAH. She stated that whilst visiting in Elmbridge Village she saw one of our care workers and asked what it was like to work for CAH. The care workerr said “it is an excellent company to work for, they are very supportive and I am very happy”.


Client: “I really like all your carers, they are very nice girls, I like them all and they look after me well”.


Daughter: At a review Social Services were very impressed with the improvement in Client’s flat and financial affairs. Since CAH have been visiting many improvements have been made to his living conditions and he is very happy with the support he is being giving. He especially likes TH, she has been marvellous and has a real understanding of his requirements. It has made a huge difference to his quality of life having the care workers visit and he looks very happy.


Daughter: “I really am very happy with everything and the care workers that come in”. She added that Client is comfortable with regular care workers and they all have a good understanding of her needs.


Project worker: Lilly rang Julie to check that Client’s holiday dates were correct. She said “it is all going very well, all the care worker’s are lovely with Client, they are all very good with him and we are very pleased”.


Client: “I’m very happy with all the staff. I have no complaints – you would soon know if I did!” He added “I get on with all my regular care workers, especially CS”.


Client: “At the review, “I get on very well with all the care workers, especially KW, and I just enjoy their company”.


Client: Ellen asked Client how she was when she visited today and Client said “it’s always so nice when you come, I don’t see you often enough”.


Daughter: rang to say that Client had said he was often lonely living on his own and would like to look at a possible residential home. Lilly discussed different options with her. Daughter said “Thank you very much, you have been very helpful, you have always been great and very helpful when I have rung before with any queries.” She added “My Dad really likes everyone that comes to him, they are all very good and helpful.”


Daughter: rang to ask for additional visits when she was away on holiday. Julie said “We are very happy with all the care workers and care provided for Mum. She is very happy too, and likes all the care workers.”


Client: said to Ellen when she visited earlier that she was very happy with the care and all the care workers she had met so far were fabulous.


Daughter: rang to say Client was still in hospital and she didn’t know who had done the cleaning but that it looking very nice in her Mother’s house.


Son: rang and said “please thank the care workers for everything they do for Mum, she loves them all. They are all very good to her”.


Daughter:  wrote “I want to say thank you to you personally for all your support in the care of my father. You always responded with empathy and constructive action to my concerns.” “My husband and I have appreciated the care which Client has received.”

August 2013

District Nurse:  rang to say Client’s insulin dosage had changed over the weekend and the care workers were very efficient. She said ‘the care workers are a credit to you, they are all very good’.


Client:  said that all the care workers were lovely that come to her. She said “I like them all”.


Client:   said to Lilly “I am very happy with everything the care workers do for me”.


Daughter:  spoke to Lilly and said “I have no complaints, I am very happy with the care workers that come to my Mother”.


Wife:  rang to ask about recommended places for respite and said “all the care workers are lovely; I don’t know what I’d do without them”.


Relation: said “we love the fact that Client only has 2 care workers and we are very happy for the care we receive”.


Daughter-in-law:  rang to say Client will be away for a few days. She said “we are very pleased with the care, it is all going very well.”


Client:  rang to terminate the care. He said “thank you to all the care workers for all the work and cream application, my skin is better from the eczema and my doctor has given me the all clear.” He added “to have the care workers was more of a pleasure than a hindrance and I will miss you all.”


Wife: LE visited Client as an extra visit because he was very unwell. The paramedics were called, refused to help and expressed their annoyance in front of the Client, inappropriately.  LE dealt with the very difficult situation and afterwards wife said to her “are you a trained nurse?”. LE replied “no, why?” and wife said “because you are so professional”.


Niece: Client is so happy with her care and whenever I visit and the care workers are there they are always very kind and caring towards Client, so please thank them for their continued care.


Daughter:   rang to ask for regular weekly shower visits and said ”LB is very, very good. She is an excellent ironer and very tidy. My Dad likes her very much.”


Daughter:   came to bring care plan file back (her mother now has a live in carer) and said “thank you very much, your care workers do your company proud, they are a credit to you”.


Wife:  said “all your carers are amazing, LE is really good, but they are all amazing”.


Daughter & Daughter-in-law:  at a review “we are very pleased with the care parentss receive, they are very happy with all the care workers; “it’s lovely because I don’t need to tell them what to do, they seem to know what my needs are.” She added “I only had the problem with one care worker, and that was sorted out very quickly.” Daughter said “I’m happy my parents are safe and that CAH are checking on them each day, this lightens my load because I live so far away.” The daughter in law said she agreed with everything that was said and added “I am very happy with the care, my Mother-in-Law has improved so much.”


Clients: wife said “I don’t know where you get your care workers from but they are all lovely”.  Husband said “all your carers are so kind and thoughtful, there is not on that I don’t like”.


Daughter:    said “my mother really likes all the care workers that come to her, she is so happy and loves to chat to them”.


Social Services:  said when she phoned regarding a new referral “You are very popular, everyone has heard about you and wants to come to you (as in agency)”


Client: said “I really like TH coming, she knows exactly what I want and she’s always happy, when is she coming again?”


Daughter:    Client was unwell this morning and JW contacted the paramedics and she was transferred to hospital. Daughter asked  Ellen to thank JW for her quick action in calling help for her Mother, she was very grateful. Daughter added, it was fortunate JW was there and it did not happen in the night when she was alone.


Wife: When Lilly visited Client for the evening visit, his condition was deteriorating. Wife praised all the care workers that have visited her husband and said how well cared for he was.


Niece: Many thanks to VM who has been trying out the suggested foods I left for Aunt and phoned me, as I requested, to let me know how she managed them – very caring.


Wife: When Lilly rang to see if Client was coming out of hospital, she said “I miss the care workers coming in, I miss their company, you really have very nice care workers.”


Daughter: Client has been unwell recently and the paramedics were called by CAH. Daughter rang to explain what caused Client to become so unwell and said “your people were wonderful last week.” Daughter also said that when she was in tears last week because someone from the hospital had rung her to question her decision to send Client to respite for a week, she was saved by someone from our office confirming we could restart Client’s care immediately. Daughter said “I am very grateful to you all.”


Daughter: E-mail:  We are very grateful to you and all your staff for their care and patience in what can be very challenging circumstances.


Daughter: rang to say she would like her father to have morning visits with CAH, as well as the evening, she is not happy with the existing agency. She said to MC “we are very happy with your company”.


Client and husband: When visiting Client this morning both were saying how happy they are with the service. Husband also said what a lovely care worker JJ was, how kind and caring. He said “JJ would be a great mentor for the new and younger care workers; they could learn a lot from her.”


Husband: My wife and I love our girls (carer workers) that come to us, I’m told your agency has very good reputation, we are very happy with everyone.”


Client: During the review , “I am very pleased, they are lovely people, I especially like MA and VM, they are very kind to me.”


Client: At the review said the care was going extremely well with Carers at Home and she was very happy with everything. She and her son said tht they are very happy with the level of support she is receiving and the length of time of each visit.


Client & wife: At a review with the client and his wife the following comments were made “The girls are very friendly and polite, they like to have a laugh and a joke but are always very professional”





























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