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Live in care with Carers at Home
We are a local live-in care agency and home care provider

From our live in care Godalming office and live in care Odiham office all of our services come under the umbrella term ‘domiciliary care’. We are CQC registered and fully insured to provide live in care in the home for anyone over the age of 18

Our in-house training programme ensures that our carers receive the highest level of training to meet your individual needs.

Although we are a live-in care agency we can also arrange home care visits. To learn more about home care visits please click here or read on to learn more about Carers at Home's live-in care service.

Why choose live-in care

Opting for care through a live in care agency can offer you the same peace of mind as living in a care home whilst retaining the familiarity of your own home and surroundings.

An Age UK study has reported that someone is


1.6 times more likely to be "often lonely" if they live alone than older people who live with somebody.

3.0 times more likely to be often lonely if they feel they are never able to do the things they want

5.5 times more likely to be often lonely if they don’t have someone to open up to when they need to talk compared with older people who have someone


If you need someone to assist you urgently you can rest assured that help is on hand straight away.

To read the differences between live in care and home care click on the link below

What are the benefits of a live-in carer?

A live in care agency offers many benefits compared to living in a care home. We’ve listed just a few of these below:

  • Bespoke (tailored) one-to-one care

  • Remain in your own home

  • Stay in familiar surroundings

  • Enjoy your own garden

  • Stay in your own community

  • Set your own daily routine

  • Set your own meal times

  • Choose your own food dishes and menus

  • Bathe or shower every day if you wish

  • Family and friends can visit you at any time

  • Day trips to places of your own choosing

  • Keep your own pets

  • Cost-effective compared to living in a care home

  • No need to move or down-size

  • 'Company' throughout the day

To read about the differences between live in care and a care home click on the link below.

What care is provided?

No two clients are the same, so Carers at Home will tailor a live in care package according to your needs.


A full care needs assessment will be conducted prior to care commencing

Click on the button below to learn more about common services

Types of live-in care

As a live in care agency there are a number of different services we can provide from a 1 live-in carer to 2 or more live-in carers with visiting carers at times if need be.


Carers at Home aims to provide all of our clients with the exact service they require.

A typical day in live-in care

As care is customised to each client everyone has there own bespoke care plan.


To see an example typical day click on the button below.

  • Can my live-in carer take me out in a car?
    Yes, although we do ask that this is agreed at the outset of the agreement so we can ensure we place the right care worker with you and ensure all of the correct paperwork is in place. Any mileage undertaken by the client will be charged at 45pence per mile (correct as of June 2024 and subject to change). It might be possible for the care worker to driver the clients car should they wish but again this must be agreed at the outset to ensure all paperwork is in place. The client will be responsible for all costs associated with this.
  • Do I get to choose my live-in carer?
    Our goal is for you to be happy with your care and (on a personal level) your carer. When we first meet you, we will ask you an extensive list of questions about your routine, your likes and dislikes and try and match you with someone we believe will be a great carer (and where possible a good friend too). We will always give you the opportunity to meet your carer before asking you to commit. All our staff are directly employed by us. Our carers are regularly vetted and undergo our thorough training programme. We will never bring in self-employed carers (unlike some agencies). As such it might take a little longer to find the right person for you, but it will be worth it in the end. As a family run business we will ensure that your carer has the appropriate skills, training and personality to meet your needs.
  • What facilities will I need to provide to my live-in carer?
    In order for us to provide you with a live in carer you will need to be able to provide the following: 1. Your carer must have their own dedicated bedroom 2. Broadband internet connection – (alternatively we can provide your carer with mobile broadband for a small surcharge) 3. A gas safety certificate if appropriate 4. A set of keys
  • What training will my live-in carer receive?
    All of our carers undergo the skills for care training certificate. A list of the modules can be seen here. Any time one of our carers enters a new home it will always be done in the presence of a senior member of staff that can help smooth the transition and ensure the care worker is trained to attend to the client exactly how they want. All members of staff undergo annual refresher training in 9 key areas to ensure they are always working in line with current practices. As well as their basic training all our carers receive additional training in • Dementia Awareness • End of life • Conflict Management • Customer Service • Mental Capacity Act • Diet, Nutrition and Hydration If you have a specific need we will always ensure that the care worker assigned to you is properly trained to meet it.
  • What support will my live-in carer receive?
    We ensure that all of our live in clients are with 45 minutes reach (We have offices in both Godalming and Odiham). Our offices are open from 8 am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours there is a 24 hour number our team can call should they need any help or advice. We have a dedicated live in care manager Helen, with 15 years’ experience in the care sector. Helen visits all clients and carers weekly at first to ensure everything is running smoothly. When Helen is satisfied that both the client and carer are happy with the way things are going the visits will drop to fortnightly but there might always be the odd surprise drop in visit from another member of the senior management team to ensure standards are being maintained.
  • How do we know the care worker is doing what needs to be done?
    At the initial assessment our care manager will agree a care plan with you and/or your next of kin for. The plan outlines the care you will receive and is reviewed and updated every six months. The plan can also be revised at any time you, your next of kin, your care worker or our care manager believe a change is required. This care plan is inputted into our electronic care monitoring system. Any time a key part of the care plan is followed such as assisting to administer medication, providing a meal, bathing, assisting you to get out of or into bed or cleaning it is the responsibility of the care worker to update the system to show this has been completed or if not completed to provide a reason why. This system can be monitored in real time by head office staff . If a task has not been completed an instant alert will be sent to the care managers who can contact the care worker immediately. A report of all tasks completed can be provided to the client or a next of kin should this be requested.
  • What are the benefits of using the services of a live-in care agency as opposed to employing a carer directly?
    By engaging with Carers at Home as your live-in care agency we will ensure your live in care worker is fully trained and has all the experience necessary and we will ensure their training is up to date. In addition to this your live-in carer will be fully employed by Carers at Home which means we will undertake an enhanced DBS check, we will also check the live-in carers right to work in the UK and we will ensure that the live-in carer undertakes their work in line with the complex UK employment law. What's more when your main live-in carer is away on a break, on annul leave or is ill we will ensure that another suitably qualified live-in carer is in situ to ensure continuity of care

Contact us for an informal and confidential chat

If you’d like to discuss your care needs with a qualified care professional please contact us for a free confidential assessment

What is live-in care?

This is where Carers at Home assigns you a dedicated live-in carer who will come and stay with you in your own home. Your carer will reside with you 24 hours per day 7 days per week.


The ‘working’ or ‘caring’ hours they spend with you vary according your personal needs and will also be subject to employment law regulations.

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