Son: “Also, could I just take this time to thank you ALL for everything you did for Mum, you were truly fantastic Carers and we know that, even though she had her moody times, she really did appreciate all you did for her and we certainly did, indeed we couldn’t have managed without your kindness and assistance.”



Client: When Lilly rang to ask Mrs B how the visits were going she said how pleased she was and how very nice the carers are that go in.



Wife: said how happy she is with all the carers going in. She said they are all very good with her husband and include him in the conversation and give him the time he needs, especially with his Parkinson’s making him so slow. She said that JJ was particularly good with him.



Friend: When arranging for the friend and her husband to be with the client when British Gas were due to check his boiler, she said ”You are all doing a grand job and can’t do any more for him than you are doing already.”



Client: Lilly visited client today to see how the care was going. She said “all the carers are good and do what I want, TH is particularly kind and knows what to do for me.”



Client: rang about who is coming tomorrow and said “thank you very much for all our help over the last year, I really appreciate everything you have done for me, all the girls are very good that come to me.”



Live-in carer: called today and said “I just wanted to say how wonderful every carer from Carers at Home has been” she also said the carers have taught her a few things she didn’t know also how they “never shurk” the time and she would always recommend us to people.



Client: said “all the girls that have come to me so far have been really helpful and willing and will do anything I ask them to do”




Daughter: rang to say Dad was going into respite, she said “all the carers do a brilliant job at persevering with my parents. My mother is so more accepting now of the carers going in.”



Son: rang to say Dad would not be coming home. He said “the family said they really appreciate everything and to say thank you to all the lovely carers who took such good care of my Father.”



Client: said how good all the carers were that have come to her so far. Nothing was too much trouble, they did anything she wanted.



Client: wrote “I would like to say that all the carers have been very kind and helpful and I look forward to a carer coming in each Saturday around 4 to 5pm.”



Client: said “I get on well with all the carers, some I get on better than others, but that’s how people are, I look forward to seeing the carers each day and look forward to our chats.”



Brother: rang CB to thank her for going to the funeral and asked her to thank all the other carers that went, he said he is very appreciative all the care given to his sister.



Son in Law: When introducing LB said “we are all (the Client and her family) very happy and think you are all tremendous. We are very pleased with the service and have been recommending you to everyone.



Client: said “I love the carer’s company and look forward to their visits every day. They are all very kind and very sweet. I especially like my regular care worker, BB”.



Client: said that “All the cares always go above and beyond, and changing to Carers At Home was the best thing they have done.



Husband: At the review with client and Care Manager from social services, the family said they are very happy with the care from CAH, He said “they were like family” He would like CAH to take over the late visit too when there is availability. The family said that MC, JJ and TH were particularly good with his wife”



Son: wrote after Dad passed away saying “Thank you so much for all that you did for my Dad. He was always so pleased to be looked after by you. He looked forward to his visits, even though he often did not want to get out of bed. He thought very highly of you all, as I do. With your help he was able to spend most of the final days of his life in his home. This was his wish and I was extremely grateful for all of your help to enable this. Thank you. Thank you to all of you.



Client: said “all your carers are lovely, they are all really good and do everything I ask of them.”



Daughter: rang to pass a message on regarding new medication her mother has been started on. She said “Mum likes all the ladies that come to her, they are all really nice and she is very happy.”



Doctor: When the GP visited the client today he said to his wife “You could do no better than having these carer workers in to look after your husband.” she agreed.



Care Manager: (JP) had recently reviewed some Carers at Home clients who were all complimentary about the care they receive and the carer workers. One client said that she has a better rapport with the Carers at Home care workers than the care workers from a different company that visit in the evening. There is a ‘distinct difference’ JP said. Another client was also very complimentary about all the care workers that visit her, as was another’s family.



Wife: JB and TH were with the client when he passed away. His wife was very impressed at how they coped. She said “the girls came up trumps, they were brilliant and just took over.” JB stayed on after the visit to be with her and she said “thank you for everything, you were great. My husband was very grateful for all the care given by Carers at Home over the time they have been visiting”.



Client: asked us to thank EO for the extra care that EO had given her recently she said “EO went above and beyond.”



Care Manager: rang to report back about a review she had today with a client and his family. She said “you are one of our better agencies, the family and the client are very happy with everything”


Client: When Lilly visited today he said all the care workers are very good and all very nice and helpful.



Daughter: rang and said since Carers at Home have been coming in to do her Mother’s care she’s a different person. She is happy and loves all the carer’s especially RH who she is especially fond of, and she loves DH. She’ not keen on the company that comes in the morning, they are not as nice and she would like Carers at Home to take over the morning care when possible.



Client: At the review today, he said “the carers are very good, I especially like KW, she is very good”



Client: At the annual review said “The girls are brilliant, all very kind. I am happy to see them. No problems with the carers, sometimes it’s the only person I see each day.”



Niece: Jane rang to say her Aunt had passed away yesterday afternoon at the nursing home. She said thank you for caring for her so well when she was at home, it was the good care from Carers at Home that kept her going so long.”



Wife: came into the office to query the roster for Easter Sunday. She said that her husband likes all the regular carers and prefers not to have new ones coming in because he finds it stressful. She said all the carers that come are all very good with him and he likes them all.




Daughter: said she is very, very grateful for all the support the carers give her they give her mother especially LR and AB who visit regularly and who her mother are very fond of.



Client: At the review said she is happy with the care workers, they do a marvellous job. She said “I can’t fault the girls, they make me feel comfortable when giving their care and I can say anything without them getting offended for example if I tell them there is nothing else I need they don’t get offended”



Client: said today to JC when she visited that he was very happy with his care. He said “They are aware of my care and communicate well”. He would like to remain independent.


Client: At the review she said “JW is a good carer she goes that one step further to help and I get on very well with her.”



Wife: When visiting the house to risk assess the new shower, the client said to Lilly “All the carers are very, very helpful they are all very good,

wonderful! JW is fantastic with my husband and whizzes around when she does the cleaning.”



Husband: When visiting the client this morning, the husband said to ES and LR how calm they were and full of joyfulness!



Client: said to Ellen “I hope CS comes back to me again, she is a really, really lovely lady, and my husband likes her too.”



Client: said to Lilly “all your girls are just brilliant. I didn’t want any help at first but I can’t do without them now, they are all so good.”



Husband: When visiting today I asked how the care was going and if the hours suited them better. He said was delighted now the times of the visits have been changed from 9.00 to 7.30 in the evenings. It means that he is getting to bed earlier and feels much better for it. He is very pleased with the care that his wife receives.



Son & Daughter: family sent a thank you card saying ‘to all carers, we would like to thank you for all your care and dedication to our Mum over the past 2 years. Your help and support has been very much appreciated to make our Mum, comfortable and warm and your conversations, we know, were appreciated. Thanks again.’



Client: When doing the annual review, said to Ellen that she is very happy with all the carers, she loves DA and KM, they are special but all the girls are lovely.



Family: At the annual review the daughters said they are very satisfied with all the care that their Mum receives.




Daughter: thank you so much for everything that you did for Mum when I was away. She absolutely loved the ladies that came, especially DH. I have spoken to AO at the council and she said she would keep the case open in case we need any future help for Mum and I said if we could use your company again we would really like to do that. So what I’ll do is call you again to catch up and see what your input is for that. And just to say thank you so much it was peace of mind knowing your girls, carers were coming in and knowing they were coming in in the morning and the evening was fantastic for me and my brother. Thank you very much.



Client & Wife: wife said “since we have moved from Bramley to Godalming I have kept meaning to write to the carers to say thank you for all the support they have given to my husband and me and all the excellent care they have given my husband. They have all been so kind and we appreciate it.” Client said “The girls are all very good to me.”



Client: At the annual review said that all the carers were good and if the carers did not come she would not be able to cope in her own home.


Client: At the annual review said “I have a nice little routine here,” She particularly likes HR visiting her, and said “she is my angel and knows exactly what needs doing. I could do with her being here all the time, including first thing in the morning and last thing at night.”



Client: While delivering MAR sheets Ellen asked him if he was happy with the care workers that come to him. He said “I am now that a certain person is not coming back to me.   There were only 2 people that I didn’t care for and because I am unable to see I can sense that I was not comfortable with them.” He added “But I’m glad that your company cares enough to follow up complaints, and came to see me and check things over and sorted things out.” “I’m very happy with all the carers that I have now, I’ve had a few this week because PL (his usual carer is off) but I like them all.”





Friend: said that she had suggested Carers at Home to client because she had been to the Carers at Home shop on several occasions and it had always been a good experience and the staff were very helpful. Wife of Nephew: said that out of all the agencies she had rung CAH were the only one to ring back and the two phone calls she had made to the office the staff were all very helpful.



Daughter: said that KT had been to visit her father yesterday evening and bearing in mind she had only been shadowing once before she was brilliant with Dad. She said KT was very efficient and did everything that was expected of her.



Client: When visiting today for the annual review, he said that all the care workers were very good. Some were chattier than others but he got on with them all.



Daughter: Whilst talking to daughter, I asked her if they were happy with the care we provide for her dad, she said yes they, and her father was very happy with care provided by Carers at Home.



Daughter: When she was arranging with Jo to put extra visits in for her mother she said to Jo “the care couldn’t be better.” She also said that they are very grateful for everything and it’s all running perfectly, especially with the 2 carers that are going in (LR and AB).



Friend: I asked her if they were all happy with the care provided by Carers at Home, she said “they are very happy with the care and we have done very well with client – far better than they could have imagined”



Client: said “all the care workers are very nice, they are more homely somehow than the others (speaking of another agency that attends her) and I don’t feel rushed.”



Client: At the review said to Ellen ‘they are nice care workers and do their best.”



Client: said to Jo “this agency is amazing”



District nurse: rang to say how well thought of as an agency we are. She said how impressed she was with JJ (care worker) she had spotted that a client had a suspected TIA and because of JJ had picked up on it so quickly the client had got admitted to hospital. The nurse said this was much appreciated by the family.



Care Worker: (on leaving) wrote saying: Lilly and Richard and staff – “I would just like to thank you for the opportunity for working with you and your staff. When I first started I like to thank the ones who took me under their wings and showed me how to become a good care worker. I have never worked with such a dedicated and hard working group of people. Working as a team has been the drive to get over the difficult times and really enjoy the happy times. I will miss you all. Best wishes Jacqui J xx



Friend of Client: rang to say how happy the client and the family are with the care from Carers at Home. She said “we are so impressed with the way you have got her to accept the care, thank you.”



Wife: said she was very worried before Carers at Home started because of the bad experience with the last agency. She said “I can now feel relaxed with the care workers coming in, they are all very professional.”



Client: said “you are all lovely girls. I never feel rushed when you come and you always give me time and chat, better than Rapid Response, they only gave me one shower a week and were always in a hurry.”



Client: At the annual review said they are very happy with the care client receives and were particularly complimentary about JJ (care worker). She said she thinks very highly of her and said how good and professional she is.



Husband: At the annual review said they are very happy with the service and think all the care workers are lovely



Friend of client: said of all the care workers “I can’t fault them, they are all so good to client.”



CS (care worker): said several clients have remarked how lovely care worker, KT is, me included. Whenever KT works in the evening she always makes my morning run so much easier.



Son-in-law: phoned to tell us that client had been taken into hospital, but wanted us to know how wonderful MP (care worker) had been the previous evening with client who was in a lot of pain, son-in-law said she was amazing she just did all the right things.



Wife: said all the care workers are so kind, and she feels very lucky having us helping her with her husband and their life feels so much better since we have been visiting.



Wife: Lilly rang to see how client was after his fall. She said he is all fine now. She said “ER-D (care worker) was marvelous when her husband fell, I rang the paramedics and she stayed with him and made sure he was comfortable. She is so nice, so good, all the care workers are lovely, such happy people. I think all the care workers that come to me are so wonderful and I am so lucky.”



Daughters: If our recommendations to others are anything to go by you will be busy! You were there for all 3 of us at the hardest time of all and we will never forget you. You were all so incredibly kind and supportive.



Daughter: My father and the family would like to thank you all for the wonderful way you looked after my mother during her last few weeks. Although it was a relatively short period we couldn’t have asked for better care which was delivered with kindness, compassion and understanding. When I first spoke to you I said I wanted people who would care about my mum as a person and make her as comfortable as possible and that is exactly what you did.



Client: When Lilly rang, she said of the care workers (LR and AB) “I love both my girls, they are both excellent and I really love them coming.”



Husband: “All the care workers do a jolly good job”



W.S.C.T: rang regarding a referral from the surgery to S/S about client. She said that he had expressed how happy he was with the care workers from Carers at Home.



Daughter: said of MH (care worker) “MH is a fantastic care worker, wonderful with my Mother.”



Client: said “all the care workers are brilliant, they are a credit to you”. She said she particularly liked TH and PR, but all the care workers are very good and she enjoys their company.



Daughter: emailed Lilly and wrote ‘Many thanks for all the help and kindness that you and your staff have provided for my mother which is very much appreciated.’



Daughter: said “my Mum and Dad have a lot of confidence in the care workers, they are a great bunch of girls, we are really very happy with everything they do, thank you.”



Wife: rang to say her husband was really not well and they were considering a live in carer. She said of the care workers “we like them all so much and would not want them to stop coming, they are all so good with her husband.”



Friend: When ringing friend with condolences for the passing away of the client, she said “the care worker that came in on Saturday evening and Sunday morning was really lovely, I was really taken with her. She helped the live in carer and then because there wasn’t much to do she sat and talked to her.” The care worker was TH.



Care worker: said to Jo “this is the best job I have ever had and the best working year I’ve ever had.” We are impressed with KW too – she has proved to be a great care worker, conscientious, kind, reliable and caring. Lilly



Care Worker: ER-D said to Ellen ”I have received a really nice compliment and it makes me feel really good about myself”. The client said to ER-D “you have a very gentle way, I hope you come back again very soon.”



Client: told Ellen about PR (care worker) “I really like that girl, I feel I have known her for years, she is a lovely care worker.”



Client: said to Lilly “all your girls are brilliant, I like them all.” He is very happy with the service.



Relative of a prospective client: rang to ask about care for her husband. She said “I have heard a lot of good things about Carers at Home.” She said that a lot of people had been very complimentary about us.



Clients: Husband said “all your girls are bloody brilliant”. His wife agreed as did their daughter who said they are all great and we are very happy with them.



Wife: When Lilly rang to say how sorry she was to hear that her husband had passed away, she said “I will be writing to say how much I appreciate you all, I feel you have all become friends.”



Wife: I want to say a big thank-you to everybody for the huge support you have given to my husband and to myself over these last years. The care workers’ expertise, good humour and tender care have been truly remarkable and I know he would agree with me. As you probably know he died peacefully aged 95.



Client: Thank-you for taking care of me for the past three years. It was relieving to be in your hands even when I was so bad at the beginning, your tender loving care brought me to this sound condition I am in. May you continue with the satisfying service with all your patience. The same service I received in Guildford is continuing in Godalming. May God bless you all.



Daughter: Dad is now in a nursing home as he is unable to manage in his own home. She said “my dad always had such nice things to say about the care worker’s, he was very satisfied with the care he received, as was I and would like to thank them all”



Client: During the review Ellen asked how she was getting on with her care worker’s, she said “ I am very happy with all the care worker’s but I do like KW she is really marvelous always ready to help me in any way and I do like LO (care worker), what a lovely care worker



Client: made the following comments: I am happy with the care I receive and the care workers who visit. The ladies I have now make me feel smashing and good about myself. They help me keep things straight in the house. All the girls are great, not just with me but my husband too. Everyone is so kind and supportive. I feel I couldn’t get better care elsewhere, you don’t get good service these days but Carers at Home have the best. Great.



Wife: the client’s was extremely unwell having started a course of medication that disagreed with her. When SH the care worker arrived for her husband’s tea visit she stayed and supported the wife to shower and change. SH then prepared tea for the client which is not part of his usual care plan. His wife commented that she was very grateful for all that was done for both her and her husband.



Client: said “All the girls are fantastic”.



Daughter in law: came to the office to pay the invoice and said how well the care had gone for her mother in law when they were away on holiday. She said they were very happy and client was really pleased at how it had all gone and they would definitely use Carers at Home again when they went away. She added, it was peace of mind for her and her husband that client was being so well looked after.



Client: At the review with Social Services said “I’m very happy with the care workers, they are all very nice girls. I’ve been giving them tips about cooking.”



Daughter-in-law: Clare called to discuss her mother –in laws care and she made the following comment ‘DL (care worker) is doing a wonderful job of cleaning the home. ‘



Daughter: “I’m so glad you are taking care of my Mum, she absolutely loves you.”



Son-in-law: Your care worker’s do an absolutely wonderful job with Dad. He is so well looked after by all of them, which puts my wife and me at ease, as we are only able to visit him once weekly, due to living so far away



Client: When visiting Elsie today she said “I get on with all my care workers, they are all very nice, I love to chat to them all.”



Social Services: We regard Carers at Home as 5 star company. The Care Manager also said Carers at Home is a fantastic company, we have them first on the recommendation list for the local social services, they are very reliable and have an excellent team of care workers working for them.



Day Centre visitor: PdR (care worker) is particularly good at managing a client we have with challenging behaviour. A visitor to Blunden court day centre stopped her recently to say how the client had changed for the better since she had been visiting and how much nicer she was to everyone. When asked she said that she got on very well with the client, the client told her how much she liked her visiting and did not want her to go once she was there.



Client: said she is very happy with all the care workers, KW is particularly efficient.



Live in Carer: said MH (care worker) is really good, she is perfect.



Client: Helen wanted to let us know that the care workers DJ, ST and CC are amazing. It takes my breath away how amazing they are, it comes from the top down.



Client: said to Jo she was very satisfied with the service. She loves all the care workers and appreciates everybody being on time.



Client: said to Jo “Yes, all the care workers are polite and friendly and I couldn’t do without them.”



Client: Pat said ‘ LO is the best care worker you have, she has a lot of common sense, she just knows what to do for me and she has a fantastic personality to go with it, a lovely person.



Client: phoned, (immediately after the visit) to say, how pleased she was with the visit she had just had with LR (deputy care manager), and asked please could she have her every Friday for her sit-in, she said what a fun person LR is.’



Client: said he is very, very happy with the service we provide and he gets on very well indeed with all the care workers, thank you.



Clients: JJ (care worker) emailed to say that this week KW had been visiting some of her regular clients. One said how nice and kind KW was and the other said it was lovely to see KW again, “I really like her”.



Client: During a telephone conversation commented that DL had ‘Done a fantastic job with cleaning, she doesn’t know what she would do without her’



Son: During a difficult time for his parents, the son commented that ‘Carers at Home is fantastic, you have been wonderful, thank you’



Daughter: My sincere thanks to you, and all your girls that looked after Mum, you all do a very hard and underpaid job, my experience of all the social services in Surrey has been fantastic, my life would have been impossible without you all, THANK YOU!!!



Wife: called to say she is so appreciative if all that Deborah did yesterday and both she and her husband are so pleased.



Social Services (ASC): We called today to say we could take the ‘client’ back on when she comes out of hospital. ASC came back after talking to the family to say how delighted they were that CAH could continue caring for the client, they are ‘over the moon’. The family said CAH were their first choice, they were very happy with the care provided by us for both their parents and were so pleased we could still provide care.



Son: said all the carers are wonderful



Client: at the Social Services review, said he was very happy with the girls that come to help him. He said “everything is running ok and he finds all the carers to be kind and helpful.”



Social Services: at a review review said to the client “You have one of the best agencies looking after you”. He said “I know I have and I like all the girls who look after me”



Daughter: asked our care worker to pass a message on saying thank you to Carers at Home for looking after her Dad so well.



Wife: complimented “we are a fantastic team and company and we have all been wonderful”.



Client: rang to speak to Lindie and said “it’s so nice to have an allocated manager, someone to help resolve things”



Daughter: Lilly rang to discuss her Mum’s visits over Christmas. The daughter said “the carers are brilliant, I can’t fault them, we are really happy, and Mum is too. Mum and Dad were very reluctant to have help at the beginning but all the carers are fantastic. Thank you very much for everything you do.”



Son: rang to thank PL for helping his Mum after her fall. He said she is an absolutely brilliant carer and he would not know what to do without her. He added, “my Mother likes her a lot and has a very high opinion of her.”



Client: When Ellen met with a client today she said of CS “I just love CS coming to me.” “She is a lovely, smiling angel.”



Client: When Lindie visited the client today she said “I just love you girls, you go above and beyond.” You are all so thoughtful, make sure I’m always covered up, I like everybody.”



Manager Retirement Housing: The Daughter in law of a potential client rang to enquire about care for her mother in law who lives in a retirement housing scheme. She said the Manager, had recommended Carers at Home and said the carers are very nice that come to the residents here.



Daughter: ‘ I wish you and everyone at Carers at Home a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks you for an excellent service. ‘



Son in law: called to say his mother in law was coming out of hospital today and could the visits restart tomorrow, if they couldn’t the family would manage until Monday. When Ellen said she had put the visits in place from tomorrow he said “all your carers are fantastic, they are all miracle workers, thank you.”



Client: emailed ‘My thanks to you and your team for all your help this year – reliable service is such a treat after past experience! Happy Christmas and a Health New Year to you all!



Son: said thank you to the whole team and for all the fantastic care.






Surrey Care Association Awards

We are very proud to have received the following awards:

'2013 Care Provider of the Year' - Everyone
'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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