Daughter: said she was very impressed with the Company and EL’s professionalism setting the care for her Mother.


Social Services: had a review with client who said “He is happy with the care he receives and he feels that it works well.


Son: “My mother is really, really happy with the service you are providing”.


Live in Carer: “All the girls that come are stars, CS, PL and JS are particularly good with ‘client’ and understand her”.


Client: “Lilly really does take on the best carers”.


Client: wrote in a letter “I should like to thank you for supplying me with such lovely girls, especially EL, who provided support for me following my recent surgery. Without my late husband I was feeling vulnerable and although, in retrospect, I probably would have been alright on my own, it was always a pleasure to see the members of your staff. I will not hesitate to recommend Carers at Home Ltd or call upon your services should the need ever arise in the future”.


Client: “All the carers, especially LB, were very good and helpful. She said that LB was very pro active during her visits”.


Client: “All the carers are brilliant, very thoughtful, and they look after us very well”.


Son: rang EL and said “he was very pleased with the way the visits were going, the house was spotless. He added that his mother had rung him and he was very pleased to hear the conversation going on with his mother and the carer: the carer was giving his mother a choice of options for lunch and was being so caring”.


Daughter: “Your agency is superior, everyone is so open, I feel I can talk to them about anything. They only need to be told once and everyone is so approachable”.


Client: said to ML “I love the girls coming to visit me; I enjoy their company because I get very lonely”. Daughter said to LW “Thank you very much for everything you have done for my mother, especially for all the extra help recently, you have been very flexible”.


Client: rang and said “CS is a very sweet girl”. Both client and her son have said “how helpful the carers are, especially CS”.


Daughter: wrote letter saying “I would also like to take this opportunity to praise all the carers who attend to my mother. You have a fantastic bunch of ladies working for you”.


Husband: “EL was a very nice, professional, thorough and lovely girl, and cared a lot for what she does”.


Client: “The girls are wonderful, all of them”.


Client: “TH and PL are really very good. In fact, all the carers are good”.


Husband: said “how well the visits were working, that his wife was more accepting and how good all the carers were with her”.


Husband: rang for an emergency call out because his wife had had an accident. CM arranged for ES to go. Husband rang later and said “that ES was an absolute star and thank you for your quick response”.


Client: “I am very happy with all the girls that visit, CE is particularly good and she is very kind”.


Son: “All your carers are really brilliant”.


Client: rang and said “all the girls are lovely, and she really enjoys them visiting”.


Husband: said at the review that “he was extremely happy with the support from the care workers and couldn’t find any fault in the assistance they were receiving”.


Client: “I am really happy with the cleaning the carer did. JS did a fantastic job”.


Client: “All your carers are lovely, they are all very good and caring and she is very pleased with everything. JS came yesterday and she is lovely”.


Client: “The care and help she has received from Carers at Home has been invaluable to her”.


Client: “Lilly has very nice carers, they are all lovely”.


Client: “I am very happy with LC, she is more like a friend and I really enjoy her coming, she is a joy”. She added “She is a super shopper and great at getting a bargain”.


Client: “I must say you have a fantastic team of girls, couldn’t be better”.


Client: “JS is very sweet. You have such fabulous people. You do a grand job”.


Retiring Social Services employee: said to Lilly “I have enjoyed working with you, you are the best agency around. You have very good staff”


Nurse at care home: said to TH when she went to take client out “I’m glad it’s you, BR likes you and you are very professional and good. It shows you are committed to your job as you shine and obviously love it, you are lovely”.


Client: “Your carers are all smashing. I like them all; there is not one I don’t get on with”.


Husband: “We are very happy with the care and all the carers that come here are lovely”.


Son: wrote in a letter “I want to thank all your team; I know that my mother would want to do so too. ES, HR, DS, and all your carers looked after her with great kindness and professionalism, and is much appreciated”


Client: “All my carers are very good, especially LH. She knows exactly how I like things done and what shopping I need”.


Client: “I can’t praise the carers highly enough, they must be very well trained because they are all so knowledgeable”.


Daughter: “I would like to take this opportunity of saying that I am so thankful for Carers at Home having such wonderful staff. The ladies who come and attend to my Mum are absolutely fantastic”.


Client: “All your carers are lovely that you send”.


Husband: When visiting Client, Lilly asked if they were happy with the service. Husband said “All the carers that come to my wife are very good and very helpful, we have no complaints”.


Client: When visiting Client we spoke about her carers, Client said “After I had my stroke, JS was my everything. She ensured everything was prepared and was very efficient; I could not have managed without her. All of the girls are brilliant”.


Client: When Client rang to terminate the care (because she has made such good progress following her hip replacement) she said “I’ve been very impressed, you have all been very caring, I shall definitely tell everyone about you and recommend you”.


Client: “It has been an amazing thing to have the help. It has changed my life”.  “The girls have such patience and tolerance”.  “THG is marvellous, HR is a whirlwind and she is a blast of sunshine when she enters the house”.


Relative: Sadly the client had passed away a few days ago. When Relative came in to return the care plan he said “All the carers were excellent in everything they did for Client. JC and ES particularly understood her and were very good with how they spoke and treated her”.


Client: Review with social services. “All of the carers are lovely and very helpful. They have been great”.


Client: “I am very happy with ES (his regular carer)”. He added “She is fantastic, I couldn’t do without her”. Client feels it is very helpful to have ES because he can ask her advice on everything.


Client: “Just a brief note to say thank you for your help in arranging for KM to come and help me last evening. She was excellent and changing helped my enjoyment of the evening. Thank you, as ever, for all your help”.


Client: “All the carers that come to me are lovely, I like them all”.


Daughter: Rang Lilly to pass a message to CE thanking her very much for contacting the district nurse. She went on to say “you have (referring to CE) a real star there”.


Son-in-law: by email – “As you may be aware, following our termination of a care contract with another firm, we have interviewed the representatives of several firms providing home care.  All of those whom we saw give first-class presentations of their services but without any doubt the presentation given by Ellie (our Care Manager) was outstanding.  In consequence, we are delighted to invite Carers at Home Ltd to take over home care of client from as soon as can be arranged.”


Daughter: When a prospective client’s daughter rang to enquire about care, she said “You have been recommended by another client who said you need to talk to Carers at Home, I am their biggest fan, all the carers are wonderful and they give an excellent service”.


Client: “All your carers that come to me are charming, there are none that I don’t like”.


Client: “Thank you for your excellent service”.


Niece: Lilly, I do want you to know how we really appreciate the service Carers @ Home gives us. The girls, particularly, PL have pulled Auntie up (physically anyway) after the dreadful spell in RSCH. Her appetite is much improved and still I believe her little “Haven” is right for her.


Client: When with KM, Lilly asked Florence if she was happy with the service.  Client said yes all the carers were very nice and she was very happy with everything.


Client: Whilst visiting client said how happy she was with the care. She praised EC in particularly, saying how attentive and caring she was.


Client:  said to Lilly “you can see you are from the old school, it is unusual to see the client being put at the centre and really nice to see”. “You have a really caring lot of people”.


Client: said to Lilly “It is nice to see how everyone is so caring. They are all nice girls and all caring.”


Client: said to Lilly “All the carers that come are lovely and I get very well looked after.”


Family: LB and SB were present when the client passed away today. Her daughter and husband were also there and said “LB and SB have been brilliant, we are so glad they were here, we are very grateful for all the care client received, everyone has been so caring and she was so well looked after.”


Client: said “The girls are all very good and I get on with them all.” She spoke very highly of LB in particular.


Client: said to Lilly “All the carers are really good, they all spoil me to death.”


Client: changed CAH from another agency. She said to Clare. “The difference is amazing, it is so different, it was so right to change to Carers at Home and I don’t need to worry or think about them coming, they do everything without me having to ask”. She added, “They make me feel human again”.


Daughter: emailed “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your wonderful staff for all the help and care they have given to both my mother and father over the last few months. We have been impressed by your professionalism and care and attention to detail and lovely warm approach to what can sometimes be a difficult situation for the elderly to accept when they realise that they can no longer cope”.


Daughter:At the review in July,  said she is happy with all the carers,  she can’t fault any of them”.


Client: said to Lilly “I like all the carer’s that come to me, they are all lovely”.


Client: said “I like all the carers that come to me, they are all friendly and do anything I ask”.


Daughter: rang to arrange care for her Mother after seeing CAH on the web site. She said how impressed with the site she was and stated “I have to commend you on your web site, you use such lovely words”.  She said that was what drew her to us.


Husband of Client: wrote to say that his wife was in a hospice but will be in touch if she comes home. He wrote “Thank you for all things – the folk were super and a joy to have in our home”.


Relatives: In an update letter to Ellie on client’s progress, they wrote “We would like to thank you and your colleagues most sincerely for an outstanding service. Client really appreciated each carer’s efforts to make him comfortable and of course we would recommend Carers at Home without hesitation”.


Daughter: In a telephone conversation with Eileen, she said “CE is brilliant with my Mum, she is really, really good”.


Client: said to Lilly “The carers are very kind and do everything I ask them to do”.


Husband of Client: Lilly asked  how he thought the care was going he said “very well, all the carer’s look after client very well”.


Client: At review with Social Services, Community Matron, client’s friends and Lilly, client said “all the carers are lovely”. It was agreed that client was very well looked after by CAH and she was very happy with the time of the visits, the Care Workerss and all the help she received. Client did not feel she required any further support.


Client: When reassessing client in hospital she said she liked all the carers that come to her, they did a good job at looking after her and she was looking forward to seeing them again.


Client: rang to ask for an extra visit one evening. He said of AB “She came to me and she is very, very good, very professional. I don’t mind her coming to me when the regular carers can’t”.


Client: when asking how the care was going, client said “brilliant, all the girls are very good”.


Client: when doing the annual review, client said all the carer workers have an excellent understanding of my needs and what is required. She also said, “I feel very blessed to have such care, it is an excellent service and I have met a great number of carer workers who are all equally excellent and very, very nice”. She said of JS who is her regular carer “She is excellent, firm without being tough and I never feel rushed by her”.


Client: said she had met up with a friend and discovered that their Mothers had a service from CAH. Wendy said we were singing your praises.


Client: when doing the annual review, client said she is quite happy with the Agency. She said all her carers are very nice and she feels ‘spoilt to death’.


Daughter: Lilly rang daughter to see if the visits were to continue. Daughter said “it is all going very well, it is more positive than I thought, my parents particularly like the senior carer, I think she is a supervisor, that goes to them (ES)”. She said “it is brilliant and I appreciate the fact that someone is going in every day”.


Social Services Care Practitioner:  Following the client review, the Care Practitioner said client was very happy with all the carer workers, they are all marvellous, all very kind and the care is going very well.


Brother: wrote to say that client will be a permanent resident in a residential home and said “Thank you so much for all the caring”.


Daughter: wrote to Lilly and all the staff at Carers at Home, with many thanks for all your care, patience and understanding.


Daughter: said of the Carers “they are a nice crowd of girls, they really are, I met KM and she was lovely.”


Client: was unwell.Lilly telephoned to see if she needed the doctor and she said about the carer workers “they can’t do enough for me, they are all very nice people”.


Daughter: rang to say her Mother had just passed away. She said “thank you to all the carers who looked after her, they have all been utterly brilliant”. “RH & DM were with use when she died and they, especially RH, were wonderful, thank you”.


Son: rang to make enquiries about care for his Mother. He said that CAH had come highly recommended by a friend.


Client: wrote – thank you to the carer workers who visit him and a special message to ES “Thank you for employing ES, give her what she wants”.


Social Services Care Practitioner: rang to do a telephone review on client. She said client was very happy with the care and she could not fault any of the carer workers.


Surrey Care Association Awards

We are very proud to have received the following awards:

'2013 Care Provider of the Year' - Everyone
'2012 Manager of the Year' - Lilly
'2012 Beyond the call of duty' - Ellen

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